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Found 2 results

  1. ETT is a pinwheel design that is grouped into branches of related engineering disciplines. Premise Do the Kerbals discover rocketry before winged flight? You decide. Both winged flight and rockets first options. ETT also has an "End Game" so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. I love to hear new ideas and don't be afraid to let me know if I have a part or two out of place. Listed on CKAN or Download at SpaceDock - May break saved games. (May 5, 2020, 02:12 PM CST - SpaceDock may be having problems so here is a temporary link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m7c1pw83jqssmki/ETT20200504.zip?dl=1) REQUIRES: MODULE MANAGER - Link YONGETECH - Link Scope A tech tree based on engineering/scientific principles... mostly, that is challenging to unlock yet fun to play through. Goals & Requirements 1. Branches of the tech tree based on engineering disciplines. 2. The Kerbals discover rocket powered flight before they figure out winged flight. (or vice-versa) 3. Unlocking the entire tech tree is not required but must involve flights to nearby planets. 4. Parts that generate science are spread throughout the disciplines and are not based on which branch you focus on (e.g. Flight, Liquid fueled, Solid, Exotic). 5. The player may unlock just the branches that they are interested in. 6. "End Game", so you can play the campaign game with a built in goal. Highly Recommended for FLIGHT FIRST option: Breaking Ground, Firespitter, SXT and/or KAX for propeller parts. Take Command to use the external command seat for barnstorming... I mean science. Highly Recommended for ROCKETS first: Interstellar KW Rocketry MRS SpaceY BDB FASA Recommended for the tree overall: Kerbal Engineer or MechJeb for delta V calculations. DMagic Orbital Science to boost your science output. @DMagic You can play this tree completely stock, but I wouldn't recommend it. I believe it is the most fun with several part packs. The many nodes of the tree limits the amount of parts that show up in the editor which makes it easier to find the part you are looking for. There is a lot to be updated. Hopefully most legacy parts in a part pack won't need to be moved. I will start with the part packs that are updated for the latest KSP rev. Next Revision: Update to 1.9.1 Enable Part Upgrades Better stock part placement depending on which mods are installed. Re-integrate Interstellar, KW Rocketry, SpaceY, Luciole, and the remaining Near Future part packs. If someone re-releases LLL (Lack Luster Labs) I will re-integrate it also. Included: Integrated & Tested for 1.8.1: AIES by @carmics Alcubierre Warp Drive @RoverDude AmpYear Power Manager by @JPLRepo Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf Breaking Ground by @Squad Civilian Population by @linuxgurugamer Configurable Containers by @allista DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) by @DaMichel DaMichel's Cargo Bays (DCB) by @DaMichel Dang It! Continued by @linuxgurugamer DMagic Orbital Science by @DMagic Docking Cam (KURS) by @DennyTX Dynamic Battery Storage by @ChrisAdderly Heat Control by @Nertea Indicator Lights by @Snark IXS Warpship @Denko666 JX2Antenna by @Snark KAS by @KospY Kerbal Planetary Base Systems by @Nils277 KIS (Kerbal Inventory System) by @KospY Landertron by @XanderTek Launch Escape System (Pebkac) by @Kurld Making History by @Squad MechJeb (still needs a bit of MM work) @sarbian Missing History by @Snark Modular Launch Pads by @AlphaMensae Modular Rocket Systems (MRS) LITE by @NecroBones Near Future: Electrical by @Nertea Near Future: Propulsion by @Nertea Near Future: Solar by @Nertea OctoSat Continued by @linuxgurugamer PicoPort by @steedcrugeon PicoPort Shielded by @zer0Kerbal Procedural Fairings by @e-dog Rational Resources by @JadeOfMaar RealChute Parachute System by @stupid_chris RLA Reborn by @linuxgurugamer ScanSat by @DMagic Smart Parts by @linuxgurugamer Space Docks Redocked by @Denko666 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux by @Nertea Surface Mounted Lights by @Why485 Tac Self Destruct Continued by @linuxgurugamer Tokamak Refurbished Parts by @linuxgurugamer Tracking Lights by @Trollception VaporVent by @linuxgurugamer Integrated But Untested Since 2018: ALCOR by @alexustas Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus by @akron CxAerospace by @cxg2827 DarkSideTechnology's Centrifuge by @Badsector DMagic's EVA struts and transfer pipes by @DMagic EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats by @linuxgurugamer Extra-Planetary Launchpads @taniwha FASA by @frizzank Infernal Robotics by @sirkut KAS by @KospY Kerbal Atomics by @Nertea Kerbal Engineer by @cybutek Kethane by @taniwha Konstruction by @RoverDude Launchers Pack by @Kartoffelkuchen KSP Interstellar Extended @FreeThinker Lithobrake Exploration Technologies [email protected] MKS/OKS by @RoverDude MRS (Modular Rocket Systems) [email protected] Near Future: Spacecraft by @Nertea Near Future Construction by @Nertea Rocket Factory by @RaendyLeBeau Rover Science Revisited by @theSpeare SETI Probe Parts by @Yemo SpaceY Expansion by @NecroBones SpaceY Heavy Lifters by @NecroBones Surface Experiment Pack by @AlbertKermin TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu Tarsier Space Technology by @JPLRepo Universal Storage by @Paul Kingtiger USI Core by @RoverDude USI Sounding Rockets by @RoverDude USI Exploration Pack by @RoverDude USI Life Support by @RoverDude USI Survivability Pack @RoverDude Ven's Stock Part Revamp by @Ven Integrated But Untested Since 2017: AntennaRange by @toadicus AoA Tech Aviation Parts by @martinezfg11 Aviation Cockpits by @Mallikas Aviation Lights by @BigNose Atomic Age by @Porkjet B9 by @bac9 Behemoth Aerospace Engineering by @greystork BDArmory by @BahamutoD Corvus by @Orionkermin Cryogenic Engines by @Nertea CryoTanks by @Nertea Deadly Reentry by @NathanKell Deep Freeze Continued by @JPLRepo FireSpitter by @Snjo Fuel Tanks Plus by @NecroBones HabTech by @benjee10 HoolganLab's Airships by @JewelShisen K2 Command Pod by @jfjohnny5 Karibou Rover by @RoverDude KAX - Kerbal Aircraft eXpansion by @keptin Kerbalism by @ShotgunNinja Kerbonov Pack by @Sam Hall KWRocketry by @Kickasskyle Mk2/Mk3 Expansion by @SuicidalInsanity Mk3 Hypersonic System by @nestor_d Mk3 mini expansion by @K.Yeon MOLE - Mark One Laboratory Extensions by @Angel-125 Monkey Business, Inc Parts by @blacsky33 OPT by @K.Yeon Procedural Parts by @OtherBarry Remote Tech RetroFuture Planes by @nli2work Rovers and Roadsters by @AlphaAsh Solaris Hypernautics by @Carbonjvd Soviet Engines by @BobCat Stock Extension by @Lack Stock Launch Pad by @sciencepanda Stockalike Parts for Useful Esthetics by @TurboNisu Tantares LV by @Beale Taurus HCV by @bsquiklehausen Thank you @linuxgurugamer for fixing the YongeTech software I was using. Also, shout out to @GrubbyZebra and all those who helped keep ETTR alive while I was away. There is still a lot of work to do, but I thought I would release what has been done so far. Part upgrades still require integration. A version for 1.9.1 should be out soon. Thanks to all those who have helped me get this far, @yongedevil, @troyfawkes, @NathanKell, @Artfact, @Bahamut, @inigma, @odya-kun, @SpaceNomad, @GrubbyZebra, @linuxgurugamer Keep the feedback coming. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. You are free to redistribute and modify the work so long as it is not used for commercial purposes.
  2. Hello and welcome to my second career mode play-through (which will run in parallel if I find the time for any). This is Gael, the Kerbal's home in GPP (Galileo's Planet Pack). The planet is the same size as Kerbin, but pretty much everything else is bigger or more complicated in this modpack. To up the game a little more I'm also using remote tech in this game (because I wanted to know how it works in conjunction with KSP's own kerbnet) and the engineering tech tree. I will also have to pay for the research cost of every part I want to use. In this first episode I fight a bit with the mods until I make them work. I then proceed with a few launches to fulfill contracts to proceed from out starting tech. Turn out one can make a Stayaputnik go surprisingly far, while only using Sepratrons - our only available forms of control and propulsion.
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