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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been playing a lot with procedural parts recently, and while researching how to properly use the procedural Interstage Fairings, I found out that those parts are NOT supposed to be used for engine shrouds. This explains a lot about the odd lack of an internal top node, and the placement of the decoupler. The only way I've been able to do it is to surface attach the engine underneath the tank to leave the tank's bottom node free for the Interstage Fairing top node. I don't think this technically shields the engine at all though, since it's not attached to an internal node of the fairing part. Also, I've been having weird issues with the fairing base jumps to odd positions when I try to use the whole launch vehicle as a subsystem. Usually, it jumps downward, leaving a big gap in the rocket, although this appears to be cosmetic only, the thing will still fly the same. Is there a more appropriate mod/part that I should be using for interstage engine shrouds? I'm using pretty large tank sizes, so even the 3.75 stock fairing is too small, and rescaling that part doesn't seem to rescale the fairing. Suggestions? Thanks
  2. This is from sal_vager's FAQ for this forum section: I've actually had EVA kerbals re-enter a pod they exited only to find a copy of that kerbal hanging on the ladder. I can spin them off, which is a waste of fuel. But it didn't seem to happen if I saved / reloaded before attempting EVA. The engine shroud came into play because I'd often have fuel to spare in a transfer stage, and I'd use that to start a descent burn. I'd then decouple that stage almost right before landing, and the subsequent stage had a shroud that was also decoupled. Just wanted to verify if the behaviour I'm seeing here is from this bug, and if the save / reload before attempting EVA worked around it. I wondered at first if the EVA Follower mod caused this, but then I remembered this didn't happen on craft without fairings or shrouds, and remembered Sal's FAQ. This is from the 1.1.3 build about two weeks before the 1.2 pre-release came out. --
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