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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to plan a mission to Moho. While I have MechJeb's Delta-V gauge to tell me if I can or cannot fly directly to Moho - fleet construction and organization is another problem - it does not tell me if I have enough Delta-V to do an Eve Gravity Assist to Moho. Here's the story. While planning transfer orbits for my Eve Fleet two months ago, I saw that the planned maneuver would have taken me in an escape trajectory out of Eve and into a somewhat low circular orbit around Kerbol - I forgot the specifics of the orbit, but it would have enabled me to put the crafts in some designated path for a contract. Now it got me thinking "Hey, maybe I can do that for a trip to Moho." If that's the case, here's my plan for a Eve gravity assist to Moho: Wait until the next Kerbin->Eve transfer window to escape Kerbin's sphere of influence (I have Kerbal Alarm Clock) As soon as I reach Eve's SOI, set my periapsis to 100-125 km and (possibly, it's been months since I was last at Eve) get in an escape trajectory out of Eve. Low periapsis requires less delta-V. Anything lower than 90 km will be dangerous (atmospheric burn-up, aerobraking messing up my escape trajectory, etc.) After leaving Eve's SOI (and in solar orbit), set up a Hohmann Transfer to Moho. On one hand, I get to do a really cool physics-based maneuver and (possibly) save delta-V (I don't say "fuel" since it's not the only factor used in MechJeb's Delta-V gauge) on my way to Moho. On the other hand, here are some numbers that may convince me that flying directly to Moho is just as good as using an Eve gravity assist. DIRECT FLIGHT LKO to Moho's Surface = 5490 m/s LKO to Low Moho Orbit = 4530 m/s EVE GRAVITY ASSIST TO SURFACE LKO to Eve Intercept = 1140 m/s Eve Intercept to Moho's Surface = 4350 m/s 1140+4350 = 5490 m/s TO LOW MOHO ORBIT LKO to Eve Intercept = 1140 m/s Eve Intercept to Low Moho Orbit = 3390 m/s 1140+3390 = 4530 m/s NO DIFFERENCE, IS THERE What do you think I should do to save Delta-V? Should I just stick with direct flights to Moho, or do you recommend I use the Eve Gravity Assist? If the direct flight is the best bet, fine. If the Eve assist is the best bet, then: How do I time it right to have the most efficient flight? Remember: I have Kerbal Alarm Clock. Any instructions for such a flight, or does my plan sound solid? Either way, off to the drawing board (I mean V.A.B.) for me. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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