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Found 3 results

  1. This Craft has been updated, Here is the new Topic: F-14 "Tomcat" Replica with full swing wing functionality Parts: 122 Weight: 20.10t Press AG1 for afterburners, AG2 to toggle the wing position Download Updated Version:
  2. Sector 7 Space Laboratories - Sentinel - Alien Takeover After watching the 80's movie Top Gun recently, I really got pumped watching those Tomcats in action. After building my first F14 and sharing it on the WIP Thread I got some tips from other Kerbonauts which help make a better F14 than what I started with. Then one thing lead to anther and I decided to try my luck building an Aircraft Carrier to support the Tomcats. I remember seeing someones video making attempts to land an Aircraft on a Carrier so I decided to give it a try. Now I had my hands on what became the Sentinel Project. After hours of testing I landed a S7-F14 TomCat on the Sentinel Aircraft Carrier. The Sepratrons worked great for stopping power during landings and these landings needed precision timing, height and speed. This was such a ridiculous challenge for me and I just couldn't quit until I succeeded with a landing. This was very difficult, and if I had to guess I would say nearly 40 attempts were made for this successful landing shown on the Tutorial Video. Now with an Aircraft Carrier and Tomcats to present I decided to make a Video and Alien Takeover was the result. I have a few regrets about the Craft and Video but I really had to find a stopping point after so many hours going into it. Overall I do enjoy the work and hope you do also. Tomcat / Aircraft Carrier Landing Tutorial Video Craft Files Sentinel - Parts: 439 Sentinel with Aircraft - Parts: 939 Tomcat - Parts: 48 Retracted - Parts: 48 Expanded - Parts: 44 Fighter - Parts:138 Bomber - Parts: 106 RapidFire One - Parts: 126 Invader - Parts: 73 SENTINEL
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