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Found 19 results

  1. There doesn't appear to be a thread for European rocket launches so I made this. This Tuesday ESA is launching Galileo 19-22 https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/12/08/galileo-navigation-satellites-buttoned-up-for-launch-on-ariane-5-rocket/
  2. Release v0.1 (Beta) Hi guys!! Here's some work i'v beem on this weekends! It's some "compact" version of a moon base fully functional, with few parts and functional as hell!! Only have 3 models until now, an Science Lab, a Mining Facility and GreenHouse (because its pretty, that's all... ). This is the ESA concept for a moon base that i really enjoy and like how it looks! This base's features where made for land build with KAS and KIS! Enjoy! Modules: "Interactive Interiors": Science Lab: Gree
  3. What would it take to do a "real"-ish BepiColombo mission, using the actual sequence of flybys? Would it save delta-v at the cost of a huge amount of time?
  4. Today is when the ESA updates comes to KSP PS4 and Xbox and I went to check my KSP on PS4 but there was no update file notification. I was worried so I restarted it and updated the PS4. Still no sign of update. My KSP is at 1.2 when Menuver Nodes where added. Can anyone help me. If yes please help! I really want to play with the new ESA parts but I can’t because the update file for KSP won’t show. Someone please help!
  5. Welcome to AemerFactory Cinematic Thread. Here i post some video i made in my free Time. There mostly based on French and European Space Program. Real mission, alternate history or canceled. I only a beginner for this kind of thing. Advice and tip are welcome. Here the first one, the Airbus Adeline concept for Ariane 6: Here another one feature Ariane 543C concept for a Moon mission: Thanks for watchings.
  6. Ariane 5 is ESA's most iconic heavy-lift rocket and soon all Kerbonauts will be able to recreate it in the upcoming 1.10 Update!
  7. Ever since I heard about the 1.10 update I've been trying to do a BepiColombo recreation, but I just can't get the gravity assists right. What's a good time to launch so that I get the right gravity assists at the right times?
  8. Commissioning Solar Orbiter instruments from home amid COVID-19 lockdown
  9. Hello, I'm trying to make a cinematic video on the ESA moon space station and landing envisioning around 2008: I managed to found this two link: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/ReferenceArchitecture/Final ReviewJan09/04_Human_moon_mission_version9esa120109.pdf http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/exploration/IntlExplorationArchitectures/IntegratedArchReview/Exploration_architecture_Study_Draft_v9web_version.pdf I also find this link who doesn't work anymore, if someone has working up to date working link it's will
  10. I like how ESA uses animation and anthropomorphized characters now. This mission launched last night (UTC time) and will take seven years for the spacecraft complex to gradually bleed off kinetic energy by multiple encounters with Earth, Venus and Mercury itself. Hopefully everything turns out fine. Who knows what'll be the state of KSP in seven years...
  11. ESA Launchers @Yogui87 ESA Pack is just to nice to leave lying by the road. So here is the continuation and expansion of a great set of parts. No pics no clicks Download from GitHub: https://github.com/macluky/ESA-Launchers or SpaceDock: <soon> Current release consists of: Diamant A small early solid rocket that launches the first european satelite Europa Early ESA rocket based on French and British rockets VEGA Light launcher for ESA Ariane Family Consists of 3, 4, 5, and 6 Credits All modelling and texturing by Lio
  12. It was more or less expected, after last year both confirmed the existence of gravitational waves and saw the tech demonstration precursor LISA Pathfinder blow all testing requirements out of the water within a day of setting up: The European Space Agency has formally greenlit the implementation of its ambitious Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) as a flagship "L-Class" mission. It will consist of three spacecraft, flying in a triangle formation several million kilometers apart, performing laser interferometry between each other with the goal of measuring gravitational waves. The i
  13. Greetings all fellow space nerds and Kerbonauts, I am a passionate lover of all space related topics. From Astronomy of our local group of stars, until deep space Cosmology, since I was a kid I dreamed of participating in this amazing field of science. For that regard, I have dived into an Engineering career, specifically in electronics, having one year ago relocated myself to Belgium to work for a French aerospace company. Finally achieving my long-lasting goal, I feel now professionally fulfilled. But... (there is always a but...) Since now I have been integrated in the European sp
  14. Is anyone aware that ExoMars's Schiaparelli Lander will be touching down tomorrow morning? http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/ExoMars/Watch_ExoMars_arrival_and_landing Oops. Did not see proper post. Oh well.
  15. So ESA is building the "back end" (no idea why they give the service module that ridiculous name!!) which is great, and it's got some mars credentials and NEO satellites. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-36343542 But should ESA be doing more? Europe (ESA members) have a combined economy greater than many more space faring nations, but seem reluctant to put any money into it! What should ESA do? Go it alone or collaborate (and listen) and how to get ESA more money??
  16. I was going to put this in cool sciency stuff, but . . . . . Heres a question, if a black hole is not exactly at the center of rotation of a galaxy, is it a polynary stellar system? sort of like alpha-centauri, except having a central star it has a central BH.
  17. http://spacenews.com/esa-members-give-space-agency-an-18-percent-budget-boost/ ESA's budget has recently been increased 18.4% to $5.71 Billion- an increase fuelled by increased investment by the European Commission, along with several European governments- especially Italy. One major area where this funding increase is concentrated in is the Galileo navigation satellite program, along with the Copernicous Earth Observation program- both of whom are owned by the European Commission (But operated by ESA). Thus, the increase in funding the Commission is giving to ESA is largely going
  18. How do we fill up the SLS 2021-2025 launch manifiest and launch once a year? Currently there are 2 (3 if including Asteroid Redirect Mission) planned SLS Missions for this time period- EM-2, a Manned Lunar Orbital mission, for 2021. SLS-Europa Clipper, a unmanned SLS probe launch, for 2025. and EM-3/ARM, a manned mission to a captured boulder orbiting the Moon, also for 2025. This leaves 2023 and 2022 without having any SLS launches (since 2025 is a year with 2 SLS launches. The next presidency will choose the ultimate near-term goal for the SLS-Orion Program, b
  19. Over the years, there have been many proposals to give ESA its own Crew Launch Capability- something that (in my opinion) ESA may be closer to this capability than ever before (even closer than the Hermes Era). However, budgets are cramped (as expected), so my proposal attempts to make this as cheap as possible to develop: Note: things in BOLD are the baseline proposal. My proposal would use a minimal-modification ESA Orion Service module as the base (and service module), launching fully fueled on an Ariane V ECA or ES (or Ariane 6 w/ 4 SRBs)- all which have a payload cap
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