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Found 3 results

  1. I am building a SpaceX parts mod, and i need to find out what node i should require for Career/Science mode.
  2. 1. Is there any mod that adds in real engines but kerbalized? Like a Kerlin 1K or KE-L 10 2. Same as the first but with probe parts. both for 1.9 or older, most mods i use carry over about 2 updates untill they break Thanks! EDIT: Found probes plus, question 2 resolved. now just looking for the kerbalized engines pack (I have looked at Bluedog design but that's for history parts, i'm looking for general engines like the RL-10 or AJ-10 but kerbalized)
  3. Hey people! AlmostNASA here, I've made my first mod that needs a little amount of help. (I NEED A LOT OF HELP!) I've made an engine called the KL-196. Link here for download If you want to help. Thanks!
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