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Found 4 results

  1. "...In 1961 it took a crisis--the space race--to speed things up. Today we don't have a crisis; we have an opportunity. To seize this opportunity, I'm not proposing a 10-year plan like Apollo; I'm proposing a long-range, continuing commitment. First, for the coming decade, for the 1990s: Space Station Freedom, our critical next step in all our space endeavours. And next, for the new century: Back to the Moon; back to the future. And this time, back to stay. And then a journey into tomorrow, a journey to another planet: a manned mission to Mars...." --George H.W. Bush, 1989 The year is 1992 America has just completed the assembly of Space Station Freedom 3 years have passed since the announcement of 'Project Constellation'. The Constellation program detailed a multi-step program, which involved completing Space Station Freedom, Developing a crewed Lunar vehicle and lander, finally returning Astronauts to the moon, and eventually settling on a location for a Lunar base, a permanent crewed outpost, keeping humanities foothold firmly beyond earth, with an eventual build-up of Mars hardware, ready to land humans on the red planet twenty years down the line. Out of the mess of competing programs, hardware and timeframes, Artemis emerged, a program similar to the early stages of Constellation, consisting of three major components: - Apollo block V, an upgrade to the block IV and the crew return vehicle for Artemis - The Lunar lander, one Hab lander to carry supplies and a living space for the crew, and the other to be a glorified taxi to the surface -A large 5.5m wide TLI stage to send the crew out to the moon, named Pegasus as it gave the Artemis program wings These components would be launched on three separate Saturn Heavy H03 rockets, NASA's biggest and most powerful launcher since the Saturn V My plan with this thread is to recreate the entire Artemis program, along with Orion, and it's Lunar 'Soonbase' The mission list is as follows March 1996 - Artemis 1 September 1996 - Freedom Expedition 32 October 1997 - Pegasus first flight February 1998 - Artemis 2 June 1998 - Artemis 3 November 1998 - Artemis 4A , March 1999 - Artemis 4B & 4C November 1999 - Artemis 5A, July 2000 - Artemis 5B & 5C January 2001 - Artemis 6A, Summer 2001 - Artemis 6B & 6C January 2002 - Artemis 7A, Summer 2002 - Artemis 7B & 7C January 2003 - Artemis 8A, Summer 2003 - Artemis 8B & 8C January 2004 - Artemis 9A, Summer 2004 - Artemis 9B & 9C January 2005 - Artemis 10A, September 2005 - Artemis 10B & 10C January 2006 - Unmanned Saturn M22 explosion July 2006 - Artemis 11A, February 2007 - Artemis 11B & 11C Late 2007 - Orion assembly mission 1 Late 2007 - Orion assembly mission 2 June 2008 - Orion expedition 1 March 2009 - Orion expedition 2 2010 - Orion expedition 3 I hope you all come to enjoy this project as much as I will making it Ad Astra!
  2. My roadmap involves: NFP and MAS powered fully functioning IVA around 12 parts to build your ETS Block V inspired capsule. Life support mod compatibility and stuff. Fully original and self made textures Will feature a custom made lander by my design. Dev Branch Link: To be added. Current List of Compatibility patches included in the mod: To be added Liscense: All Rights Reserved
  3. Welcome to the release thread for Making Alternate History! Inspired by the alternate history universe of Eyes Turned Skyward, this pack brings you a set of stock-a-like Artemis / Altair landers and habitats complete with all the parts necessary for a voyage to another solar body. Parts guide / manual: Making Alternate History was previously labeled as 100% dependent upon Textures Unlimited, however this is revised and Textures Unlimited is now only required if you would like to use the Mk1 and Mk3 Habitat modules. At time of posting, Textures Unlimited is version 1.9.x and no one can be responsible for any issues that arise from Textures Unlimited 1.9.x being run on 1.10.x. In testing with this mod, things worked fine. Thank you @Shadowmage Download Textures Unlimited: Download Making Alternate History Update 1.10.1 now from Spacedock: Download Installation: Extract the contents of the GameData folder to your GameData folder. Structure should then read GameData\MAH Optional Configs: Config files reside inside a patches folder and will automatically detect installed add-ons and function appropriately. No action is necessary on the user's part. Patches include: Connected Living Space Kerbal Inventory System Snacks TAC Life Support USI Life Support Tweakscale Changelog: Update 1.10.1 Re-compile for 1.10.1 New colliders for cargo bay on Descent Stage (you can now store small items in the bay easily) Added crew report function to all crewed modules Added small electric generator to all crewed modules Config file clean-ups and some various small changes like model= instead of mesh= Update 1.4.2 Re-compile of all parts for 1.4.2 compatibility Update 1.3.1 Re-compile of all parts for KSP 1.3.1 compatibility Update 1.2 Added 4x attachment nodes to the ascent stage for the RCS thrustersRCS thrusters now have an attachment nodeReduced size of RCS thrusters slightly to not look awkward on ascent stageFixed some funkiness with the airlock hatches on all modulesFixed inaccurate plume on ascent stage enginesAdded Real Plume configs for ascent and descent enginesFixed center of mass and adjusted attachment nodes accordingly on all partsAscent stage now has an IVAIVA has extra props when using Near Future PropsFixed Kerbal Inventory System and Connected Living Space patches (They now function properly)Greatly reduced fuel volume in descent stage (without BDB addon)Ascent stage now supports 4x Kerbals A very special thank you to @CobaltWolf @Shadowmage @Nertea @blackheart612 @JadeOfMaar @taniwha @EmbersArc @alexustas @T-10a @hieywiey @Rock3tman_ @Daishi @Angel-125 Making Alternate History is License CC-BY-4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  4. Eyes Turned Skyward - Freedom Program Eyes Turned Skyward is an alternate history story by E of Pi and Workable Goblin that explores a divergence from our real history where instead of building and putting all of its efforts into the Space Shuttle, NASA instead focuses purely on space stations. As a result, we see many changes, not the least of which a 7th Moon landing, as well as the launch of Skylab B, which in the timeline is renamed to Spacelab. Using Apollo derived hardware, NASA is not only able to maintain a continuous presence in space through the 70's and 80's, but is also able to achieve much more than it has in real life. Concurrently, similar divergences occur with the ESA and Roscosmos, the European and Russian space programs respectively, that result in a similar presence in space. After Spacelab we see the Freedom program (which was the original design and designation of the ISS in real life) come into being during the 80's as a response by Reagan to the USSR's revitalized space program, essentially creating a second Space Race, not just to get into space but to utilize it. This series will be = covering the construction of this station as it happened in the timeline to the best that Kerbal Space Program can allow me to as well as much of the operations that went on after it was fully constructed, and perhaps on to..other things. And as you'll see, due to countless hours of fiddling, I have gotten very accurate representations despite not having 100% accurate parts available to me ingame. So without further ado, here is the first video showing the very first launch of the program of the Challenger Habitat and Service module. This module, serves as the core of the station and also houses the crew for the stay of their Expedition. Seen here is the full launch showcasing the Saturn H-03 rocket that launched it. And before its said, yes I am aware the in-game audio on this first video is rather loud. I actually had to redo the whole video due to some derps and that was a final derp that got through the cracks. Its not that bad though and ultimately future videos shouldn't have this problem.
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