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  1. This is an unofficial continuation of Ferram Aerospace Research by @ferram4 updated to latest KSP version. The original thread can be found here. New source code repository: https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research All content now licensed under GPL v3. From the original thread: Update to version "Mader" (Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version) ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT Original Review:
  2. Ok, i'm not an absolute noob in KSP but I'm far from being a veteran. I'm the perpetual student, always learning (and occaisionally even succeeding). So here's my question: The FAR mod, yay or nay? I try to keep my install pure stock, but the idea of a more realistic aerodynamic model is compelling. Further, I'm running KSP 1.10.0 and will try to upgrade to 1.10.1 this wekend. Is FAR worth it, especially on these newest versions?
  3. Update to version "Liepmann", now with voxel-model based aerodynamics! ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT CKAN USERS: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Users who put issues on Github are awesome. Please consider being awesome. Original Review: Aerodynamic Failures: Building a spaceplane and talking about editor GUI stuff: Features Shape-Based, Vessel-Ce
  4. I've been tackling this plane for sometime, although it has proved itself to be troublesome, and the project took way longer than expected(still haven't really finished by this point). Anyway, presenting the ADF-11F Raven: The ADF-11F Raven is an advanced unmanned air superiority fighter boasting phenomenal maneuverability, laser weaponry, and ridiculous loitering time. Designed with "ultimate survivability" in mind, the Raven is actually an ADF-11 drone nose unit with a RAW-F air supremacy wing unit attached, together forming the ADF-11F. The combined Raven would always attempt to
  5. So firstly the centre of lift it is slightly slow to refresh I'm guessing this is far doing calculations. My main question, I am building a plane using realism overhaul and realistic progression, with FAR. I would like to my centre of lift to be above my centre of mass to utilise the pendulum affect to stabilize my craft. My com is slightly below my col, When I raise the Wings to the top of my craft the com moves with the col. Granted the Wings have some weight I'm using procedural parts. So I emptied the Wings fuel tanks and lowered the mass strength muilplier %. Thinking this would
  6. Not really sure about this section being the proper place for this query, but i figured that if it wasn't then someone would point me the right way. So currently I'm taking a forced break from KSP (I'm trapped in trigonometry hell pls help!!!!). But i figured as this isn't really something that requires me firing up the game, and has a number of different approaches which would likely keep the thread going for a while . That makes it perfect for something to sit here and simmer while i slog thru graphs, functions and derivations of arcane formulas for the next few weeks. Anyway; to t
  7. Warning : mild anomaly spoilers I've always used FAR for the challenge and sake of realism, but never really flown a plane because of the difficulty of such a thing and because I focus my KSP games on career, which have you very rapidly leave Kerbin's atmosphere for farther and oddly shaped horizons. Sure did I attempt a few test flights to get my hands on it knowing I would want to fly spaceplanes at some point, but even with a handful of tutorials for designing and flying planes (and understanding the UI) and a good amount of practice, I never managed to land anything. Problems during t
  8. The Tournament It's that time of year once again, which means time for a new BAD-T. Like the last three BAD-T tournaments, this will consist of 2v2 dogfights featuring WWII-era aircraft battling around and above sites scattered all over Kerbin. Contestants will submit a craft, which will then be pitted against other submitted craft in a standard tournament ladder format, with fights recorded and posted to YouTube. Defeat means a craft is out of the running, success means it moves up to the next bracket. Depending on the number of entries, a second-tier ladder may also be run, featu
  9. Kerbal Wind Implements wind and a continuous-gusts model for Ferram Aerospace Research. Provides GUI with settings for wind direction, speed and turbulence magnitude. The mod was Inspired by KerbalWeatherSystem by silverfox8124 and the addition of a wind speed hook to FAR's API. Dependencies FerramAerospaceResearch is a dependency. You need it or this mod won't even load. Blizzy's Toolbar is an optional dependency. Stock toolbar is also supported now. Which toolbars to use can be set in the configuration file which you have to edit in order to make the change. Dow
  10. I'm trying to build a Delta II in RSS/RO, and i am having a repeat issue, where in vertical integration, the center of lift becomes very unstable, sitting very far off of where it should be, in extreme cases even being very far outside the rockets physical dimensions. adding fins and wings to said rockets does very little, as the center of lift does not move up or down, only staying directly on the COM if you manage to get it there. https://file.io/Bka5q8 ^ Output Log ^ https://imgur.com/a/ZJ3k0pY ^ Delta II COL issue ^
  11. can anyone tell me how to change FAR(ferram aerospace research ) to work one 1.4
  12. Hi guys!!! I have a very simple question I'm sure you airplane experts will be able to answer easily! I am trying to incorporate flaps to my airplanes to smooth my landings - I place control surfaces and activate the flap buttons but I do not see/feel any effects on my craft - would anyone be kind enough to teach me how to set flaps please? Many thanks in advance,
  13. I seem to be having a little problem with my planes on takeoff. That's three separate designs now, so I have no idea what's wrong, and in fact I can't see much in common between them. They all have the exact same problem though. On the runway, during takeoff roll, a particular speed comes when the aircraft starts leering of the center of the runway. It should be noted that I am using FAR and I'm not really an expert with plane design, even though i enjoy it. Right coming back to the case, I present to you most recent of these troublesome designs. It is in no way a spaceplane, as on
  14. Hey guys! I have a moderately modded install of KSP version 1.3.0. My problem is that i encounter multiple issues during my play and get a ton of errors and NullReferenceExceptions to the point currently even my save file gets corrupted sometimes. The mods are all installed via CKAN with the exception of DeadlyReentry, PlanetShine and AGEx. These mods should be compatible with 1.3.0 as far as i know and the problem doesn't originate from them as i suspect. Problems i encounter during gameplay regularly are the following: FMRS sometimes corrupts my savefile which i need to
  15. Recreations of my craft from V0.25 SSTO contest thread: SSTO Spaceplane Airplane Design Contest II Akademy Awards and probably some new crafts too I want to use this post to promote some of my favorite mods, like FAR, B9, KW Rocketry, IR parts, Procedural wings and some that I found recently like Adjustable landing gears and Advanced Jet Engines. When I need to ask someone about something in other threads it is easier to pinpoint them to this post, so they can see pictures and even download a craft file to see what I was talking about. Unhide spoiler to reveal links for old KSP
  16. You know who you are. If FAR isn't installed, then it's not KSP. You've ripped the wings off a hundred planes a thousand times. You have PWM modulation for the pitch up key in muscle memory. Now, it'ts time to show off. Peg the g meter. The rules are simple, and the objective is even simpler. Objective: Build a plane that can generate and survive the highest gee-forces possible. Post an F3 screenshot of your plane (landed or flying) showing the max g-force as well as vessel mass. Short videos or even a gif of the attempt are always great too! Scoring is mea
  17. A drag-reducing aerospike is a device (see Nose cone design) used to reduce the forebody pressure aerodynamic drag of blunt bodies at supersonic speeds. The aerospike creates a detached shock ahead of the body. Between the shock and the forebody a zone of recirculating flow occurs which acts like a more streamlined forebody profile, reducing the drag. Wouldn't it be nice to see this in game?
  18. Problem 1. RSS & Realism Overhaul (at least FAR+ deadly reentry) installed - game version 1.0+ (tested in 1.1.3) 2. You got an airplane (anything landing horizontally) into low earth orbit 3. You want to get it back down without burning up. Usual outcome: Let's assume, you finally got a craft flying in FAR at both subsonic and high Mach speeds and even have thing not spinning out of control during reentry attempt. As soon as you try to reenter at LEO entry speeds (~8000m/s ish) stuff simply overheats and explodes :-( Howto do it anyway: a) Procedure:
  19. Thought this warranted a separate thread since FAR players and Stock players are usually completely separate groups. Download here: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/14936 My KSP1-Shuttle (https://kerbalx.com/Naito/KSP1-Shuttle2016) now fully compatible with FAR! Full launch/re-entry/landing. Add the challenge of FAR with your Shuttle launches! Almost the same launch profile/capabilities as my original shuttle, though you now need to be a little more careful with high dynamic loads during launch and landing or else you'll rip your wings off =D Practice your landings wit
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B34u5l9LkA i make a flyingboat!! and takeoff&lading at sea!! it was difficult but funny work.
  21. Using FAR+B9 Procedural Wings, so basically i feel like B9 procedural wings always making the centre of lift so far back. If i want this plane more maneuverable, i have to move the main wing much more to the front than a normal air liner would looks like (Picture 1). If i move the main wing a little bit back and make the aircraft looks normal, the centre of lift (CoL) is way back from the centre of mass (CoM) (Picture 2). It makes the plane so hard to pitch up, and cant even level fly, surely cant be used, as shown in the following pictures. I can move the fuel tank to the ba
  22. So recently I downloaded FAR because I was getting tired of the weird stock aero behavior. Now I'm dealing with real aero issues, and this one is baffling me. I'm trying to launch a rocket, and these are the two iterations of it (in reverse order of development, compared to how the album is ordered): I know CoL is generally supposed to be behind CoM, but hey, I'm trying out 'realistic' designs, so no fins. I feel like logically, it should still work, but MJ's autopilot always ends up losing control somewhere between 3km and 7km, depending on the settings. I've tried changing Ao
  23. The Kerbal Alliance military, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to open yet another competition for the best BDArmory fighter design on the planet, disregarding the fact that the entire planet has been at peace for decades. Entrants are restricted, but barely, by what’s noted down in appendix one. Since the Kerbal Alliance is not a terribly pro-active organization, they’re probably never going to get around to determining the winner, so the competition is running in a “beat the best” format with challengers going up one-on-one against whatever beat the last champion, with both designs cont
  24. Hello. I have several issues following an attempt to play New Horizons and Outer Planet Mod in x6.4 scale, using Planetshine, Distant Object Enhancer and SkyToneMapper as visual enhancements. Modlist: 1) MechJeb cannot calculate any PorkChop trajectories. After a full minute (used to be under 10 seconds), it just draws up a fully red window with no values. 2) FAR is spamming dozens of NULL reference exceptions and voxel update errors 3) Planetshine is producing errors for every single planet. 4) I'm getting THOUSANDS of these errors. It might be the rea
  25. I've been using FAR for some time now but I am still confused about the static analysis. Is there a simple guide somewhere that says that a number is red you should add more wing/control/more lift front or back and so on. Please, oh good Kerbal comunity, help me. My planes do fly but on some designs it is a constant struggle to keep it from flipping or loosing control.
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