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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow kerbals. Let's talk about science mode ! I - The Issue I might be some kind of a masochistic player but I can't help to think that even with a 10 % science rewards settings, unlocking the tech tree feels wrong. In my experience, for a 10 % setting, it's : 1) Unnecessarily grindy at the very beginning 2) Somewhat normal around moon and minmus if you travel a bit through biomes with like 2 moon missions and 2 minmus missions 3) Still way to fast to unlock once you can get into other planets orbits 4) Rendered completely pointless by science lab, whic
  2. My search-fu is failing me. I stumbled on this years ago and can't find it anywhere now. A very deep discussion about behavior in adults vs. children came up recently and I remembered reading about this bit of musing by a famous psychiatrist. I 'thought' it was Carl Jung, but the most I can find from him about the subject is the "Divine Child" (Peter Pan Syndrome) personality archetype and I seriously doubt that's what I was remembering. I also find nothing about him speculating on humanity's future. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone in or out of the field? Maybe I just credited it to the
  3. So since my other thread got a lot of discussion about how aquatic alien came to be, and how they are able to develop technology, which I am interested in, but since it is off topic for that thread (which concerned more on their spacecraft design than how they get those spacecraft), I decide to make this thread. The main topic of this thread then, is to imagine possible scenarios where aliens from an aquatic world evolved to be intelligent and develop the technology to create space craft. Conditions are simple: 1. Their world has no dry land mass 2. The alien will likely, at lea
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