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Found 1 result

  1. Eve's oceans are made of "explodium" if the biome "Explodium Sea" is to be taken at face value. Let's suppose "explodium vapour" is in the atmosphere. And using a "Move KSP to another planet" mod set is rather difficult to navigate in without jet engines. Someone once suggested making an "explodium-breathing engine" that uses oxidizer only, but I'm not posting there as that's a pretty old thread. Forget the science behind making a jet engine that works with surrounding atmosphere and an oxidizer for a moment; kerbals somehow designed and constructed jet engines on Kerbin so what if they evolved from Eve and did a similar feat? How much modding effort would it take to clone a jet engine and make it run on oxidizer / intake air instead of liquid fuel / intake air? Or maybe, since Kopernicus is already in use with these planet mods, just rename "Oxygen" to "Explodium vapour," take it away from Bin (renamed Kerbin) and Laythe then put it on Eve and Jool maybe, and then tweak the stock jet engines to run on oxidizer? (Please don't take this as a "make this mod for me" request; I'll make the attempt myself if it passes a "smell test" from other modders.) [Edit] I guess I have an answer as to how hard it is. Thanks to the folks here for pointing me in the right direction; as it turns out it's pretty easy to make a modded engine and intake. See config examples below.
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