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Found 7 results

  1. Stock + Making History/Breaking Ground DLC F-35A/B replicas F-35A Details Parts: 256 Length: 12.73m Weight: 31.6t Top Speed (asl): 313m/s KerbalX F-35B Details Parts: 342 Length: 12.69m Weight: 31.72t Top Speed (asl): 287m/s Check the KerbalX page for instructions on how to perform a VTOL liftoff KerbalX
  2. Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II STOVL Parts: 254 Length: 12.4 Weight: 26.5t Download _____________________________________________________________________________________________ To take off vertically: -Set throttle to 75-90% -Press AG2 and AG3 to set the plane into STOVL mode -Press AG4 to engage the Lift-fan turbines -Stage to start the Jet engine my other american aircraft
  3. https://gfycat.com/BothCreativeInganue This is mostly based off of another F-35B I put together about 8 months ago, but it required extensive use of vessel switching to manually control the VTOL engine. Plus, it was rather difficult to fly. Comparison album: https://imgur.com/a/RcBz6 Now, it requires minimal effort to engage and disengage the VTOL system. In fact, here's the proper procedure: Engaging VTOL: 1. Press Action Group 4 Disengaging VTOL: 1. Press Action Group 2 ... That's it. Really. I mean, when switching back to CTOL you might want to have some spare altitude/velocity, but of course that's only a suggestion. Schematic View album: https://imgur.com/a/kLOOX KerbalX Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/JollyGreenGI/F-35B-Lightning-II-ver32 The download link has much more documentation on additional features and helpful tips for operation, check it out! ______________________________ Hey guys, this is my first actual post here on the forums! Any suggestions on anything, really, will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello all! I have a problem and was hoping one of you much more KSP talented people could help. I have a aircraft that I absolutely LOVE (its an f-35 STOVL craft). However, the problem is it requires quiztech aero, BDArmory and adjustable landing gear to work. However, I cannot find a version of adjustable landing gear that works with 1.3. I already tried setting my KSP back to a later version using the preferences inside steam however then BDArmory and quiztech aero don't work. All I need to do is somehow remove those landing gear and the craft will function perfectly. I have also tried editing the craft file to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Stock VTOL Joint Strike Fighter As promised, I created a craft showcase video for my stock JSF. Here it is in all its glory. This project started after I had the inspiration to adapt @Majorjim!'s wonderful thermometer hinge to an aircraft. I quickly made a working hinge, using landing gear to actuate the engine, building on my experience from my Vought F8U Crusader. After I got the mechanism to work, I spent just as long working on the exterior of the plane, matching it as closely as I could to the real JSF. The result was a mechanically complex aircraft that you would want to take out to dinner (or war, for that matter). The procedure for flying the JSF is also comparatively simple, and requires a minimum number of action group presses. Unfortunately, the way KSP handles undocking means that to land, you have to switch over to the engine and reset the throttle, but it's easy to maintain control while doing so. Procedures for Flight: Download Link: https://kerbalx.com/servo/F-35B-JSF
  6. Hi! Just some insight about me, I'm actually RonaldoFTW's new account(I lost access to both the account and email). So I've decided to come back to (trying to) making replicas. Here's a replica F-35! Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/MJBkf Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/618usmieirmlp3o/Kolkheed-Dartin K-35.craft?dl=0 Specs: Top Speed(that I've gotten to): Mach 1.55 TWR(with current thrust limiter): 0.975 TWR(with 100 thrust limiter): 1.3 Height: 3.2m Length: 9.8m Width: 8.2m Mass: 13.308 tons Takeoff Speed: 30m/s with afterburner, 40m/s without afterburner (NOTE: Landing is near impossible)
  7. OmniChrome's Fighter Jet Replicas So I haven't made a replica in quite some time now. I wanted that to change and since SSTOs were starting to get monotonous, I decided to make a video on some aerobatics with the replicas. I have created a replica for the f-15, f-16, f-22, f-35, and the su-27. It took me a long time to get together the video with all the clips and replicas because my recording and editing software is predisposed to crashing, but that won't be a problem anymore because I got a different one. So aside from that, enjoy my replicas! F-15 F-16 F-22 F-35 Su-27 (This is a folder of downloads that contain both a kerbpaint and a non kerbpaint version for each of my replicas. I added and adjusted certain parts for the kerbpaint versions that I wouldn't add or adjust on the non-kerbpaint version so that it looks better) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzxHcRlvkLMQOXM1b2E3bU9vOTQ&usp=sharing (download should be right now)
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