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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings all. After MAAAAAAANY tutorials I'm starting a development thread! I've been out of 3D modeling for a while, and I've never been great at textures (GIMP tutorials are next on the list) but, I've got a new mesh in KSP now! I Started with something simple. I made a solar 'race' car mostly inspired by the number of projects done by various universities. There'd be a picture here but, I've apparently not posted enough to be able to do that yet. (Perhaps a mod can fix this?) I'm having a annoying simple issue with adding a solar panel module into the .cfg file. WHen it loads into the ga
  2. So I did some research, and basically an EM drive works by bouncing microwaves around in a resonating cavity and it magically produces thrust. From a physics perspective, this is mind-blowing. But from an engineering perspective, it's quite a simple machine. The ones that have been made are basically just a hollow truncated cone made of a conductive material like copper or silver, with a hole in the side with a magnetron from a microwave oven. Turn on the magnetron and the Kraken pushes it a little harder on one end than the other, producing thrust. The thrust measured has been minuscule, but
  3. Would it be possible to make a electricity powered spacecraft/probe that consumes no fuel at all? Obviously launching it wouldn't count, but could electricity only thrust be produced in space in ksp? Thanks!
  4. Seems an older thread was locked down after I offered to answer legitimate questions on EmDrives as I understand them. Not sure if this is a verboten topic here or wise-guys abuse the topic, but for those honestly interested in what I know about it, my design, build and testing of 2 engineering models, fire your questions here...unless the powers to be want the topic to be excluded.
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