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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I have a new challenge that I would like you to try called Extreme Career Mode! As it sounds, its like a hard career mode but more extreme and difficult. So far I've only done suborbital flights in the extreme mode, but I will try orbital flights soon. The 2 most important things you need to get in this custom settings mode in extreme career are funds and science. Here are the settings you need when starting a new career to attempt my Extreme Career Mode: Re-entry heating: 120% Starting Funds: 5,000 Science Rewards: 20% (1/5 of the normal science you'd get) Funds Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 of the normal funds you'd get) Reputation Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 normal reputation you'd get) Funds Penalties: 300% (3x average penalty) Reputation Penalties: 300% (3x average reputation penalty) Decline Penalty: 4 (Bigger losses if you decline a contract) As you play through this challenge in career and attempt it, tell me below how its going (via pictures or a reply)! I will also update you on how i'm doing in Extreme Career Mode as well, I hope you try it! Also, like Iso-Polaris said, I recommend you do this challenge with these mods, to make it more fair/balanced:
  2. Here is your goal: Get to Eeloo. Choose your own difficulty, as shown below. Easy: Get to Eeloo, land, with up to a 100 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with no Kerbals. Medium: Get to Eeloo, land, with up to a 25 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with 1 Kerbal. Hard: Get to Eeloo, land with up to a 10 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with 2 Kerbals. EXTREME: Get to Eeloo, land and orbit with one ship (That splits into a lander and probe), with up to 5 tons total, only using .625 meter parts, with 3 Kerbals. Try your best, and I can show some of my own attempts soon, once I get a successful one. Only one mod is allowed, and that mod is TweakScale, so you can have more of a variety of parts. When you finish, send me screenshots in the replies, and when you have Kerbals, plant a flag! Other mods that you can use are including all visual mods, and physics mods (except for OP mods). If you have the Kerbol Plus mod, try to land on the Comet with the varied difficulties applied. If you think this is a easy challenge in the Extreme mode, then land on all of the planets / moons with a .625 meter lander (rocket too), with no refuelling. If you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest them! Also, I was wondering if there was any suggestions on mods for this challenge that might work also. This is made for 1.0.5, but it should work for anyone that has 1.1 currently. Most complex design can be featured on my youtube channel (SpaceExplorator), which isn't a thrill because it would be my first video... but still it would be worth it to beat EXTREME with a super complex design!
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