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  1. Hi guys this is my next youtube video, its a very clumsy starship sn 15, its mostly light and is a joke (more or less) https://youtu.be/Q-Dz6NUVORQ
  2. Recently when Upsilon Eeloo window opens, I've start building on new crew habitation Mongolian tents using fairings. But the fairings starts behave strangely when taken out from sub assembly: the fairing hit box is gone. Kerbals can just poke their head out of the fairing, and required rebuilding the fairings to regain the hitbox. Is this a bug or am I doing the fairings a bit wrong?
  3. Fairings are one of the most utilized parts in ksp, but they have some flaws, these are changes that could address them. 0.625 meter fairing: Fairings are often used in ksp to make custom shapes. However, when using a fairing to make certain parts like engines it must be both heavily clipped and smaller than the size of the rocket itself (usually about two size classes. Necessitating rockets that use this technique to be massive, smaller fairings fix that. Increased size limits on fairings: Although I understand why there in place, often it is advantageous to hide the fairi
  4. i have no idea how to use fairings in the VAB. Someone help! They just won't set in place even after I clicked. Now thinking how I visited all the planets with no fairings.
  5. There are 3 hitbox that a fairing may have, 1. Hollow hitbox 2. No hitbox 3. Solid hitbox So what are they? Basically hitboxes a fairing could have in ksp and the most common is the Solid Hitbox. I've been doing Fairing domes so that's why I know these 3 fairings, so let's dive in what are these hitbox and why I'm here. The hollow fairing is the perfect one, a hollow inside that Kerbal can walk inside, and has a solid wall. The no hitbox is self explanatory, your Kerbal can just phase through without being blocked. The top two always happens at launch
  6. I'd like to see the clamshell mode be enabled by default instead of each time users having to enable it. I'm pretty sure most people use near clamshell deployment as it looks more realistic, presents less hazard for the ascending rocket, and less strain on the computer since it can be as little as 2 parts, whereas confetti is a disaster on multiple accounts. When Squad first added fairings, there was no clamshell option at all, which rightfully caused lots of complains. Then it was added, but having to click the damn button each time just pokes my brain. If someone knows how to
  7. I used to have this mod that would add fairings as individual side panels that you could attach to a base, but I forgot the name of it. I would like to find it again, as it makes payloads look much more clean than just the weird shapes of stock or even KW faring. It was useful for getting clean fairings that would look the same for all payloads, and they usually had nice curves to them. Could anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks
  8. I'm sure this has been said quite a few times, but I just wanted to share some features I think would greatly improve fairings and their use-cases in the game. I've listed all the changes I'd like for them to make. 1. The most obvious one. Reduce the size of the part and make it look better. Right now it just looks ugly and out of place on pretty much every rocket. A much better look would be something like a decoupler only taller and without the markings. Another feature would be to make it hollow, like the structural tubes. That way there's way more flexibility with them.
  9. Zero-Point Inline Fairings Parts Pack NOTe: Does NOT shield contents in stock aerodynamics! Please use FAR or NEAR. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supports TweakScale and AVC. Appears to be friendly to FAR/NEAR so far. Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together: Modular Rocket Systems (stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps) SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack (stock-balanced large rocket
  10. I was thinking, fairings are super useful as single-use cargo bays. It would be really nice though if, with a balanced mass penalty and whatnot, we could have a fairing which would not shatter or break off but either swing open its nose, split like a normal cargo/bomb bay along one side, or banana peel at the base, then close and seal back up. This would allow, for example, super-sized cargo transports that had >3.5-meter-wide "cargo bays" using ALMOST existing parts. Alternatively, we could have dedicated parts for either modular or procedural cargo bays that would actually seal and
  11. Hello I was hoping the manual would explain and talk thoroughly about fairings, but it was barely able to say what a fairing was. So, to start with, there's the "sides" options. The problem with this for me is that I can drag the bar, not having only whole numbers to choose from (for example: I can choose to have 4.09 sides, what got me pretty confused). Then there's Ejection Force. I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but is there any usefulness in changing the force? Now for Clamshell Deploy, Truss Structure and Interstage Nodes, I have absolutely no idea of what they'r
  12. Is there a general rule of thumb as to the optimum altitude/velocity/pressure (Q, I think) to jettison fairings-- where the aerodynamic drag reduction is no longer worth the weight/gravity loss? I don't really need the exact equations-- just a general "feel" for the right timing/altitude. Thinking of firing off a series of sounding rockets to test, but I imagine someone else has done a lot more thinking about it already...
  13. So I've been playing a lot with procedural parts recently, and while researching how to properly use the procedural Interstage Fairings, I found out that those parts are NOT supposed to be used for engine shrouds. This explains a lot about the odd lack of an internal top node, and the placement of the decoupler. The only way I've been able to do it is to surface attach the engine underneath the tank to leave the tank's bottom node free for the Interstage Fairing top node. I don't think this technically shields the engine at all though, since it's not attached to an internal node of the fair
  14. In the last days I have been running around the forums searching for a way to add textures to the module TextureSwitch2 (Firespitter) to the fairings from Procedural Fairings parts.I found a very old mod from 1.1.x called Procedural Fairings for Everything, which main objective was to collect and merge different texture mods for fairings into one.I gave a look inside of the folder and it was quite a mess.I am trying to make a more polished version of it for myself but I can't get around a thing that is quite anoying: Some fairings have the "Payload Fairings - [...] [Proced
  15. To premise this topic, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a limitation of the stock fairing behavior when used as an "interstage". I'm trying to use an open fairing as a lower fuselage of a cargo lander. After launching the craft to orbit and jettisoning the bottom cargo bay "plug", I am unable to insert cargo or other craft into the open bay. IMPORTANT NOTE: Anything jettisoned from the lander can be maneuvered inside the cargo bay just fine, but anything launched separately cannot. To anyone wanting to reproduce this behavior, you will need to perform two launches. Anyone that
  16. Version, Windows 10 Home, x64, Nvidea 980 gtx, i7 4790k, 16 gbs ram 9 times out of 10 when I try to use fairings they will cause the ship to fall apart and then explode on launch pad. Example: http://s32.postimg.org/ps1z2y40j/fairingproblem.png I wanted to post the ship file, but it said I couldn't attach because of my account :(. But basically any time I use a fairing the ship just falls apart on the launch pad, its extremely reproduce-able for me. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I cannot comment on when this started to brea
  17. Fairings that automatically reshape for any attached payload: Download from GitHub Frequently Asked Questions How to use (Imgur album, somewhat obsolete) Licensed under CC BY terms (attribution) Source code Notes: In career mode, minimum and maximum size is limited by tech. You won't be able to resize bases far from 1.25m at first, but as you unlock new aerodynamics and construction tech larger (and smaller) sizes become available. Unlike KW Rocketry fairing bases, Procedural Fairings' fairing bases intentionally lack a decoupler, al
  18. Good day to all. I've gotten a bit back into KSP once more; been launching satellites for an RT comm network/constellation in the Kerbin system as well as my first real space station. (The only other "station" I ever attempted was just an orange tank with basic craft utilities bolted on as a fuel depot...) For once I wasn't using SSTO spaceplanes that much. (Just for the initial three KEO sats for a basic network so unmanned launchers could be used without issue.) Lots of rockets this time. (Seems I've gotten pretty decent at doing gravity turns using KER readouts and mimicking what
  19. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been having real issues with the stock fairings lately. For one thing, they don't stage with action groups. If I have a pod (or something I want to save in case of emergency) under a fairing, and my action groups look like this Abort> LES activate, Decoupler decouples, fairing jettisons. What will happen in case of emergency is this: I hit backspace Everything but the fairing jettison occurs My crew pod gets smashed against the inside of the fairing and they die. Which brings up my next point (kinda). After that, everything
  20. Okay, so one minor thing that bothers me about the new stock clamshell fairings is how perfectly evenly they separate and float away. No tumbling or nothing. It's freaky! As a matter of fact, the mod that fixed the absence of clamshell fairings when fairings were first introduced by Squid, that mod had them tumbling through space as you would realistically expect. So what I'd like to ask is a simple thing, which is to do a "jazzing up" pass over the stock fairings and re-introduce this tumbling behaviour, maybe even with a little bit of a camera shake effect. Thanks for reading. From
  21. I've been trying and trying to build the smallest possible recoverable Kerballed orbiter by mounting an EAS control seat on top of a fairing base and (supposedly) using the fairing to protect the pilot from heat: Even though the pilot is fully enclosed by the fairing, it appears as though he is being heated as if fully exposed to the airstream, and he inevitably explodes even though no other part on the craft even has a heat indicator lit up. Is this just a quirk of the control seat or am I using the fairings wrong? I tried building it out a bit further, and other than makin
  22. I find it very unpleasantly striking how much glossier the fairings are than most of the other, if not all, stock parts, and the stockalike aesthetic in general. Were they always so glossy? I don't think they were. And looking at older screenshots seems to confirm that.
  23. A bit of a random UI question: is there a way to disable the "snap to constant radius" behaviour when building a stock fairing section? It's handy, but it also prevents access to a significant range of angles.
  24. Have you ever build a rocket with an upperstage that you wanted to have 2 engines? (say 2 Terriors under a 2.5m fuel tank) but you weren't able to do so because of the way decoplers work? In procedural fairings, you could solve this problem by using an interstage fairing instead of decoplers. I hope they add something like this with the stock fairings so we can have a bit more freedom with upperstage engines.
  25. I wanted to see if fairings made a difference as there was some discussion on Facebook in regards to their importance (or not importance due to added weight) Here's the result of a short and simple scientific experiment:
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