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Found 4 results

  1. I think it's good to have a separate thread where we can discuss environment systems that alter gameplay and are not only visual. I'm thinking of: temperature deltas (freezing, melting, boiling etc.) atmospheric dynamics (wind, moisture, lightning) water dynamics (currents, waves, tsunamis, rivers, floods, waterfalls) terrain dynamics (varied surface friction, earthquakes, landslides, mud, quicksand, lava) collidable scatter (trees, rocks, planetary rings) particle aggregation - snow / sand / dust (how they impact solar panels, weight on buildings) global weather systems (types of storms, climate, seasons) space weather systems (electromagnetic storms, radiation pressure, radiation belts) life support parts wear and repair What do you want in the game, beyond just the cool visuals? What do you think would enhance gameplay?
  2. What do you think about the Starfield features revealed by the gameplay videos and photos - as compared to KSP2? I'm not comparing genres - only "apples to apples", things that KSP also has: ship building features, base building, celestial body environment, ship IVA and third person HUD features. Also remember: Starfield players cannot actively pilot their ships to a planet's surface Ship Building (with details here & here): Base building and resources (details here): Exploration & environment (details about planets here): Ship IVA / flight deck / HUD (but no seamless spaceflight): Clearly KSP2 is doing something amazing that technically has never been done before (even before speaking of the multiplayer aspects). "An update on Kerbal Space Program 2 and how we're enabling players to travel from planet A orbiting star B to planet C orbiting star D, continuously, without any loading screens, pauses, faked out transitions, "warp drives", or other trickery. We're simulating a multi-light-year spanning 3D volume at a sub-millimeter level of resolution, and enabling players to travel to any point in that space if they can build a ship capable of making the journey. Unprecedented in gaming." - Paul Furio, the Senior Engineering Manager at Private Division https://www.linkedin.com/posts/paul-furio_kerbal-space-program-2-episode-5-interstellar-activity-6920089169021014016-J_5I
  3. The pacific garbage patch is 2 huge clumps of plastic garbage, circling around pacific gyres. Nobody knows how to get rid of it. Some say we could use bacteria to eat it. I say that we use robots to turn it into something useful, such as, say, a floating city. iKnow that that's crazy. What are your ideas?
  4. So what do you do environmentally? Do you have a policy that says no trash or smashing NERVs and rtgs. For me it's probably no trash and do not activate NERVs in atmosphere. Do you have any disposal methods of trash/NERVs/rtgs? I have a nuclear waste pile on minmus and a trash pile near the r&d building.
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