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Found 9 results

  1. Intro: What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 years? This story tells what happened when the scientists on the Kerbal Space Center found out about Kerbin's impending doom, and what they decided to do about it. Plan Kappa isn't just a graphic novel told in the same style of Kuzzter's Duna Ore Bust and Eve: Order Zero series. It's also a complete career game report, covering (with varied levels of depth) all the missions of this condemned save game. It follows a few simple rules (By Volume 3, however, those rules no longer apply): I'm playing a mostly-stock car
  2. This occurred in my last save file, I finished the haunted save, and deleted it. I have since had another save, and it was less eventful. Chapter 1; The Duna Mission I sent a manned crew to Duna’s surface, with plans to make the site a refueling station and surface base to launch rovers from. I launched them and I did all the things right, the crew were safe. I returned three years later, not touching the station dubbed Lufthansa Station. What I had found was beyond me.
  3. "DARKEST FEARS" 1 Hundreds of metres away, shrouded by a thick blanket of forest, and a tall electrified fence surrounding the complex, within the Hawkins National Laboratory, the Department Of Energy laboratory native to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a small, red light began to flicker on one of the huge banks of buttons, lights, and screens that composed the control room of the laboratory's central test and observation chamber. A beep began to sound as the light flickering became more intense. The little sensor was calling for someone, beckoning for someone -- a
  4. Chapter 1 UTPKA Territory. 'Phoenix' shuttle on the pad at KSC, with its 'Odyssey' core booster and 'Artemis' side boosters. Year 1, Day 123, 03:08 PM GMT. As he turned the tuner on the radio, static crackled across the speakers. "... I need a hero, I need a hero 'til the end of the flight..." "... Fly me to the Mun and..." "... When the sky falls, and the stars rise..." "... In other news, we sadly mourn the death of Deswin Kerman, one of the best Kerbonauts in the KSA. He died today during an in-flight accident during the circularisation burn of S
  5. Thoughts and Ramblings on the Asteroid Sentinels Here’s a fun little thread for reflecting on The Asteroid Sentinels, and hopefully will act as a “behind the scenes” thread for future works. Some Basic Things I started the Asteroid Sentinels after seeing other comic threads and the release of the Asteroid Day mod. The original idea was just to launch the SENTINEL telescope, find an asteroid headed for Kerbin, intercept it (I would do this in many ways like with the ARM and ADM, or maybe the DART/AIDA concept), and maybe a few more details. I didn’t really care about storylines,
  6. Chapter 1: Up the Rabbit Hole The VAB’s Cargo Bay 3 is a secluded concrete box behind a massive sliding door, but on that day, it nevertheless resonated with the ruckus as Jeb flipped over one of the empty fuel valve crates bearing his name, and perched on it. Bill shook his head, and joined him; Bob kept mulling about, while Val simply plopped onto the cold concrete floor, protected by the aramid fabric of her orange suit, gutted and stripped of badges. Around them stood the crowning achievement of KASA; but KASA itself was no more. The Kerbal Space Center was being stripped of anyt
  7. Author's Note: This story was originally posted by me during the 0.90 era on the Fanfiction website, but I am moving it here due to the flexibility and interest here. Also, with the releases of 1.1-1.12 it makes more sense to completely redo things, at least as far as operations are concerned. And just to set the record straight, my first name, Kavy, does not rhyme with "Navy," but is pronounced with the "a" sound in "father." Things just seem to come together a just the right time every so often... "And that was our number four hit this week, moving up the chart from seven a
  8. Chapter 1: In Space, No One Can Here You Scream… Bob was screaming. No one heard him of course, he was drowned out by the giddy laughter of Val and Jeb. They freaked him out sometimes. He squirmed in his seat, almost trying to escape the claustrophobic seat. He was strapped in, but not tightly. He was shaking too much to pull tightly before launch. Bill looked over to him and put his finger over his mouth. Shhh... Bob started to relax a little. Jeb and Val fell silent. Bill and Bob perked up. Now, this was an occurrence. “KSC?” Bob began to tremble. No one was smi
  9. Hi guys, this is a repost of a creepypasta that was posted on Creepypasta Wiki, and was deleted... This user reposted this fanfic on Encyclopedia Dramatica (there is nothing NSFW or not allowed on this forum though, looks like that person just wanted more attention) and made a Youtube reading of this short Prose. So, to preserve it, I have reposted it here. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THU8wFgfG-U Hey guys. I just wanted to share with you the story of something very strange that happened to me in Kerbal Space Program, in the hopes that someone out there saw what I saw. It a
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