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Found 13 results

  1. Speaking of Elon Musk tweets, this seemed to have passed by completely unnoticed:
  2. For the first time a SpaceX project on Lego Ideas is about to finally hit 10,000 supporters. At which time it will go in front of a Lego review board to be green-lighted. Elon Musk will also have to give it his blessing. It only has a few hundred supporters to go. Check out the updates tab to see the upgrades (including the FH Block 5). The creator is a STEM teacher who built the set to inspire his students. Let's support him and get him the rest of the way!
  3. I was very busy for the past few months. Never got my dieselpunk SSTOs into orbit. My news feeds are now filled with SpaceX stuff after the Falcon Heavy launch, and now the successful fairing recovery test. Who knew, a great big rocket fairing could float like a leaf in the wind? Anyway, I asked for a joke commission about SpaceX and Tesla on Mars a few decades from now... and this arrived in my mailbox today:
  4. I created this challenge yesterday: And I just managed to complete it. I didn't score all the possible points, but I did successfully complete my main goal, which was propulsively landing all three booster cores within the same save. It's very challenging. The trick is to use a highly lofted initial burn, followed by a flat boostback on the first booster, an even-more-lofted boostback on the second booster, and a high-apogee downrange loft on the core. If timed properly, each booster can be landed before the following booster drops out. I suppose it doesn't look very Tesla
  5. Can we talk about how amazing this is, and how Elon is single handedly going to push humanity into a new era?
  6. In much the same spirit of @Bottle Rocketeer 500's rather-popular "Doing It Orion Style" challenge, I decided to put together a similar challenge featuring sequential missions, building up from the launch of the Falcon 1 through the present and beyond. But, since Elon also owns Tesla, some steps in the challenge will include building all-electric vehicles to match the Model X, the Model S, and the Model 3. To add variety to the challenge, I'm also going to include planned-but-never-flown configurations like Falcon 1e and Falcon 5. For each mission, I'll do my best to provide a set of mis
  7. Seeing Elon Musk's proposal for his Inter Planetary Transport makes one wonder, is he a kerbal?
  8. Wow, Elon Musk wants to go to Mars! Wow, he made a rocket plan that can go there! The ITS. Oh boy. Where do I start. Elon Musk is a pretty genius buisnessman. But he's not a scientist, or engineer. Neither am I. And for SpaceX, that's been a pretty good thing. The Falcon 9's relative simplicity and lack of (yes, it's not innovative- everything on the rocket has been done before, fight me) innovation has cut costs to unprecedented levels. The ITS I've been wanting to make this thread for a while. But now
  9. From: http://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/2475237/elon-musk-outlines-plans-for-mars-base-alpha "Musk also admitted to being a big fan of PC game Kerbal Space Program, which simulates the challenges of space travel, requiring real-world astrophysical calculations in order to succeed. "Kerbal Space Program!" Musk exclaimed when asked if he had heard of it. "Kerbal is awesome!" He added."
  10. In a recent twitter Musk wrote: " it makes sense to apply ground delta qual to rocket w toughest entry conditions." referring to 09-24 http://history.nasa.gov/SP-287/ch3.htm http://www.ulalaunch.com/uploads/docs/Published_Papers/Supporting_Technologies/DeltaQualificationTestofAerojetHydrazineThrustersforUseonCentaurduringtheLROandLCROSSMissions20095481.pdf Note pages 10 and 11. Specifically, these should be performance tests of the engines to see how they perform after going through some aging proceedure (such as maybe landing on a barg after a reentry and 5 g slow down).
  11. "SpaceX’s Elon Musk is optimistic that 2016 will hold more landings, and fewer explosions,tweeting, “My best guess for 2016: !70% landing success rate (so still a few more RUDs to go), then hopefully improving to ~90% in 2017.” Rocket explosions are discretely referred to as Rapid Unscheduled Disassemblies, or RUDs, in the industry." http://gizmodo.com/check-out-the-wreckage-of-spacexs-almost-landed-rocket-1753894327
  12. HI all, Wanted to share with you all an article that outlines the potential impact of SpaceX's recent achievement in re-usability, and how it could enable fast internet everywhere due to much lower costs of rocketry into LEO. http://www.degeneratestalk.com/posts/2015/12/22/fast-internet-everywhere-is-now-possible-thanks-to-spacex
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