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Found 2 results

  1. I am currently compiling a Word Document, on Office Online, of all the ETS posts, for easy reading. I thought people here might be interested in a copy, or might be able to tell me if this has been done before. Thank you, What I have done so far: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ahvwxeb-SM7Ugh9Z60Q3iYYbYlhF
  2. Eyes Turned Skyward - Freedom Program Eyes Turned Skyward is an alternate history story by E of Pi and Workable Goblin that explores a divergence from our real history where instead of building and putting all of its efforts into the Space Shuttle, NASA instead focuses purely on space stations. As a result, we see many changes, not the least of which a 7th Moon landing, as well as the launch of Skylab B, which in the timeline is renamed to Spacelab. Using Apollo derived hardware, NASA is not only able to maintain a continuous presence in space through the 70's and 80's, but is also able to achieve much more than it has in real life. Concurrently, similar divergences occur with the ESA and Roscosmos, the European and Russian space programs respectively, that result in a similar presence in space. After Spacelab we see the Freedom program (which was the original design and designation of the ISS in real life) come into being during the 80's as a response by Reagan to the USSR's revitalized space program, essentially creating a second Space Race, not just to get into space but to utilize it. This series will be = covering the construction of this station as it happened in the timeline to the best that Kerbal Space Program can allow me to as well as much of the operations that went on after it was fully constructed, and perhaps on to..other things. And as you'll see, due to countless hours of fiddling, I have gotten very accurate representations despite not having 100% accurate parts available to me ingame. So without further ado, here is the first video showing the very first launch of the program of the Challenger Habitat and Service module. This module, serves as the core of the station and also houses the crew for the stay of their Expedition. Seen here is the full launch showcasing the Saturn H-03 rocket that launched it. And before its said, yes I am aware the in-game audio on this first video is rather loud. I actually had to redo the whole video due to some derps and that was a final derp that got through the cracks. Its not that bad though and ultimately future videos shouldn't have this problem.
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