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Found 3 results

  1. We are halfway to October 'tis time for a spook! we we will scare Jeb he'll look like a scared cuke! ______________________________________________________________________________ How to play: 1. Explain why the previous person won't scare Jeb 2. Say how you'll scare Jeb ______________________________________________________________________________ Example: P1: I scare Jeb with a launch escape system P2: Jeb's not afraid of a launch escape system, that just gives him more Gs! I scare Jeb with a twr of 1.00 ______________________________________________________________________________ I'll start: I scare Jeb with a rocket that is 100% safe.
  2. Im running a heavily modded v1.2.1, and my radiators keep falling off shortly after takeoff. I've tested it with multiple vehicles and multiple arrangements, and haven't found anyone else having this problem. I also noticed the thermal system has changed since i last played, just wondering if it has something to do with the new system, or if its a known bug. I build a lot of craft with reactors and folding electric propellers, so this is kind of a game breaker for me. Anyone else having this problem? edit; I forgot to add, this problem started immediately after i updated many of the mods through ckan. It was more than a dozen, and i dont know which ones, and i cant find anyway to revert through ckan. Below is a couple of ships i landed on laythe before the problem started, and one of my tests to confirm the problem.
  3. Hey KSP forum! I have been playing KSP for a couple of years, neatly avoiding the VHB. Building some quiet amazing structures like big space stations and mun base and such.. Well i went and fell in love with SSTO's so i thought okei lets learn to use the VHB. I build a small plane, flies like a dream, then went big and build a massive (mark IV) turbo prop science plane that flies like a dream (but slow though, and only atmospheric): But hey i felt ready to build a SSTO after watching a number of videos. I know i might be ambitious starting out with a mark IV SSTO as these things are massive. However i want it to haul big cargo in orbit so they need to be big. My problem isn't getting in orbit (not yet) my problem is simply creating a plane that doesn't fall apart or blow up before i even start a engine.. I have had serious problems with fuel tanks mounted on the side of my fuselage just falling of like i didn't even use tape to fix it. Even though i used struts! Sometimes in both sides sometimes only one of them.. no matter if the landing gears were mounted on them or the fuselage. Well if i design around this and actually get in the air my wings (one piece with procedural wings now) are flapping like a hummingbird and my elevons are pivoting around there center point around axial direction like its about to be ripped off.. Okei i got so tired of this that i started to try and copy other peoples planes like this one(which is really cool): Thinking okei if i build that without any cargo it should at least stick together and be able to spawn on the runway.. but no. the fuel tanks along the fuselage just drops of as soon as the plane loads to the run way.. Or.... everything just explodes.. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG!?? I cant even copy other peoples work.. Will post some pictures of my miserable attempts when i get home. Is there some kind of trick to get the parts to stick together or is there a software problem? or am i simply just plain stupid? Never had these kind of problems with my plain old fashion rockets.. or small planes using only small parts. MODS used: Mark IV MechJeb Kerbal engineer procedual wings Any help much appreciated, almost giving up on KSP completely now..
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