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  1. Have you ever wanted to see your flight data in beautiful charts? Ever wanted to see a detailed log of your altitude, apoapsis, velocity, and much, much more? Well, KSP Data Export allows you to do that! This mod allows you to choose from 20 different values to log (even more are coming in future updates), and neatly puts them into a CSV file. You can then use this CSV file in programs such as Excel or Google Sheets to create beautiful looking charts and graphs. Data is logged by default every one second, but you are allowed to change to whatever you would like. I made this video to demonstrate some of the features: Current Values to Choose From: Vessel Surface Velocity G-Force Acceleration Thrust TWR Mass Position Altitude (Terrain) Altitude (Sea Level) Downrange Distance Latitude Longitude Orbit Apoapsis Periapsis Inclination Orbital Velocity Target Distance Target Velocity Resources Stage DeltaV Vessel DeltaV Science Air Pressure More values are coming soon! Screenshots The main GUI The GUI to choose which values to log Download This mod is available on CKAN, as well as SpaceDock and CurseForge. If you prefer to download it on GitHub, you can get it here. The source code is available here. License: MIT Thank you for reading, let me know your comments, feedback, and suggestions! (I am new the forums, so hopefully I didn't make any mistakes. This is also my first mod!)
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