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Found 2 results

  1. Alien Space Programs Re-Visited Updated edition of Alien Space Programs for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3 Download: GitHub Releases SpaceDock Requires: Kopernicus Optional: Stock Visual Enhancements and pre-requisites, but requires adjustments - @GregroxMun has graciously granted me permission to maintain Alien Space Programs until he's ready to take it back. Originally inspired by Little Green Men from Mars for Realism Overhaul, and by Alternis Kerbol Rejiggered, Alien Space Programs was originally three separately packaged add-ons that changed the home world to Duna, Laythe, or Eve. These offered unique challenges for our plucky kerbals. I've personally taken a shine to Eve, but these add-ons needed updating badly and I learned enough of Kopernicus to update them for KSP 1.2 to fix biomes, and later 1.3 to introduce localization. GregroxMun went a step much further, by re-packaging all of these into a single add-on with a selectable home world setting, including the original Kerbin, and provided three (four if you count Restored Duna) additional home world choices. This release is up to date for KSP 1.12.3 and a matching version of Kopernicus, tested fully on Kopernicus Stable Branch 1.12.2. It may work on matching backports of Kopernicus for previous KSP versions. Making History supported, but alternate launch sites may seem strange. Breaking Ground objects might not appear on the home world. Support Matrix (Updated 29 MAY 2021) KSP version - Kopernicus version - Alien Space Programs Version 1.8.1 Release 38 for 1.8.1 1.11.0 1.9.1 Release 38 1.11.0 1.10.1 Release 38 1.11.0 1.12.3 Release 85 1.12.0 Game Modes: Little Green Men from Duna (Duna Space Program) Alternis Kerbol Light (Laythe Space Program) KSP BadS Mode (Eve Space Program) No Dessert For You (Minmus Space Program) KSP BadS Mode II: Electric Tyloogaloo (Tylo Space Program) (Also check out Whirligig World) Unrealism Overhaul, Green Edition (Jool Space Program) Installation Instructions: Use a clean, stock KSP installation to start. You can copy your current installation and delete all folders inside GameData, except for the Squad folder. Make sure it starts. Exit KSP. Install Kopernicus and its included pre-requisites into GameData, and make sure KSP still starts. The main menu will open to a different view of Kerbin if successful. Exit KSP. Install AlienSpacePrograms into GameData, and make sure KSP still starts. It should default to Kerbin as the home world. Exit KSP. Edit HomeWorldSetting.cfg to choose your home world and, optionally, atmospheric and other settings. Start KSP, and your chosen home world should be on the main menu screen. Enjoy. You can keep a different save file for each home world, so you don't need to clone your KSP installation for each home world playthrough. While there's supposed to be support for changing the home world for a given save file, such as demonstrated by Hazard-ish, it seems to work best when craft are in solar orbit only. Your game play experience may vary. Translations Wanted: There are a few custom strings in the dictionary_en-us.cfg file that could be translated to KSP's other supported languages. If you can translate, please send your translation dictionary to me or fork the GitHub repository and submit a Pull Request. Challenges: The HomeWorldSetting.cfg also lists challenges for seasoned KSP players. Please post challenge submissions to here, or if needed I'll start a thread in Challenges and Mission Ideas. Bug Reports, Support: Please submit bugs to the GitHub repository as an issue. Feel free to ask other support questions here. Be prepared to submit KSP and Kopernicus logs; GitHub lets you upload zip files and screen shots to issues without needing your own file storage host.
  2. For the time being, I have given Alien Space Programs to @Gordon Fecyk. The above link is the new thread. Alien Space Programs will take the KSC and place it on one of the several other planets in the solar system. Features Eve, Duna, Minmus, Jool, Tylo, and Laythe are now available as playable homeworlds. Kerbin, now devoid of Kerbal life, has been renamed Bin. Accurate PQSMods to the stock planets. Balanced science multipliers. (Except for Jool, because I really haven't the faintest clue how to balance that) ALTERNIS KERBOL LITE EDITION (Laythe Space Program) LITTLE GREEN MEN FROM DUNA (Duna Space Program) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM: BAD-S MODE (Eve Space Program) MINMUS AINT NO PUDDING (Minmus Space Program) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM: BadS Mode Part 2: Electric Tyloogaloo (Tylo Space Program) (See also: Whirligig World) REALISM OVERHAUL: GREEN EDITION (Jool Space Program) Download (NOTE: If you downloaded the mod between August 11th 2017 and January 7th, 2018 from the Github link, you got the wrong version! This is due to a forum bug that prevents changes to image links from saving. This should be fixed now. Sorry) Download at GitHub Spacedock Mirror Installation Download and install Kopernicus. Ensure that ModuleManager, ModularFlightIntegrator, and Kopernicus are all installed. (You don't need to reinstall any of these if you already have them) Put the AlienSpacePrograms folder in GameData. Select a New Homeworld in the settings config file. Homeworld Selection Open HomeWorldSetting.cfg with notepad or an other text editor. Decide which world you want. Write the name of the planet you want in Homeworld = [planet name] So if you want Laythe, you should have "Homeworld = Laythe" Recommended/Compatible Mods Eve Optimized Engines, by @OhioBob, which adds Eve-balanced rocket engines. I highly recommend these for use on Eve, else the game is rather difficult to play in career mode. Explodium Breathing Engines, by @Gordon Fecyk, which adds Eve-air-breathing jet engines. Personally I don't like the idea for realism reasons, but if you want to be able to use jet engines on Eve, this should work fine. Planned Features Art pass, make the planets less bleh-looking while retaining the stock terrain and general appearance. (Nothing so complicated as a Revamped system) Official Scatterer and E.V.E. Compatibility. Find better locations for the space centers, including optional medium and high altitude space centers for Eve. Better science multipliers for Jool? Unique descriptions (and names?) for every planet in the system depending upon which planet is the homeworld. Texture Replacer textures for the kerbals of each planet. Credits @GregroxMun (Creator) @Gordon Fecyk (Updating the mod to modern versions of KSP and Kopernicus, fixing bugs, balancing tweaks, and more) @KillAshley (Surface Texture configs from KASE) @Sigma88 (Assistance with the initial creation of Duna Space Program) @Probus (Co-creator of Little Green Men from Mars, inspiration for Duna Space Program) License Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0
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