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Found 2 results

  1. The title should be a clue. They are giving away 5 million copies of Payday on Steam. Giving it away for free without it costing you any money while being a gift! Imagine that! Get yours while it is hot.
  2. Well, I have been trying my best to get as many ideas as possible from this awesome community and I have done my best to put as many viable suggestions as possible in! Make sure to reply any thing else you think should be added! Kerbals moving around in spacecraft on IVA. Ability to upgrade EVA suit. Graphics Update (Seriously!) Engineers building in space. Other space centers and airfields and the ability to ship passengers to different airfields (like an airport) Other space programs launching rockets that are visible on map. Asteroid science and the ability to plant flags on them. Interior spacecraft editing. More sizes of rocket parts such as between Cockpit Mk.1 and Cockpit Mk.1-2 More realistic terrain, more command pods, walking robots that are unlocked in late tech tree, music when flying within kerbin's atmosphere and during kerbin EVA, more nuclear and ion powered engines, More liquid fuel engines, more solid fuel boosters, sub-classes (the ability for kerbals to learn new things) More parachutes, more rover compatible parts, smaller plates, buildings in grasslands, lights on dark side of kerbin, clouds and weather on kerbin, more kerbal animations and the ability for them to wander within a small area, surface sample robotic drills, drone IVA (using rotatable cameras), more rocket wings, programs (kinda like Apollo from NASA), radial ferrings, more external seats, bigger jet engine, more sepatrons, more "precision propulsion" for probe reasons, kerbal health "in a bar", kerbal supplies, kerbal "medic" class, kerbal in-built parachute in EVA suit, ability to take off EVA suit. More realistic destruction (Like maybe parts splitting in half!), asteroid science and the ability to plant flags on them, more lander compatible tech for rockets, recovery cool down and cut scene, Stronger docking connections, probe "programming" option, kerbal flight planning, more contracts available in mission control at one time! That's what I think should be in KSP! Make sure to reply anything else you want in the game!
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