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Found 45 results

  1. Since the game finally got released I jumped on it like a hungry dog does with food. Rockets is like olden days, never getting them of the ground or losing control and kerbal death, planes work well but only when I make my own wacky designs. So after playing a long time it starts to get irritating that flying my planes (or any other craft with 20+ parts) the game gets super Laggy with every 10-20 seconds stutter. Am I right to say that the Unity 5 engine came after the 1.2 release of pc (enhanced edition is 1.2 version)? I know that porting isn't easy, but does anyone have a idea what type of unity engine the console version is using? Also, if/when blitworks is updating the game, are they going to port a more recent version of ksp from pc or do they update the game themselves to implement new features similar of the pc version?
  2. Okay, So speaking to a few people on the facebook group (Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (Console)). Some people have experienced very minor bugs on console (no game breaking bugs). We got into discussion, and these people hadn't turned on advanced tweakables. when i asked them to turn them on they both started experiencing game breaking bugs. I'm curious if there is anyone here experiencing major bugs with advanced tweakables turned off? If that is the base cause of most of the major issues it could: a) be an easy work around b) easy to patch possibly i'm going to try it out tonight but i would like other peoples input too...i promised myself i wouldn't go through all this again and start looking for work arounds and causes but here i am again. I'm such a mug
  3. Playing my previous save last night (see Here) I noticed, after unlocking some of the higher performance aircraft parts, that my Kerbal weren't suffering any ill effects from the high G loads my erratic flight generated. In my haste to start a new game after downloading the Enhanced Edition, I hadn't gone into the advanced settings to turn on the options I usually use. So, time for a new game! Yey! A productive morning has seen me launch high altitude sounding rockets (well, not exactly as Jeb was strapped, kicking and screaming into the capsule - thought he was Badas$=true!) then into orbit followed by Mun and Minmus Fly-bys. The only problem I'm having so far with the console version is that I have to wait until the rest of the household retires for the night before I can play again! I plan to make a very simple runaround vechile to hoover up the science points available at the different buildings of the Space Centre, which will give me the last tech tree node I need for a fully fledged landing mission. After visiting each of the biomes on the Mun and Minmus, I plan to set up an orbital laboratory complete with separate landing craft to re-visit each biome and take the reduced science point totals back to the lab for processing. Once the tech tree is all unlocked, it will be off to Duna. I've landed robotic craft there (no need to worry about getting back home) before on the PC, but have never sent a crew. I'll keep adding to this thread to keep a record of the Programs achievements and failures, but please feel free to leave any comments.
  4. So I’m not necessarily asking for a release date, but considering the past console port, lack of support and transparency, I have to ask: Will it be days, weeks, months or years before we finally get a fully working product? I love you guys and I think I can speak for most of us console players when I say that you guys sincerely broke our hearts and threw it in a blender when you gave us that first tease of a port and then left it for dead. I absolutely adore KSP and it’s torture not knowing when I can play the game without worrying if it’s all going to be for nothing. With all that being said, when can the hype train for the big patch leave the station?
  5. I'm not sure if this counts as a bug, or a design issue, but tonight I found its possible to get stuck in the Space Plane Hanger. If you are in flight and choose the "Revert to Hanger" command )from the menu you access from the Options button) the game will often revert the craft back to the runway and then place you in the SPH. When you then select "Launch" from the same menu, you will get a dialogue box saying there is already a plane on the runway, along with 2 options. "X" to clear the runway and proceed or "Circle" to abort the launch. All works fine if you have the parts displayed on the left hand side of the screen however, if you have switched from "parts" to "assign action groups" neither the "X" or "Circle" will work. In this situation, you can't switch to Cursor Mode and there seems no way to dismiss the dialogue box or do anything other than move about the action groups. The only way I could find to solve the problem was to press the PS button, close the game and then restart. I haven't had the chance to try the same process in the VAB.
  6. It can be tricky, when trying to attach something to the nodes inside a cargo bay, to get everything to line up properly, so it attaches to the node rather than the side of the cargo bay. When playing on PC you can hit a key that ensures the part you are adding will only attach to an open node. Is there a similar feature on the console (specifically PS4 for me) version?
  7. Had to restart the game from the previously mentioned Mission Control bug. Loaded in and all quicksaves and saved ships from both VAB and SPH have disappeared. Reset the game again and they still not there. Did the game delete them? Turns out that I can no longer save ships I've built or even launch a ship from either the VAB or SPH. I can build ships but as soon as I click launch or save ship, the "Return to space" "Launch" "Open craft" "new craft" "Save craft" buttons are all greyed out. The other buttons work but can't back out only reset. But resetting the game doesn't fix it. Can I get a refund? Don't really wanna start again to bug test a broken game I payed full price for.
  8. Greetings Fellow Kerbals! I'm really excited to see the Enhanced Edition hit consoles. I recently purchased KSP ED on PS4, and I'm wondering how to generate Crew Reports. I've tried selecting both the Command Pod and the Kerbal Pilot with the cursor, but no joy!?!
  9. Anyone else test use a Twin Boar engine and get a strange crackling/clicking sound when the engine is powered up? The noise I hear is following a specific repeated pattern. If I put the throttle to zero the noise goes away, if I slowly throttle up or down, the pitch of the crackling changes along with throttle up/down. It sounds like this was maybe supposed to be part of the engine noise, but the crackling I'm hearing just doesn't seem to really fit. I have never noticed this noise with Twin Boar on previous KSP Xbox version, nor have I heard it with the PC version.
  10. I decided today that I wanted to play a Sandbox mode game (first time ever on EE) to try out some things I haven't gotten to yet on my career game. I clicked on sandbox, edited game name, changed flag, hit A to start.....AND I had no Kerbin. All I see is outter space. Gene Kerman gives his usual tutorial, I can go into individual buildings, but if I try to launch a pre-made ship, for example, I am taken to a launch pad in the middle of space. Colors missing, no actual planet, etc etc. Deleted, restart new sandbox. Same issue. Appears Sandbox was completely broken for me. I then tried to load up my existing Career save, and it now behaves the exact same way. It had been 5-7 days since I last played, but now, anytime I try an old save or a new game, Kerbin is not loading and the game is unplayable.
  11. I've played KSP on and off for a couple of years now, but always struggled getting the game to run smoothly on my aged laptop. With everything turned down to minimum, it could just about chug along. Having long since given up the dream of having a nice gaming PC, I took the plunge and went for a PS4 for my 50th birthday. I've really enjoyed some of the games (namely Witcher 3, Cities Skylines, MudRunner and AC: Origins) but missed the mental workout that you get from KSP. So, when I saw the Enhanced Edition had arrived on the Play Station Store, I crossed my fingers and bought it straight away. I've started afresh in my favourite game mode - Science. No angry customers when things go a little off plan and as much tax payers money as my Space Program needs. I've just completed my first Mun Fly-by and I have to say I'm rather pleasantly surprised. The controls are never going to be as intuitive as the traditional keyboard and mouse but after only a day's play, I was able to do everything I wanted to and, more to the point, didn't do anything unintentional. It's nice to see the game a little more like how it's supposed to look. With the better textures and shadows (beyond my previous laptops abilities) you get a much better sense of height above the ground. Sure, I'm going to miss the wonderful Better Burn Time mod, but at least I'm back in the game.
  12. I know the answer to this is already on the forum, but I just can't seem to find it. Could someone please clarify how you both set and remove trim whilst using the Radial Control preset on PS4 please? I've managed to accidentally set the trim on one axis or another (usually roll) and I've also managed to clear it, but however I managed it, I don't seem to be able to repeat the procedure. Another more general question - does anyone have a link to the full set of controls when using the Radial preset? I haven't been able to find a full list and have stumbled across quite a number of useful controls whilst experimenting. I'm actually finding the radio menu's to be almost as easy and quick to select as the mouse keyboard combination on the PC, but it would be nice to have a complete crib sheet. Cheers Clipper
  13. Hi all, After an enforced break from KSP, due to the lack of a laptop/PC to play it on, I was delighted to see the new port to PS4 has been released. As an aside, so far I'm impressed. The radial control menu's take a little getting used to, but I'm surprised how easy it is to do things after being used to the keyboard mouse combo. The only thing I can't work out how to do; in order to choose the option "Warp to next maneuver node" you have to be on the map screen. Once you start the time warp, is there any way to switch back to the main view, or do you have to stay in map view? It's not a major issue, but I do like to watch my target getting closer as I travel! Regards Clipper
  14. Hello folks ! I am playing KSP Enhanced Edition, and I would like to use the cheats menu to destroy things with the "Object thrower", but I really don't know how to throw objects. What button do I need to press ?
  15. This is my second session of playing KSP Enhanced Edition on Xbox and when I loaded up a save, there was no Space Center. I was still able to access all the facilities on the side menu and load into them but when I started a new separate career mode save there was no space center. This bug is not stopping me from playing the game but leaves me in a space veiw of nothing when looking at the space center.
  16. Ive been playing kerbal space program enhanced edition since midnight release and encountered a few bugs here and there. One was where the A button to activate the next stage stopped working. It wouldn't work on the pause menu either but I restarted the game and it only happened once more after that. But the main bug I get is with mission control. I play career mode so I need to accept missions in order to get money but up untill 2 hours ago it worked fine but now when ever I try to look to see if there's a mission I want to do I press B to back out and the symbol for the B button disappears from the bottom of the screen. It works fine in the pause menu except that the "quit game" button no longer works either. I've had this bug happen about 30 times if not more In the past 2 hours. The only fix is to reset the game for it to only happen again the next time I look at mission control. Anyone no a fix for it?
  17. Not really sure if this Is a bug, but I'm not sure where else to post it. I had a relay in orbit of minmus, went to the pause menu to go back to the space centre, but I found that I could press the "recover vessel" button, which I previously thought was only for recovering vessels on kerbin, but my vessel was recovered and i got something like 40% recovery funds. Seems very odd because half the fun of this game is launching vessel after vessel in an attempt to return stranded kerbals. But this can be done simply from the pause menu? So my question, is this intentional? Thanks in advance
  18. Anyone experience loss of craft control in the Xbox One Enhanced Edition? I have launched a pretty simple rocket (Twin-Boar engine, fuel tank, decoupler, Skipper engine, fuel tank, decoupler, MK1 control pod, heat shield, parachutes) into orbit around Kerbin. While checking out the Kerbal cockpit view, reviewing controls via the Manual app, and browsing through Kerbin planet info, contract info, etc, I have now lost control of my rocket orbiting Kerbin. Some things I have tried: I am not time warped. I am currently in 1x time mode, and have warped forward and put back to 1x change in control ability. I have not run out of electric power. More than 40 of the default 50 electric charge remains. I have fuel remaining for my engines. Checked engines to ensure somehow engine was not shutdown. I have tried clicking on the MK1 Command module, and choosing Control From Here to make sure I didn't accidentally select a part or set control somewhere change in control ability. I have gone into the Settings menu and switched from Cursor to Radial, change. Set back to change. I have ensured I have pushed in Left Stick to make the cursor go away while attempting to control the craft. My vessel has Jebediah at the helm, so it is not a probe. The vessel is also close enough to Kerbin that it would not be out of range of communications. I cannot press B to turn SAS on/off, however, if I go to the NavBall, I can manually click SAS on/off with the cursor. The D-pad does not respond to any controls to either throttle up or down individually, or go to 100% using LB plus d-pad up. The needle for the throttle control never moves. If I press A to attempt to invoke the next stage, a decoupler, nothing happens. As a user of the previous Xbox One version of the game, as well as a user of the PC version of the game for the last several months, I've never run into a situation like this before and tried everything I could think of that would possibly prevent control of the craft. I'm stumped. I didn't want to revert my game. A few minutes after posting, I decided to take a chance going back to Space Center, then go to Tracking Station to get back to my vessel. I now have control of the vessel. Still very odd, that some sequence of menus caused a lockup of controlling the rocket.
  19. I can't seem to purchase part in the r&d center after I spend the research to u lock them...
  20. Anyone seeing issues with the screen not scaling properly with Enhanced Edition for Xbox One? Just downloaded the game (had previous version installed). Started a new career, and the entire outside edge of the screen is cut off: In the main view, looking at the KSC, the top menu bar is essentially cut in half. You can only see half of the funds, reputation, and science totals. The bottom right corner icons, like the help, etc, are also cut in half. In the VAB, you can only see half of the name/flag info boxes, and you can only see the very far right edge of each component.....enough to see that it is highlighted, but you can't actually see the icon pictures for each component, unless you switch to advanced view (and then the advanced items are cut off the same way). It appear that in every screen, the view is zoomed in just a bit too much or scaled improperly, and all info bars at the top, bottom, and sides are chopped. There are no graphical options in Settings to adjust scaling on Xbox One, as their used to be with the older version. I have tried restarting the Xbox One after download/install, and not seeing a difference. Anyone else seeing this?