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Found 8 results

  1. BURAN ENERGIA - NOW FULLY USABLE Craft is aerodynamically stable. Thanks to Alcentar for releasing the original mod. Cheers and Enjoy! Requires: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement , KSP WHEEL for Stock Game. For Realism Overhaul, ROEngines is required in addition. Recommended for Landing on Runway: Kramax Autopilot SPACEDOCK: https://spacedock.info/mod/2966/[1.8-1.12.x] Buran Energia Mod - 2.0 [RSS/RO Compatible] GITHUB: https://github.com/MyNameIsBorat/KspBuran I also made landing configs for Kramax Autopilot for powered landing of Buran in RSS/RO. Files are included in the Kramax Autopilot Folder inside GameData. Click "Load/Store Flight Plans", then press "Refresh" to load Configs. Current Runways Included: Satish Dhawan-IN R09 Cape Caneveral-US R09 Landing Demonstration(OLD VERSION): Landing Demonstration(NEW): SHORT : FULL : FAQ: Q. Is there any chance for major updates? A. no major updates, only patches and fixes. Q. Which Engines shall i use? A. rd 0120 for energia core stage ; rd 170 for first stage side boosters ; rd 58 for buran orbiter Changelog: 08/03/2022 : Naming convention fixed. parts will show now.
  2. I would like to see a buran mod for ksp that can work for rss 1.1.3 and 1.2.2 please i would like it to not be stocklike more realistic i might consider making it myself but i got a lot of learning to do in modding.
  3. Recently found a post about the replica on the Soviet rocket Energia-Uragan. It was reliable enough and I decided to recreate it myself. The main problem for me is reusable fairing. After I asked the author he said this is part of one mod. As he said the mod is Bluedog Design Bureau. I installed it, but have not found this detail. Maybe someone knows the name should mod includes this detail? That mod is Near Future Launch Vehicle - link Thanks to @Dr.Wolfram Energia-Uragan replica (vk.com) original post
  4. updated version of my Energia - Buran Space Shuttle since months almost ready with old versions of KSP i had some propulsion problems. is now fixed with excess of power and part clipping how to fly: ~45% thrust for the first stage may be enough separation w.o. throttle otherwise easy to fly with impressive glider capabilities... !! open cargo once for front gear deployment bugfixing !! craft file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXUGpOSkljaVNVR3M/view?usp=sharing http://imgur.com/a/DK0km Old: working on version for KSP 1.0 (1.02) shuttle seems to be OK, energia lacks on power at least a few pictures are ready .. preview Energia - Buran 1.02 Space Shuttle [Kerbal 1.0] old verion for KSP 0.9 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXZjZ5U1NDSmVNNzA/edit "beta than ever" buran 1.07 craft more cargohold (inspired by vitekc45c`s buran) 501 parts - somehow laggy on my pc howto launch (version 1.06 with ~20t cargo): full throttle till booster strap-off afterwards slightly throttle down till ~40%@35km followed by full throttle orbital-burn with buran main engine`s. ~60% shuttle fuel left for a de-orbit burn and landing (RCS help`s a lot for a soft touchdown) version 1.04 old versions: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXNG8yamlYUUNudms/edit buran 1.06 craft slightly better wing geometry and some other small changes ... https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXWkw2RG52UHRERDQ/edit buran 1.05 craft https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXLTBRLUVUNWdEYzg/ buran 1.04 craft https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXeXktS3g2X20zVGs/ buran 1.03 craft https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXTy1EbUtKWk1RQzQ/view?usp=sharing buran 1.02 craft https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXVEhieUhyc3BNMm8/edit buran 1.01 hermes ariane 5 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77tTCv1DutXZlJUY1VHR25VRUU/ mk3 hermes craft
  5. I just stumbled on this film of Buran's (only) launch. My question is how does this thing balance itself? How does a rocket fly straight when up to 105 ton tumor is strapped on it's side? Buran-Energia's boosters are bit offset in wrong direction making it lean even more "on it's back". Did they have mad reaction wheels on board?
  6. Буран Buran Энергия - Буран Energia - Buran Craft download link Functional full-stock replica Soviet answer to Space Shuttle Asymmetric heavy launch vehicle Reusable winged orbiter Nominal payload: 42 t (Energia-Buran) / 80 t (Energia) ОК-ГЛИ OK-GLI Орбитальный корабль для горизонтальных лётных испытаний Orbital craft for horizontal flight tests Craft download link Functional full-stock replica Buran airframe test prototype ЛЭК / Звезда LEK / Zvezda Энергия - ЛЭК Energia - LEK Лунный экспедиционный комплекс Lunar expeditionary complex Craft download links: Orbital craft Lander LZhM - base module Functional full-stock replicas Multi-launch lunar mission. Total crew: 5 Landing crew: 3-4 Launches: 2-3 Duration: 2 weeks (2-launch), 4-5 weeks (3-launch) Лунная база "Звезда" Zvezda moonbase Также известна как Барминград Also known as Barmingrad Craft download links: LZhM - laboratory and habitation module LZM - laboratory and manufacturing module rover Functional full-stock replicas Multi-modular long-term surface outpost.
  7. This is my updated recreation of the soviet Energia launcher and the Buran shuttle. Download: https://kerbalx.com/CommanderSpork/Kenergia-20
  8. Replica of the Energia rocket an the Buran space shuttle, with payload capacity of 150 tons to LKO (300 tons in vulcan configuration). Top of the rocket houses decoupler, remote guidance unit and separate payload fairing. Zenit boosters are equiped with parachutes (pod doors activated by action group 1) for splashdown recovery. How to fly: Pitch down 15-30° (depending on payload size), reduce thrust to minimum after reaching 50km Ap and pitch down, decouple boosters after reaching 2/3 circularisation. Action group 1 - parachute bay doors Download: (vulcan configuration) (shuttle carier configuration) Edit: added new version, fixed broken post
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