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Found 10 results

  1. Index to the chapters (open spoiler to view): Index to supplemental entries/backstory information (open spoiler to view): Jool 14, Y003 I've almost earned my wings..." Chapter 1 Well, I wasn't the first, the second, or even the eleventh selected for the new space program. No, I was twenty-third! Today I finally completed my flight simulator training, and only one requirement remains before I will earn my flight wings. The exercise was vigorous, but Gene kept insisting that before we got to fly real aircraft, we had to be able to handle any situation that came up. H
  2. I'm planning to do a "mission report" where I use the whirligig world planet pack to do a story. I will have pictures after a few chapters. great mod.
  3. This is gonna be a little series I came up with, but it will not include images, because some of the things that I hope to get to are way too advanced for me to play as a player and for my dang old computer to handle. While this series will mostly be following the views of Jeb, Bob and Bill may make occasional entries into the journals. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
  4. Hey all, I have been working behind the scenes a little bit with the help of @UomoCapra and a few others to create a Kerbal book series. Before officially announcing it and launching the series I wanted to put my little Kerbal feelers out to gauge interest and get any suggestions or ideas from forum users, specifically those of you who have discussed Kerbal stories or enjoyed the missions before (here's looking at you @STORMPILOTkerbalkind @million_lights @Just Jim @Rover 6428 ) The book series will be loosely based off of my (steam featured) Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel missions from
  5. "Recover Vessel" By: @ZooNamedGames After a failure aboard her capsule, left lost in the middle of undeveloped Kerbin. These are the adventures of Jabe Kerman as she attempts to make her way back home. Introduction Part 2: Beginning The Voyage Part 3: The Awakening Part 4: For Miles and Miles Part 5: Panic Part 6: The True Adventure Begins... Part 7: The Dark Woods Part 8: The Clearing Part 9: Fire On The Horizon Part 10: Into The Depths Part 11: The Derelict Mine More Coming Soon... If you enjoyed r
  6. Kerboin's Spur A KSP Fan Project Table of Contents Introduction Nations of Kerbin, as of the launch of the Füthor 1 The Füthor 1 More coming soon... Introduction It was merely nine years after the devastating Great War when kerbalkind finally began to explore beyond their homeworld of Kerbin. But - as with most of the explorations that occurred through our history - the launch of the Füthor 1 orbital satellite was not one done simply for curiousity's sake. It was an exploration to prove superiority and dominance. You see, the constructio
  7. Walking out of the Cradle - A post Kerpollo Commentary "Kerbin is the cradle of all kerbals; but kerbalkind can not remain in the cradle forever." -Konstantin Kerman Chapter 01 The Kerbal Space Centre, ever since its initiation, has been the symbol of ingenuity and innovation. It inspired a generation of Kerbals to invest in space travel and scientific exploration if the Kerbol system. Perhaps the crowning achievement of KSC was the landing of a Kerbal on the Mun. This achievement set the course for Kermanity for several generations to come. Kerbals would set up o
  8. Greetings, I've been firing Kerbals into space for 728 hours and finally got the time to work on this little side project of mine. Once 1.2 has dropped and my mod list is back up-to-date I will be writing a fan series chronicling the early years of the Kerbal Space Programme. This isn't the first series of its type but I'm hoping the back story and history I have in mind for it will make it an entertaining read for you. In brief, the series will start in the aftermath of a brief but catastrophic nuclear war between the 4th Kerbin Empire and the fledging Independent Kerbal States
  9. I am going to start making a weekly fan fiction series based on the hit British TV series, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Every week I will add to the story, but I plan to write them from the perspective of the doctor and also try to do the series well as he and his companion(s) travel across time in space. This is to fill the gap between the current season and the next. So enjoy what I have written for you! I would suggest a good background song to add to the environment if you can, but that's just a personal suggestion. Enjoy. I will release a Doctor Who episode every other week on Mondays.
  10. [This thread wants to be removed]
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