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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to KRVE, it is a visual overhaul for Kerbin (And maybe the rest of the KSP system eventually) that will add fancy clouds, aurora, and a nice atmosphere. I am VERY early into development so I apologize for a lack of info. All I can give for now are some screen shots. Currently it features; 43k Cloud Texture Custom Aurora Custom TUFX Profile 8K City Lights Cloud Shadows Dependencies: EVE REDUX Scatterer TUFX Module Manager (bundled) DOWNLOAD: GITHUB It is Currently In BETA, there is a Roadmap in the README Thanks to: @Astronomer @themaster401 @ballisticfox0 for the screenshots This mod is built off of AVP assets so I have to thank them for the kindness of letting me use them for my own pack Licenses: KRVE is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA
  2. "You never truly realize the beauty of space until you go there and experience it first hand." - Random Kerbal Found on the Street (2019) They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So heres a thousand words as a picture. What is Komorfia? Komorfia is a graphics mod designed to completely overhaul the visuals of Kerbal Space Program with it's stunning and beautiful high-resolution textures. This thread specifically is meant to serve as a way for people to follow the development of the mod. What the Kraken does Komorfia mean? The word "Komorfia" is a portmanteau of two words; "Kerbal" and "Omorfia". The latter is the Greek word for beauty, and the meaning of Kerbal is fairly obvious. It can be thought of as "Kerbal Beauty", in that the Kerbol system has been beautified. What specs will I need to run this? You will need at least 4GB of RAM, but 4GB is recommended. The kind of GPU does not necessarily matter, as Kerbal Space Program doesn't touch it. Any modern CPU will do. Current Features Atmospheric Features 32K Kerbin Clouds & 8K Aurora 8K Eve Clouds & 8K Aurora 8k Duna Clouds 8K 2-Layer Dynamic Jool Clouds & 8K Aurora 8K Laythe Clouds & 8K Aurora Surface Features 8K ScaledSpace and terrain textures for Duna, Moho and Gilly Any pictures or videos? [Imgur Album] When will this be released? Soon. Join our discord! (made by @suzuki) https://discord.gg/QdkhRQ5
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