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Found 4 results

  1. Since the original got lost, I thought I'd revive the old FAQ thread. I think I found the most up-to-date version, but please let me know if anything is missing. All credit goes to the original authour for the time and effort spent in creating and maintaining the original list, so a big thanks to him for that. As with the original thread, please don't ask questions here, but feel free to suggest frequently-asked questions that can be added if needed. Frequent Asked Questions KSP in general. Q: Why is my game constantly crashing? Especially on scene changes. A: Most l
  2. 本贴将会在下方罗列一个仅仅关于KSP基本问题和Forum使用方法的FAQ(常见问题)列表并给出相应的解决方案,同时欢迎各位在此话题下提问而不是开启一个新帖! 多数翻译自官方游戏问题和技术支持版FAQ,关于游戏具体操作问题等也可以前往该链接下寻找解决方案。 注意!提问前确保你已经认真阅读FAQ列表并确认无法在其中找到解决方案。 另开启新话题提问的将可能会被删除 如果这个FAQ解答有用,您可以毫不犹豫地点击右下角的Like this或评论。 FAQ列表 Forum使用 Q:如何注册Forum账号? A:点击页面右上角的Login按钮,根据提输入信息,完成人机验证,即可创建账号。 Q:为什么无法通过人机验证? A:对于中国大陆用户,请翻墙完成人机验证。 Q:如何创建一个新主题? A:点击首页的Start new topic按钮创建新主题,注意选好板块。也可以在相应板块点击Start new topic按钮来创建主题。确保你已经阅读官方论坛版规(中文译本)。 Q:如何在主题中插入图片? A:请使用第三方图床添加图片,如Imgur,将图片上传后在imgur中点击图片,复制图片右边的文件链接(xxx.jpg/png/gif/...)到文本框即
  3. Oops, did I just fizzle that? You bet your sweet tail I did. Since those that need it don't read it and those that read it don't need it this FAQ no longer serves any function. It's going, going. GONE!
  4. Planes not flying right? I can help turn your Christmas Bullet into a Spitfire. Post a screenshot with all three SPH indicators on (like below) as well as a short description of what it's doing or not doing, and what you want it to do. I'll read it over and do my best to offer some tips and tricks to get it flying purrrrrfect. Some other examples of my planes:
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