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  1. Hello, I found a glitch that makes my crafts' textures glitch out and can get really annoying. It is happening when you have a fairing part on your craft and you undo a move. Images can be found in the reddit post I linked down below. This texture change only affects cargo bays (I only tested Mk3 Medium and Long ones) and Vector Engines. It replaces parts of the Texture (Cargo bay main part and the Combustion Chamber of the Vector Engine). Once you have that part placed and you undo a move the texture gets replaced by the Fairing Texture (if you chose a fairing design, this will
  2. Simple Adjustable Fairings Features Single part fairings with a simple length adjustment Fairings are transparent in the editor so that you can build your payload easily (they can also be opened) Clean, clamshell deployment every time. No confetti, no fiddling with the deployment force. Automatic deployment at altitude. The altitude is adjustable and this can be disabled. Compatible with both FAR and stock aero Requirements Please use the version of KSP specified in the download. Other versions will probably not work. You do not need KW
  3. So yeah, we have five default skins on our fairing, and i often notices that: - The silver skins always appear shiny in VAB/SPH but not on launchpad and other places (It appears darker and dimmer) - The "Gold" skin actually only made a few changes on the fairing "cylinder thing", not the fairing shell! (The fairing shell is still white in colour) Is this a normal issue? Does it used to appear like this? If yes, does any mod solve this problem? Or just I having a low graphics settings? (I already have "Full Res" Texture Quality settings) Thanks! Eric
  4. This is a feature that could have very specific but usually useful features. It would be a special fairing that has a bottom similar to a decoupler, engines can fire through it and parts can go through it. This could have very specific uses but complement the open fairings very nicely.
  5. This updated version of 1.10 is a headache.Nothing can be attached to the fairing except the flag。Please keep the fairing characteristics of version 1.9,thanks
  6. Merry Christmas from India....... Here's my Christmas Creation in KSP this year......
  7. So... I'm not that good with modulemanager, but I understand that you can write a small .cfg file to change stuff. Does anyone have the code to put in a file that sets the default fairing settings to "Clamshell" deploy with two sides in the editor?
  8. Every time I attempt to place a large and/or complex payload within a fairing, it tends to wobble during launch. Are there any solutions, other than simply adding more struts?
  9. Whenever I deploy a fairing, Any rover wheels inside the fairing are destroyed for some reason. In my recent design the rear wheels kept popping so I kept rebuilding the fairing and trying again. At some point I finally gave up and launched without a fairing. I managed to still get my rover to it's destination, However I'm planning to send a much larger rover later on. I can't keep having my wheels popped without any engineers ready to repair, My current engineers aren't even high enough level to repair wheels!
  10. I used to have this mod that would add fairings as individual side panels that you could attach to a base, but I forgot the name of it. I would like to find it again, as it makes payloads look much more clean than just the weird shapes of stock or even KW faring. It was useful for getting clean fairings that would look the same for all payloads, and they usually had nice curves to them. Could anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks
  11. I've occasionally used fairings when the stuff I was putting on the top half of the rocket got too blatantly unaerodynamic (or had gained a forest of doohickeys), but I've never really been confident of when the "best" time to get rid of it is. I mean, I guess I'm working on the underlying assumption that fairings are not always counterproductive. But if that's true, then presumably at some point the equation changes to where future delta-v savings of being aerodynamic are outweighed by the future delta-v losses of the mass of the fairing. Obviously this happens before you get to space, but
  12. So I loaded up my Saturn V to try it out, and I find out the fairing between the S-II and S-IVB is bugging out, and it appears to be too large and the pieces are spaced strangely. I tried restarting to no avail, as well as replacing the fairing and placing it on another rocket. I do have KER, Trajectories, and KIS installed, but I doubt those have anything to do with it, because I had them and Making History before the bug. Does anyone know what's up, or have a solution? Try to make it simple, because I know almost nothing about computers or code.
  13. Only the 5m one is doing this and I cannot figure out why. No mods, tried even re-installing and starting a new sandbox game.
  14. My first mod, this very small mod allows a faring to extend far beyond its normal amount. Download here: https://spacedock.info/mod/1695/Faring Radius Override License: MIT
  15. I'm not famous for my skills in the VAB/SPH... But possibly the answer to the question I now pose is: "not possible". My major stages are: lifter airplane (Wheelsey jet engine) truck (AGU Klaw) I thought I would try to use interstage fairings to hide all the draggy bits for once. The problem is how to decouple cleanly. A couple of photos show the problem: I've tried the fairings at either ends and I've also tried combinations with the coupler directions. In general, I want to connect AaBbC where a and b need fairings but are the tails of A
  16. Recently found a post about the replica on the Soviet rocket Energia-Uragan. It was reliable enough and I decided to recreate it myself. The main problem for me is reusable fairing. After I asked the author he said this is part of one mod. As he said the mod is Bluedog Design Bureau. I installed it, but have not found this detail. Maybe someone knows the name should mod includes this detail? That mod is Near Future Launch Vehicle - link Thanks to @Dr.Wolfram Energia-Uragan replica (vk.com) original post
  17. Can someone tell me definitively how struts and fairings in the stock game are supposed to interact? I recently found myself fighting against KSP 1.3.1 to keep my struts where I want them. The game seems to treat these interactions inconsistently depending on the order you place/edit parts, whether you use Undo, etc. Some scenarios I've observed on a recent craft I was constructing: Connecting struts before fairings built Works fine Connecting struts through fairings after they are built Works in the editor most of the time, except: Occasional inco
  18. The AE-FF2 airstream pro and likely other fairings are causing CTD on launch when there is any clipping at all and can corrupt a save as well, 0ing out funds in career and if the save manages to revert and saves to the persistent back up deleting the craft from the pad in the tracking center will result in a high pitch audible scream til the game ctds again. Rigorously tested while live streaming on twitch. The episde link is provided below and provides about 2 hours of test data showing different configs it was tested in. Oddly, the configuration worked once, normally in a engineering s
  19. Hello all, Whenever I try to separate the CSM from the 3rd stage, the four fairing pieces that come with the rocket do not detach. I know that I have my staging correct. Does anyone have any helpful tips? Any help is appreciated. mustangpilot51
  20. Hi, I'm having a strange problem with the Payload aerodynamic cowling *Fairing) separation on my "Rover Payloader". Basically I'm trying to place a Science Gathering Rover at a location on opposite side of KSP spaceport, and using a rocket launcher to place a cargo pod into sub-orbital trajctory, so it re=enters, and through staging eventually lands my rover on parachutes. The problem is when I STAGE the Fairing, the shell itself detaches but not the support structure holding the rover, nor the base - so I am left with the base and this structure attached to my rover which is now qu
  21. I discovered this when trying to build rotor bearing and the rotor just fell on the ground. Basicaly the fairings dont colide with ground, buildings or other spacecraft until the fairings themselfs are decoupled (staged), olny then they start to colide. Separated fairing segments also seem to ignore gravity as (when staged on the ground) they endlessly spin and float up after bouncing of the ground.
  22. Hi all, Early on in my career game Lageranda Kerman managed to get herself stranded in low Kerbol orbit. It took several failed rescue attempts to teach me just how far down the gravity well that is. In fairness, there was no way the Terrier's and FLT-800's I had access to at the time were going to cut it. I've come a long way since them, and am determined to bring that kerbal home no matter what the cost! (And for my own gameplay reasons, preferably without resorting to Xenon tech). I'm completing work on a huge, single-launch behemoth that will establish a research and mining b
  23. Is there no mod around yet to let you change the textures of the stock fairings? Seems a real shame when there are so many good textures around for procedural parts and fairings! The search function seems a bit buggy, but I did some googling and couldn't find anything. Have I missed something?
  24. In the release notes of V1.1.1 there was mentioned, that wheels now have "auto struts [...], similar to fairing struts". Are those fairing struts noticable somehow? Because I'm unsure if I now still have to stut up my payloads in fairings, or if they get added "magically" when loading the craft onto the launch pad. How are those things working in V1.1.2?
  25. A few questions, i have today. I'm trying to setup fairings for the FFR rocket mesh i'm doing. I have parts named correctly in Unity and the name matches in the cfg file. Enabling and disabling them makes them show up and disappear within KSP but if i try to separate them they just sit there. they have ejection force but no colliders as stock game ones didn't appear to use them either. Searches haven't been terribly helpful. Any ideas? Second question I'm pretty sure i know the answer to already. Is there any way without setting it up as a ton of smaller colliders to do a hollow centrifuge
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