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Found 3 results

  1. Campaña Duna-Ike Mod principales utilizados, necesarios: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182679-161-restock-revamping-ksps-art/ http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/72679-1 https://spacedock.info/mod/1820/MastodonPatch Regresando a utilizar el Kerbal, y tras reveer todas las modificaciones sufridas por el 1.10 y la versión del ScanSat que utilizo, reinicié la campaña que llevo en modo Ciencia ( por chiquicienta vez... ) Tras la recolección en modo desplazamiento de caracol de todo lo que podía obtener de Kerbin, Muna y Moho, pude rediseñar las naves para comenzar la exploración del sistema Kerbol en su conjunto. En un primer paso, si se puede aprovechar las ventanas de lanzamiento o dar la potencia necesaria a los vectores, ya se han enviado algunas unidades capaz de realizar la topografía de los cuerpos. Nave Mensajero. Contiene dos unidades Horus para realizar la cartografía de un cuerpo celeste. Moho ya está siendo cartografiado, en poco tiempo seguirá Eve y posiblemente su luna Gilly, y por último, Duna e Ike. Horus desplegado en Moho Por una circunstancia fortuita dada las pruebas de una nave superpesada con impulsores nucleares, se ha aprovechado una ventana para enviar una unidad topográfica a Eeloo. Impulsor Nuclear Cosmos transportando una versión del Horus, camino a Eeloo Ahora bien, aprovechando la proximidad de la ventana de lanzamiento a Duna, se diseño y probó un sistema de equipos que pueda operar tanto en Duna como en Moho, con lo cual se cubre un amplio espectro de planetas y satélites a visitar con un mismo equipo. La intención es que el impulsor nuclear que se utiliza sea recuperable, o sea pueda regresar a Kerbin, ser reabastecido en órbita y vuelto a enviar a otro planeta. Lo mismo cuenta con el módulo de descenso y exploración. No serían recuperables los satélites de comunicaciones, el vehículo de exploración, las unidades de marcación, y tal vez una unidad diseñada para recuperar el módulo de exploración ante inconvenientes de acoplamiento o falta de combustible durante las maniobras. Se espera que la unidad de exploración tripulada pueda realizar varios descensos y ascensos tanto en Duna como en Ike. Para ello se construyo el concepto modular Viajero. Este es el concepto modular más completo ya que posee: Impulsores Nucleares ( 2 ) Unidad de Recuperacion Orbital ( 1 ) Rover y Equipo de descenso ( 1 ) Módulo de Satélites de comunicaciones ( 1, con cuatro satélites ) Módulo de Unidades de Descenso para evaluar los sitios a ser visitados ( 1, con ocho unidades ) Lo mínimo a retornar debe ser un Impulsor Nuclear y el Módulo de Exploración y Control. La máxima serían que retornen ambos impulsores, sumado el módulo de Recuperación Orbital. El Módulo de Exploración y Control tripulado, tiene capacidad de realizar minería a fin de reabastecerse de combustible. Por eso resulta necesario conocer de antemano la composición del terreno, y ante la circunstancia que cuando lleguen las misiones tripuladas, todavía no se encuentre realizado el relevamiento cartográfico de las unidades Horus, se decidió utilizar los vehículos Marca. Viajero abandonando la órbita de Kerbin en dirección a Duna. Impulso nuclear a plena potencia. Viajero a la distancia Jeb al comando de Viajero. La tripulación es completada por Bill y Bob. La Nave tiene una capacidad total de cinco tripulantes. A fin de repartir la carga de la exploración, y a modo de respaldo de la misión, se ha enviado otra unidad Viajero, pero de menor número de módulos, no cuenta con los Marcadores de Superficie ni con los Satélites de Comunicación. La tripulación de Viajero Beta está compuesta por Valentina, Sally (Ride) y Hedy (Lammar). Viajero Beta abandonando la órbita de Kerbin. Todavía está acoplado el módulo de reabastecimiento a fin de proveer el máximo posible de combustible para resguardar el del propio diseño. Espero que si no hay cambios significativos en la versión del KSP ni de los mod que estoy utilizando, esta vez pueda subir las imágenes del resultado de la exploración Duna-Ike.
  2. Pathfinder MTT KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/Pathfinder-MTTSteam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935311935
  3. I'd like to introduce the Deep Space Explorer William Klark: Craft file can be found on KerbalX. It requires the PSA Greenhouse, which can be found on Spacedock. It also needs a whole laundry list of mods if you're going to download it: Mods Required: USI-UKS USI-LS USI-FTT USI Orion KSO (Space Station parts) KIS KPBS DarkSide Technologies DeepFreeze Continued Kerbodyne Plus PSA Greenhouse RemoteTech Tweakscale kOS (for 1 part) PSI Greenhouse Mods Strongly Recommended: OSE Workshop Extraplanetary Launchpads Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Modular Fuel Tanks Ship Details: DSE-02 William Klark Parts: 115 (122 with Conventional "Booster") Mass: 1,501,670kg (1501.67 tons - over 3 million tons with booster) Crew Complement: 24 design load, but can have up to 36 "regular" crew members plus up to 24 additional frozen crew Maximum Accommodations: 81 Propulsion: Korion Nuclear Pulsed Propulsion Propulsion Fuel / Reaction Mass: NPU-500 nuclear shaped charges (10,000 units) ISP: 15,000s Power: (2) USI/General Atomiks 1.25m Fission Reactors - total capacity 460EC/s Secondary Propulsion / Attitude Control: (8) Kerbodyne R-D HLRX4 Thrusters Electric Charge: 14,080 Supplies: 88,600kg Machinery: 493,290kg Fertilizer: 40,300kg Material Kits: 131,200kg Specialized Parts: 42,336kg Liquid Fuel: 144,000kg (677,000kg with Booster) Oxidizer: 176,000kg (826,000kg with Booster) Enriched Uranium: 14,195kg NPU-500: 100,000kg So, what's this all about, anyway? Well, my main game since 0.18 has been a sandbox game (since that pre-dated the current career mode), and while that game save is long gone, I've been working on another sandbox game which has a progression from early spaceflight to bases on the Mun and Duna, and eventually exploration of Jool and parts unknown. I game on a MacBook Pro, so now that we finally have 64-bit, I've been able to load up a ridiculous number of mods, and I've really enjoyed looking at Cercani (The Other Worlds mod for Kopernicus). I didn't want to use an Alcubierre warp drive to get there, though, and the other options out there weren't really what I was looking for. Then @RoverDude published his nuclear rockets mod (ok, technically I think it's still in development), and I fell in love - since I am totally obsessed over the Orion program from the 60s. I also loaded up the Outer Planets mod, so I have Other Worlds and Outer Planets both integrated in and waiting for Kerbals to visit. So I started trying to design a "realistic" deep space ship to journey to Cercani. I'm not 100% sure, but based on armchair calculations, I think I can get the DSE-02 to Cercani in under 2 kerbin-years. So that's the mission, and the goal: to load up Jeb, Bob, Bill, Valentine, and 20 of their fellow Kerbonauts and journey father than any Kerbal has ever gone before - and in the meantime, the successors to the DSE-02 can visit Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock. I haven't seen a lot of large deep space ship designs out there (when I say "a lot", I mean more than 20), and none that looked the way I would design one, so I thought I'd share it with folks in case they wanted to fly it. The DSE-02 uses something like 14 mods at minimum, including one I just uploaded to Spacedock with a greenhouse. Technically, it should also have the following patch put somewhere that Module Manager can see it: // OKS Workshop mod //Add OSE Workshop capabilities to the OKS Workshop @UmbraSpaceIndustries:AFTER[UmbraSpaceIndustries] //Edit USI after USI has been processed @PART[OKS_Workshop]:NEEDS[Workshop] //Edit the part OKS_Workshop if OSE Workshop is installed //The Workshop OKS Module is smaller, less efficient than the Fabricator { MODULE { name = OseModuleWorkshop ConversionRate = 1.0 // How much of a parts mass needs to be processed until it is done ProductivityFactor = 0.05 // How much units of the resource a processed per second UpkeepResource = ElectricCharge // This resource will be consumed 1 per second during processing InputResource = MaterialKits // This resource will be used to process the items MinimumCrew = 1 // Amount of Kerbals needed for the Workshop to work MaxPartVolume = 1000.0 Animate = true } MODULE { name = OseModuleRecycler ConversionRate = 0.15 // How much of a parts mass will be recycled ProductivityFactor = 0.1 // How much units of the resource a processed per second UpkeepResource = ElectricCharge // This resource will be consumed 1 per second during processing OutputResource = MaterialKits // This resource will be created MinimumCrew = 1 // Amount of Kerbals needed for the Recycler to work } RESOURCE { name = ExoticMinerals amount = 0 maxAmount = 200 isTweakable = True } RESOURCE { name = RareMetals amount = 0 maxAmount = 200 isTweakable = True } } This MM patch allows the OKS workshop near the bow to act as an OSE worksohp for parts up to a volume of 1,000. I didn't feel the UKS Fabricator matched the style I was aiming for on this ship. Note that using this patch is kind of subverting RoverDude's intent re: part balance in UKS, so use at your own risk and discretion. The intent of the design is for a crew of 24, who live in the spinning centrifuge habitats, and work in the workshop, shipyard, command centers, and the Kerbitat near the stern (which is supposed to be the "engineering" section of the ship. Probably 4 pilots, 8 scientists, and 12 engineers. Once the ship is underway, the crew would enter the DeepFreeze units and hibernate for a good portion of the 2 year journey to Cercani. They'd need to be woken up though, so perhaps a couple crew members would stay awake for the trip in case anything happened. The ship uses Tweakscale on a couple of parts, most notably the inflatable heat shield on the front, which serves as a whipple shield to prevent cosmic dust from damaging the ship, and also allows aerobraking. I may end up doing some YouTube videos or something of the trip, though I'm not sure how to do that and have them be interesting. We'll see. Anyway, enjoy, and I hope that I've posted something that was at least worth the read. Hope you're all building some awesome spaceships/stations/spaceplanes out there! EDIT - Oh, I forgot! There are 2 main reasons I'm using the Kerbodyne Plus mod (other than "because it's awesome"). First, there are some excellent hypergolic RCS units with some real kick, which DSE-02 needs to turn in any reasonable amount of time. Second, launching a Nuclear Pulse Propulsion rocket from the surface isn't politically tenable on Earth, and perhaps not on Kerbin either. For Orion in the 1960s, an idea was floated to build a gigantic Nova booster to loft it to an altitude where it (Orion) could be safely lit off. I've taken that approach here, and have a Kerbodyne Plus "Behemoth" cluster at the bottom to get things off the ground. Otherwise the ship pogoes on the launch pad when the first NPU-500 detonates, and it destroys the launchpad. (while realistic, not desirable)
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