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Found 7 results

  1. no kerbals were harmed in the making
  2. I am planning to rescue Jeb, Val, and Bill off of Eve with this lander: https://imgur.com/a/MSKREIv https://kerbalx.com/MunsterIII/Mona-Lisa-III-Lander I am testing it out, and it seems to work great until 1100 meters. Most of the parachutes are deployed by then and everything is going smoothly until the game freezes. The next thing that happens is the entire lander is fairly evenly distributed over an area of about 10 km. I have no clue what is happening. Any ideas? Lander description: Double layer asparagus pancake for ascent. Heat shield on top and bottom for stable descent. SRB on the bottom to deorbit (use cheats to get there). First stage deploys drogues, second deploys main chutes, third releases probe.
  3. Does anyone know an easy way to make a rocket overheat? I need it to for a YouTube cinema type video I'm making.
  4. Hello Kerbals this is my first post i am not really experienced with the game so i installed the mod of MechJeb and by using MechJeb Module as soon as i click Launch and the stage gets green, the rocket explodes and the parts launch off with 500m/s speed in all directions. Installing this mod was a dream coming true but alot of disappointment after this bug happened My game version is 1.1.0 and i also installed the compatible mod one from CKAN(auto mod installer) It happens even when the i put MechJeb module as a secondary module.
  5. Hello good Kerbal folk! I made a rather nice Mk2-based space shuttle in 1.1.2 (goo.gl/oP0Wt2). On Kerbin reentry the cockpit (Mk2 Standard) heats up way faster than anything else and explodes every time. I tested a shallow reentry profile with PE ~40km from a near-circular 87km orbit and it still cooks off at 33.5km (goo.gl/msjzfL). I'm using MechJeb just to keep AoA very close to zero for this test; my understanding is that an AoA of zero minimizes the stress on the craft (but does it minimize the heating?). After the cockpit explodes the centers of lift and mass are backwards, and the craft whips around violently, but it stays together and no other parts explode (I've run this test several times). You'd think that the cockpit - with poor Jeb and Bill inside - would be more resilient, or at least as resilient as the Mk2 storage and fuel parts, plus wings and landing gear etc. To me it's a bit unrealistic like this. Am I expecting too much of the Mk2 cockpit? Am I making an error I hadn't thought of? Or is there maybe a case to make the Mk2 cockpit a little less reentry-sensitive? Cheers, all. (goo.gl/c1LHLW)
  6. Can I have some help with a spacecraft please? I would like it to not explode during launch. The Imgur album below is from me hammering the f1 key during doing the first staging. The tanks spin into the main body and things get a little explody. I don't know what the arrows all represent in the aero overlay, but I assume that the cyan arrows going inwards (from about image 3) from the staged tanks are the problems. Obviously I have tried attaching sepratrons which are not able to overcome the inward force (they do point the right way - just triple checked). I am using the nose-cone that slants outwards hoping that it would push the tanks out. It is also nothing to do with SAS, the rocket is (surprisingly) aerodynamically stable and the SAS is turned off. One thing that I noticed is that the one time I tried staging the other 2 tanks first, they still rolled inwards, but they did not destroy the rest of the ship and I was able to go to space that day. Although that might have been due to many other factors. I am not using any mods that affect the physics. p.s. Please pay no attention to the altitude, speed and angle and what that implies about my gravity turn
  7. Version - After establishing a stable orbit and leaving the game, upon restart, when I take over ('fly') the saved object, it immediately explodes, leaving only the command capsule. Not every time, but enough that I worry with each time I start up and resume a flight. Anybody else see this, or have any helpful suggestions?
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