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  1. I already made a car, but I wanted to make a smaller one I guess. This one ended up bigger than planned but after many days and many revisions I had to button it up. Now that 1.2 let's me float parts (offset w/shift button) more things are possible in stock. Everything on this car is shift-offset or offset then rotated. The front end is lowered a bit for looks, but ground clearance is poo now. Car is so long that turning radius ain't good. But on the plus side- this motorcar has a full steering rack! I laugh to myself that the steering column is an actual column :-) I used linear RCS ports (take note engineers, these are nice and smooth and round) surrounded by 6 thermometers for the bushings. 3, 4, and 8 thermometers also work. Angling them slightly too can help hold the balls in place, although I didn't do that here. gears on solid axle - after multiple days of trying different gear combinations and bearing sets I settled on this single step final similar to the piston car. The engine isn't torquey so I needed the largest stepdown I could make. Obviously you can't make the final gear larger than the wheel, and a large wheel negates the stepdown :/ The axle shafts are little antennas surrounded by the smallest solar panels that just make the right sized hole. custom wheels - a morgan type wire wheel up front and solid wheels in back. RCS ports have high tolerance and the friction was good enough. and a working hybrid turboshaft-crankshaft engine with pulsing exhaust. 8 junos tuned down to blow on 4 batteries that are offset from the center to appear like a crankshaft. Let's just say this did not help with balance or high rpm performance. Bearings are my old standard, the avionics cone pds314 showed me, stuck in a hole made by 4 octo struts. the exhaust is thrust limited to 2.5, the minimal setting where they still set off a puff of flame (6.5 is the next faster puff btw for you aesthetic enthusiasts). If you stage them all separately they puff at off times and it makes it look like cylinders are firing! I am very proud to be presenting this and hope you enjoy seeing it. Cheers to all the engineers I "borrowed" ideas from. KerbalX
  2. This mod have moved to the released section of the forums Ever wished the stock MultiModeEngine could handle more than 2 modes for engines? GTI Multi Mode Engine does exactly this. The purpose is to introduce an alternative way to switch engine configuration (propellants and other properties). The key source of inspiration comes from InterstellarFuelSwitch by FreeThinker. I find that supplementing it by versatile engines is a great asset. I've added simple intake switching, so intake atm is more attractive, and the days of adding two intake modules to an intake can be over. Pictures Features: GTI MultiModeEngine: Multiengine switch (conceptually what InterstellarFuelSwitch does, just for engines) Select which engine ID to affect Availability (Flight, Editor) Propellants, Ratios, IgnoreForISP, DrawGauge Custom naming of Engine configuration Set Engine Type [LiquidFuel, Nuclear, SolidBooster, Turbine, MonoProp, ScramJet, Electric, Generic, Piston] Thrust Heat production Curves: atmosphereCurve, velCurve, atmCurve Technology needed can be defined (currently not working) Engine Exhaust Effect switches when engine is switched UI Override of individual engine Activate, Shutdown and KSPFields in the right click menu UI_CHOOSEOPTION for switching between engine configurations Next/Previous Action Possibility of 8 Individual actions for engine, i.e. first 8 configurations can be accessed directly through actions (custom button defined in VAB or through AGX) Multi Mode Intakes: Switch intake resources on the fly current resource will be reset to zero (intended) Other setting will remain unchanged for now. Only one intake should be present in any one part. Only the first one is changed. How: (There are no parts added with GTI Utilities, this is intended for use in other mods) List of Atmosphere Curve in the Kerbol system. Very nice when deciding on form of the curves for the engines. Download: Download from GitHub (including the source code) Dependencies: Module Manager by sarbian which is under a "CC share-alike license" Changelog: Credits and sources of code inspiration: kerbokatz - Afterburner mod FreeThinker - Interstellar Fuel Switch blowfish - advice on UI_ functions Crzyrndm - advice on ConfigNode coding NathanKell - for coding advise in the forums sarbian - Module Manager & advice Licence: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
  3. When making an RCS, do you make a 'thust transform' in each of the directions of the RCS and name each one 'RCSTransform' or some similar thing in Unity?
  4. Hey there! Im working on a reuseable rocket, by using smme's as the 1st stage engines. Unfortunately they have only 1 ignition available. So I tried to change the amount of ingitions in the engine config (cfg.) but I couldnt find the word ignition in it. This is how it looks like: //New engine/cluster plugin patch @PART[SSTU-SC-ENG-RS-25]:NEEDS[SSTU]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { %RSSROConfig = True %engineType = SSME @mass = 3.526681 @crashTolerance = 12 %breakingForce = 250 %breakingTorque = 250 %maxTemp = 3588.15 @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %minThrust = 1358.5 %maxThrust = 2278.824 %heatProduction = 100 @PROPELLANT[LiquidFuel] { @name = LqdHydrogen @ratio = 0.728 } @PROPELLANT[Oxidizer] { @name = LqdOxygen @ratio = 0.272 } @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 = 0 453 @key,1 = 1 363 } } } +PART[SSTU-SC-ENG-RS-25]:NEEDS[SSTU]:FOR[RealismOverhaul] { @name = SSTU-SC-ENG-RS-25x5 @MODULE[SSTUModularEngineCluster] { @currentEngineLayoutName = Five-X !LAYOUT,*:HAS[~name[Five-X]]{} @LAYOUT[Five-X] { !MOUNT,*:HAS[~name[Mount-SLS]]{} @MOUNT[Mount-SLS] { %size = 8.4 %canAdjustSize = false } } } }
  5. Hey there! I've been working on a reuseable rocket, powered by LO2 & LH2, recently. I figured out that the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME or RS-25) are very good and effective 1st stage engines, but I've got stuck with one issue: The SSME has only 1 Ignition available. So I started looking for a mod, which gives you the ability to ignite engines a customizeable amount of times, by adding hypergolic or pyrophoric substances, such as Triethylaluminium (TEAL), which ignites spontaneusely in contact with O2. TEAL is being used by SpaceX in their falcon 9 first stage, giving it the ability of igniting the merlin engines multiple times. So I would like someone to make a mod (because I'm not a programmer), which gives you the ability of igniting your engines multiple times, by adding an external (or internal) ignitor, which is connected to a tank filled with a hypergolic or pyrophoric substance(s). It would be amazing, if someone could recreate what I've just written. Thank you very much for your attention! Here are some pictures of my reuseable LH2/LO2 Rocket. Enjoy!
  6. Today i made my first mod that adds a second Xenon+Electric powered engine. it gives really little thrust, but because of that you can make really accurate adjustments and it is also really efficient! there is a video showing it on Curse (link below) Click here to go to the download page (Curse) -Thanks shinevision
  7. Today i made my first mod that adds a second Xenon+Electric powered engine. it gives really little thrust, but because of that you can make really accurate adjustments and it is also really efficient there is a video showing it on Curse (link below) Click here to go to the download page (Curse) -Thanks shinevision
  8. For small SSTO probes or larger, long term long distance SSTO travel, I feel like our 0.625m Dawn ion engine needs a bit of love. Well. Not the Dawn engine itself, but the Ion engine mechanic. We have a huge whopping/gaping hole in Ion engines or Ion fuel tanks which desperately needs filling. Sure, we have nuclear engines... I guess? But they are also somewhat limited to LFO, and man - that stuff's heavy! Xenon gas and electric power is as light as air!... Hence... "Gas". Bad pun, huh. As more ION engines are needed/wanted, this is an idea for an SSTO based Ion drive: An inline Ion engine which doubles up as a jet engine. Mode 1: Liquid Fuel, wet mode. It should be moderately inefficient with this mode due to its upper stage efficiency. Mode 2: Ion Xenon/Electricity mode. Slightly less efficient than the Dawn drive, but has 1.7KN extra thrust. This is because the engine is a 1.25m/MK1 drive. Like really, who builds a 0.625m SSTO? Just put it in a bay! But when efficiency Is needed, it would be awesome to have a 1.25m/MK1 Ion engine. And with that? 1.25m xenon tanks. In use with the Gigantor solar array, I think this could work rather well.
  9. i have a little mini project to make a rather cool little engine (all hush for now) but i was wondering what the process is to create my own particle fx for then engine and import it into the game?
  10. I've been working on an improved nuclear engine for the past few hours (don't tell my english teacher) and it's almost done. Just one problem, I can't get all three modes to work. It just goes from liquid fuel to intake air, skipping oxidizer. Help is greatly appreciated. Code concerning switching: MODULE { name = MultiModeEngine primaryEngineID = LF secondaryEngineID = OX secondaryEngineID = IA } MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = LF thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 60 heatProduction = 250 fxOffset = 0, 0, 1.6 EngineType = Nuclear PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 800 key = 1 185 key = 2 0.001 } } MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = OX thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 60 heatProduction = 250 fxOffset = 0, 0, 1.6 EngineType = Nuclear PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 800 key = 1 185 key = 2 0.001 } } MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX engineID = IA thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 60 heatProduction = 250 fxOffset = 0, 0, 1.6 EngineType = Nuclear PROPELLANT { name = IntakeAir ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 800 key = 1 185 key = 2 0.001 } }
  11. Hello everyone. I was playing KSP and then I had this bug : my third stage engine doesn't work even if the fuel tank is full. I tried to restart my game and my computer, but it's still not working. The bug starts when I get out of the athmosphere. It says that the engine is on but the fuel doesn't flow. I can't play anymore with that bug! If you know how to fix this, please reply. Thank you very much.
  12. Hi everyone! I just was wondering what engine would be best for long distance interplanetary missions. Which engine is the most efficient (in a vacuum) Fuel wise and dV wise? Imagine a trip from Kerbin to Jool, or even farther. Thanks everyone!
  13. Good evening everyone, I was trying to figure out how to change certain values in the configuration files of the Jx-4 "Whiplash" jet engine, but after a quick thought I figured that maybe you guys could help me with it. Where exactly do I have to go and what do I exactly need to change in the configuration files so that the jet engine would start behaving itself like any other one that isn't dependent on the Kerbins' atmosphere (so that no air-intakes would be required and such)?
  14. Hello, I've been wtaching some ksp vids today, and I've seen in some of these vids that engines, while in space, make some weird thrust particles; they actually expand, not like the inline fx particles of the stock fx system. I suppose it comes from a plugin, a mod, so anyone know the name of it? these particles are so beautiful.. Thanks
  15. Dear all, I'd like to create spaceplanes in RSS to achieve an orbit and stuff like that. What problems I found out by now using ksp-stock-sized related mods: ksp-fuels are way too dense --> spaceplanes don't produce lift enough at normal angles of attack (more angle - more lift - more dragg) ksp fuels are way too dense --> runway collapses jet engines and the rapier are adjusted for kerbin atmosphere and kerbin airspeeds Thoughts to come by these problems: using C7's Sabre Engine (2.5m) of the B9 pack and adjusting it to: use intake air / liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen in the correct ratio adjust it in size and weight to the planned sabre engine from Reaction Engines Limited adjust performance-values to work at mode switch conditons (~30km @ mach 5.x) Unfortunately I'm not a modder and don't know how to destroy adjust the configs correctly. Do you know: someone who created the piece of code I am looking for? a link to the modpack I am looking for? which values have to be adjusted? how to adust those values? do you know someone who is developing a jet-engine pack for RSS/real fuels? If you have other ideas to get a proper technical base for spaceplane engines, I'd like to read your suggestions. Thanks, Lukas
  16. I'm asking this in the right place, correct? In my course of conquering colonizing the solar system, I have discovered that my O-10 "Puff" monopropellant engines no longer function. Checking the VAB, it appears that they have no right-click menu, only displaying "No more info". My mods, in order, are here: -AB_Launchers -B9PartSwitch -BetterBurnTime -CommunityResourcePack -EngineLight -FAR -Firespitter (.DLL only) -HGA (Proton-M) -InterstellarFuelSwitch -JSI (RasterPropMonitor) -KerbalEngineer -KJR -KVV -MakeItSmall (probably going to remove) -ModularFlightIntegrator (came with FAR) -NavBallsToYou -NavyFish Docking Alignment Indicator -NearFutureConstruction -NearFutureSolar -PlanetShine -RCSSounds -RealChute -RealPlume (configs included) -REPOSoftTech (DeepFreeze) -scatterer -SmokeScreen -SpaceXLegs -SpaceY-Lifters -Squad -ThrottleControlledAvionics -Trajectories -ModuleManager I have already attempted to remove the Puff manually and reinstall it, as I have KSP via Steam. However, it does not work, so one of these mods must have damaged the game code, as removing any of them doesn't change anything. It should also be noted that the O-10 once worked fine with all of these installed, so I'm not sure what changed. Log file is here (should be the correct file): https://goo.gl/MD1ura EDIT: Wrong link! Should be fixed.
  17. Hi all, I've got a bit of an odd question regarding engine thrust. I'm designing an asteroid "puller" to bring in a Class E. I have my nuclear engines out on 4 radially-symmetrical nacelles, which were angled at about 45 degrees to try to clear the asteroid for unimpeded thrust. On my first attempt, the angle was not sufficient, and I had some of the engines (but not all) obstructed by the asteroid, leading to more asteroid-spinning and less asteroid-moving. So to address this, I tried to increase the angle of the engines (i.e., make them closer to perpendicular to the main axis of the ship). I tested out the new design on the launchpad, with gravity hacked and with just the core ship, not the orbital-launch rig. Results were not good- I was barely getting any thrust! In other words, it seems there's a thrust penalty for having your engines angled. I've looked on the forums for info on this and not seen much, but one person suggested the end-thrust is a function of the cosine of the engine angle. My question, I guess, is why. My (probably wrong) understanding was that, if you have two symmetrically balanced engines, as long as there was SOME angle in one direction, they would put full thrust forward regardless of the angle. Those engines' energy has got to go somewhere, and I presume it's not being lost to deformation or heating of the ship in between. If not, the only place the energy could go was forward. The analogy that comes to mind is: squeeze a wet bar of soap between your hands, it will shoot out straight up or in some direction. Not because you pushed it in that specific, but because it's got nowhere else to go when you apply a squeezing force. Can anyone explain what's causing the observed thrust loss? Is there just extra heat generation? Is the specific impulse of the engine affected somehow? Is it just something else? (By the way, if major engine angling is not the answer, I will probably fix my rig by either extending the "tail" so the ship is further in front of the asteroid, or putting the engines out on longer pylons). Thanks for any info you might have!
  18. What's the most common one you use on your designs / what'd you recommend for a NEWB? All RAPIER Pros - fully reusable, fuel always drains evenly, good (best?) payload fraction to LKO, high thrust weight ratio Cons - low ISP in space , not optimal for missions beyond low orbit 2 RAPIER 2 NERV Pros - fully reusable, can fly to space without oxidizer. Symmetrical layout. Decent delta V. Once fuel type for air breathing and rocket engines. Cons - one nerv can only lift 15 tons whereas a single rapier can do twice that, at a pinch, so you are carrying one more rapier than you really need - and those suckers are heavy. 2 tons each. Also the NERVs drain fuel front to back of the stack like a rocket , so won't take from wing tanks and try their hardest to mess up CG 1 RAPIER 2 NERV https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Astrojet-Citation Pros - fully reusable, can fly to space without oxidizer. Symmetrical layout. Good Delta V Cons - poor performance when subsonic, hard to bust through the sound barrier. Swapping RAPIER for Whiplash improves this at the expense of a little delta V though lower airbreathing max speed. 1 RAPIER 2 NERV 2 disposable panthers (coupled to rear of NERVs) Pros - solves the poor subsonic performance of the above layout, nice controllable climb not as banzai as a pure RAPIER/Whiplash design at high speed. Cons - not fully reusable, though Panthers are only a third of the price of a RAPIER and enable to sort of missions you'd need a pretty big rocket for. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/K211-Tundra-Goose NERV + disposable whiplash on decoupler behind NERV Pros - very high delta V, can go to Duna and back, since you're not dragging the dead weight of air breathing engines once they outlive usefulness. Cons - not fully re-suable, though still only 2000 kredits a pop https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/whippynerv NERV + disposable RAPIER https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Astrojet-Citation-X The last word in performance. Re-using engines is for peasants.
  19. Squad should add a new turbojet, something in between the turbo ramjet, and the wheesley. Not a panther engine though, just something that will work better at higher altitudes. The J75 was used on the U-2 spy plane to carry it to the edges of the atmosphere. We should have an engine that is smaller, and capable of doing this with really good fuel efficiency early on in the game, and to provide a way to air launch something from the edges of the atmosphere, or to do some early exploring of Kerbin.
  20. I made a mod for a super-powerful engine, using seamlessly integrated North Pole UFO tech. (some anti-gravity stuff to propel the LfO out faster. --==Hyperengine==-- This is the first of its kind in the Hyperparts Co. series of mods. I can also add your mods, if they have OP parts, and Hyperparts Co. as the manufacturer. You will be given 90% credit (because I inspired you ).
  21. what are some good chemical engine mods please send link.
  22. Following my recent post on the pros and cons of Ion Engine and the overwhelming amount of response, I've noticed that a few of you fellow kerbonauts use ion engines mainly for your rovers. That's the background of this challenge. -- Mission -- Get to Minmus using a stock only lifter that has a rover powered by ion engines only (No delta V). Then you must land the rover/probe on the surface and drive around. While there be creative, maybe add some science parts for those of you in career mode? That is about it for the mission, if you attempt and/or complete this mission share your screenshots and your experiences on this thread! Thanks again, - Mr_Kerbal
  23. I'm creating an engine switcher, and now I'm looking af switch the effects along with engine stats. Now I've run into en issue where the fx does not update properly from "OnLoad()" event. Basically what I do is Load settings from custom module Identify engine module to change Use ConfigNode to replace values regarding Fx in the engine Load the new values to the engine. I only have one update function, which is called by the OnLoad() event as well as by my switch button in the right click menu. However, when loading (or starting) a flight scene, the animation is just running with the animation from the original part. The issue seems to be triggered when the fx intended is different from the original one.... The behavior is not affected by deactivating the engine... (full code can be accessed here) I guess there is some trick to get the fx changes to take effect, but I just can't figure out what it is. Does anybody out there know what is needed?
  24. Nuclear Aircraft Engines To download, go to the Thermonuclear Turbines 1.1 release page. Development Album OLD Development Album A new hot way to get into orbit! This is a small mod in development that adds nuclear turbine aircraft engines based off of this concept, Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion, Project Pluto (Thanks to Nothalogh for sharing this link) and the similar Soviet program Tupolev Tu-95LAL, also with a little influence from the Choujikuu Yousai Macross anime series and sequels to give one of the engines space capability. I've been passing this idea around for a bit, and with the new changes to the LV-N Atomic Rocket, I can now make it. The concept behind the engine is that thermal energy is transferred through a heat exchanger into the "can" (combustion section of a turbine) instead of using combustion to rapidly heat up gasses to turn the turbine and provide thrust. Features: Six Engines: MASAMUNE, KUNAI, Short-M, NODACHI, MURASAMA, KATANA Custom Sounds Custom FX Attention: Much like the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine, the nuclear engines' CoM is adjusted forward to both help balance the craft and to simulate parts being gutted out to make room for the compressor, diffuser, and reactor "can." Current Issues A small bug with using conventional engines along with the nuclear engines will make them effectively nuclear. FIXED! A small bug with the "turbine spin" when switching modes of the MASAMUNE where the turbine spins down in nuclear rocket mode. FIXED! (New models and design change this.) Bug where the alternator does not supply electricity in nuclear rocket mode. This is caused by the muti-mode engine module. Just deploy solar panels in space. FIXED! (Although still good to have solar panels.) Current Status: M.A.S.A.M.U.N.E.: COMPLETE N.O.D.A.C.H.I.: COMPLETE K.U.N.A.I.: COMPLETE SHORT-M: COMPLETE M.U.R.A.M.A.S.A.: COMPLETE K.A.T.A.N.A.: MK2 cross-section, Being finished Currently Planned: Direct Air Cycle Engines (Phase I) MX-01 K. U. N. A. I. (Kerbin Utility Nuclear Aircraft Inductor) for those transport planes that never need to land. [does not go to space] MX-01X M. A. S. A. M. U. N. E. (Multiple Accelerator, Specialized Aicraft, Modified Utility Nuclear Engine) [goes to space] MXF-01 SHORT-M (Short M.A.S.A.M.U.N.E.) [lighter, less powerful, designed for small minimalist SSTOs] MX-02 N. O. D. A. C. H. I. (Nuclear Over Drive Aerospace Craft Heat Inductor) For your forever 2.5m flying needs [goes to space] MPX-01 M. U. R. A. M. A. S. A. (Multi Use Rotating Air Mechinism And Specialized Aircraft) Nuclear Propeller [you'll wish it went to space] MX-02 K.A.T.A.N.A. (Kerbin Aerospace Transport And Nuclear Acceleration) MK2 Style hybrid engine. [Also goes to space] Indirect Air Cycle Engines: (Phase II) planned but tentative Mk-II Reactor Mk-III Reactor 1.25m Reactor 2.5m Reactor ID-01 Turbine IDX-01X Hybrid Turbine IDP-02-ID Nuclear Propeller CHANGE LOG 1.0.0: Almost complete. No release yet. 0.1.42a: Accidentally broke the Masamune and Kunai engines, fixed now. 0.1.42: - Updated all plugins for 1.04 (licenses included) - Corrected animation for Short-M engine - Minor fixes 0.1.41: A little tuning to the configs and fixes the attachment node for Short-M Engine 0.1.4: Added 'Short M' engine (early) 0.1.3a: Hot Fix!!! 0.1.3: Fixed resource for air breathing, used Community Resource Pack's IntakeAtm intead of IntakeAir (thanks to suggestions by Svm420 and FreeThinker). Added MM patch for all intakes. A few minor config tweaks. 0.1.2: Changed emissive constant. 0.1.1: Description Fix in M.A.S.A.M.U.N.E Engine 0.1.0: Initial Alpha Pre-release Additional Credit: BahamtoD: BDAnimationModules.dll & Exhaust Effects B.Dynamics - Retracting/vectoring engines etc. (Pre 1.0.0) nli2work: for his awesome propeller meshes. Nazari1382: Hot Rockets (And the tutorial to make my own.) Snjo: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) sarbian: for Module Manager (*.dll Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) RoverDude: for Community Resource Pack (Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  25. I'm wondering if it's possible to add two particle emitter effects to a single engine. I think it's possible, because I think at least the turboramjet effect with hot rockets worked that way. However this happened to me when I tried (see image below). What I did was I added to particle emitter objects in Unity to the empty object that is exported as a .mu file. This generates one .mu and two texture files. But KSP doesn't like it? Is there another way? The effect coming out of the exhaust is how it's actually supposed to look, but I don't know where the diagonal flame came from. Also, the engine can't be turned off or on, and the effect is always running...
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