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  1. Please avoid unnecessary discussions and stick to known facts about the game. I got your attention? Good. So, after countless threads, interviews, videos, diaries I lost count what in fact, is going to be included in the upcoming game. So I created this thread to determine it once and for all. Below you can find a (hopefully) well-thought-out list of things we know for sure are coming. Parts, mechanics, systems, bodies, features, you name it. Now, the "you" part is important, I can only dig through so much stuff, so I ask you, dear reader, for help. You found something I didn't? Please post it, with reliable source, so I can add it to repository. The list is going to be of course expanded as more news come in the upcoming months. Some pictures may repeat, as they fit in more than one category. credit: cropped version of this picture Now it's the list! 1. Environment 1.1 Celestial bodies We know, as it was mentioned multiple times by our dear Nate Simpson, that the game wil include several star systems, with plenty of planets, moons, and Kraken knows what else. As far as I know, specific numbers hadn't been released to the public, but we've seen some of them. 1.1.1 Kerbol System The main, "starting" system known from the first game is going to stay mostly the same (no new additions, no Gas Planet 2, no asteroid belts, nothing) However, the bodies are getting a massive, well, overhaul is small word for that - it's essentially a remake. Let's start with Kerbin. We're getting a very expanded KSC, however, the looks vary from picture to picture. What we know for sure, is that there will be multiple space centers on the planets, and along with the ability to choose a launchpad or runway (runways wil be longer now), we'll be able to launch craft from docks. Oh, and probably the most important bit, the KSC buildings will be destructible. The Mun stays roughly identical, with big and small craters and gray surface. Well there's actually quite a difference after recent update, and I expect this level of detail to be kept on every single body in the Kerbal universe Minmus got shiny. Of course, it's frozen after all. Now it's made of glass! The team on a meeting with a scientist couldn't figure out how the ice would stay on the surface this close to a star without dissipating. So the tiny moon is still shiny, but glassy. Gilly. Not much to say, looks better and that's it so far. A LOT BETTER. Eve. Now the first picture from orbit is quite old and by looking at shots from the surface below you can probably tell that it'll look much better than that. Duna, now there's plenty of pictures, looks like very significant changes happened. Dres was presented by Nate himself, and with ridge in the middle it looks a bit like Iapetus. The famous canyon is still there! Jool system, that's a big one, and there's few things to see. We got a peek at Laythe (or so I believe, first picture looks kinda laythish), Vall, Pol and Jool itself, which has actual moving clouds, at different speeds. Eeloo, looks like it has gone through few changes since the first reveal in 2019 and the last, but we can't really tell if later pictures are from 3D software, Unity editor or in game footage. 1.1.2 Debdeb system It is a young star system, and currently we know of four planets there: Charr. Now it is said that it's "a heat-blasted world of iron", the innermost planet in the system. Glumo & Merbel (yes, Merbel, not Merble, confirmed by Nate) a gas giant with rings and it's icy moon we've seen in the trailer. Gurdamma, a young terrestrial planet that's still experiencing heavy asteroid bombardment, much like Kerbin did billions of years ago. Water on the surface and atmosphere, but with no oxygen. It has a moon, Donk. It has a very short day and is comparable in size to Kerbin. Keen eye will notice patches of lava on the surface (volcanos?). In fact, we did get a peek at this planet quite a while ago, while people thought is was Laythe. The picture I'm talking about is the last here, you can see how level of detail has changed over time. 1.1.3 Other exoplanets Now, we don't know where these new bodies are going to hang out, but we do have some pictures. Rask and Rusk, "a binary pair locked in a dance of death", so close to each other that tidal forces rip them apart. Should be fun. And as far as we know, the only binary system using different physics system than the well known from first game 2-body. "in the case of Rask and Rusk, we’ll be calculating the gravitational pull of multiple bodies on our Kerbal vessels, so that developing a stable orbit in complex conditions like a binary planet system becomes a new and exciting challenge! In addition, attempting a landing on Rask or Rusk will be a different experience depending on the location of the sister planet in relation to your target for touchdown, and yes, there will be an astable Lagrage point between the two planets (if we pull this off correctly)" Skutt. A rocky body of irregular shape that could fling you out into space if you tried to land on the far end of it. That implies very fast rotation. Ovin is a terrestrial super-Kerbin, 60% larger than Kerbin with a gravity of 4G’s. Ovin has no tall mountains - this is a smashed, scorched landscape. Puf is the always watching eyeball (and it scares me to this day, and will forever). All we know is it has polar caps, and the rest of the surface isn't frozen, so I doubt that it's tidally locked to the star. 1.2 Terrain & visual effects That is something we really want to see, after decade of looking at, let's face it, very bland environment. 1.2.1 Ground Tired of seeing smooth hills, two patches of grass per square kilometer and rocks you can clip through? KSP2 comes to the rescue. We're getting redone ground that sure would be interesting to explore, and look at. Mesas, hills, canyons, meadows... And yes, terrain scatters have collisions now. 1.2.2 Rings. Yes we're getting them, and they're not only a 2D plane you fly through. There are rocks inside them, so plan your trajectory. They also cast shadows, and receive shadows from the planet. 1.2.3 Eye candy. Shiny stuff! Explosions! Reflections! PBR! Lights! VFX! CLOUDS. The game will look nice. Things are going to look different depending on the surroundings. Engine plumes are based on type of engine, fuel they burn etc. Explosions we will see willl be different each time, and will depend on various factors, like where they are (vacuum? atmo?), what's inside the tank that's exploding, how much fuel is inside etc. 1.3 Interface 1.3.1 HUD That's a subject to change. So far we've seen three iterations, while kinda similar to each other, there were a lot of changes to the style. Look at differences. It's worth mentioning that the plan is to make it much more useful than the one in first game, and more ergonomic. However, we'll be able to move its elements around, like if for example you'd want to obstruct the bottom of the screen and not see where you're landing, you can put the navball there. 1.3.2 VAB That's a big one. Because we won't have just one VAB on Kerbin, as we explore the solar system and beyond, so we're be able to switch between different buldings on different worlds. Sorting, filtering, searching have been improved, as well as the subassembly system. Now we'll be able to save not just one rocket, but a whole workplace, for example with different upper stages on the same lifter - all in one file. We're also getting some new buttons which, as far as I remember, weren't explained. Yes, there were some speculations (a breakdown by ShadowZone for example, and my own edit of the picture below) but it's still open. Another new feature is a blueprint view. Makes, among other things, arranging symmetry in easier way than in old 3D view. 1.3.3 Animated tutorials The whole tutorial section is getting an overhaul. No more boring wall of text by Wernher von Kerman. We're going to see animations. To get the message through better, they're gonna use metaphors so they're easier to understand for someone who doesn't get physics. And more than that, the tutorials will be contextual. Let's say you're launching a rocket with the intent of docking in orbit. So your mission profile contains few elements. Building, launching, gravity turn, circularizing, rendezvous, docking. If you have trouble with any of these, you don't have to watch a 10 minutes-long video by Scott Manley, you can just stay in the game and watch a tutorial that covers that specific part of the mission you have trouble with. So all in all, tutorials, if I read that correctly, last 47 minutes total. Not that anyone would just sit and watch from start to end, that's why they're contextual. Plus, I see some popculture references. 2. Gameplay 2.1 Colony mechanics and off-world construction Right, so while the main point of the game, as pointed out by devs, is still flying rockets, but colonies will play a big part here, as they are our window to interstellar voyages. At first, our bases you have to be brought from Kerbin and assembled, inflated in place, but once we get access to ISRU (more below) we'll be able to construct more parts, expand the colony, and even assemble new spaceships. And it's not only ground-based, because we'll be limited by the size of new VAB, but orbital shipyards will also be a thing. From there we will be able to create ships few times the size of Kerbin's VAB, capable of reaching insane velocities on interstellar travels. On the other side of the equation, there wil be a new way for colony construction. BAE (I love the name though), Building Assembly Editor. 2.2 Resource extraction Yes, resources. No more magical Ore -> Liquid Fuel+Oxidizer plus Monoprop. We're going wider. Unless I missed something, so far we are aware of five types of resources. Xenon, metallic hydrogen, helium-3, methalox and good old monopropellant. Plus two the devs have not revealed yet. And we obviously can't create resources out of thin air, so we have to extract them (from atmosphere? ground? synthesise in some other way?) and process to something usable. From the parts we know, there's deep resource scanner, which is quite large. 2.3 Life(?) support of some kind and other things affecting Kerbals That's a tricky one. While I know that nothing has been officially confirmed take that back, we have some translated info "I can say so much that the need to keep Kerbals alive is a feature we're going to introduce now" , so I'm kiiinda taking this too far, but come on. These in a picture below must exist for a reason. Also, we know that different form of radiation will have some effect on Kerbals. 2.4 Automated resupply missions If I recall correctly, to keep the game entertaining and not make it too repetitive, once we've done particular mission at least once - like, for example, take a payload of xenon from surface base to orbital shipyard for vessel contruction - we'll be able to set it to work continuously without our attention, in the background, so we don't have to spend countless hours flying the same rocket there and back again only to transfer 420 tons of xenon. 2.5 Discoveries During normal progression, we won't be able to see every single body the game will have to offer. No, we would see stars, but planets would have to be discovered - most likely by some sort of a telescope - and then, more info would appear as we get closer and finally land on the surface. Good, more unknown. 3. Parts There will be many, many more parts. That is an obvious fact. The team said that most of the original parts are making their way into the new game, plus all the parts we've seen in the trailer are also actual assets in the game. So yeah there was a lot of stuff. And like, just look above, how many new things you see. Mindblowing if you ask me. 3.1 Engines and propulsion New parts, right? Metallic hydrogen engine. Early video tells us also about atmospheric, water-cooled version, let's see if that makes it to the final version. Orion-kind engine. Powered by nuclear explosions against a pusher plate. Real world concept. Not for use in proximity of, well, anything. It's nuclear explosion after all. Note that there are few sizes of that engine. "Torchship" engine, basically endgame thing. Quoting "the holy grail, it is a torch that you ride, screaming white death" Daedalus-style engine. In short words, a fusion engine based on another real life concept, theoretically capable of reaching significant % of lightspeed. We've seen it multiple times, usually near a shipyard somewhere near the orbit of Vall and flying by Glumo. It is said that it will use brachistochrone trajectories to get to places. As in, accelerating for one half of the journey, and decelerating for the other half. Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicles - UpScaled, or NERV-US. "a 2.5m part that, like the new NERV, runs on liquid hydrogen fuel. The engine has 2 modes: Low-thrust, high-ISP mode that uses liquid hydrogen in the same way that the NERV does. High-thrust, low-ISP mode that burns both liquid hydrogen and oxidizer (think of this as an afterburner that dumps LOX into the nozzle itself for extra kick) In low-thrust mode, a large vacuum-rated nozzle telescopes downward, extending the overall nozzle length. In high-thrust mode, the nozzle is short. 3.2 Power generation That's the freshiest piece of information we got. "New power generation modules for colonies! Your nuclear power options will progress from compact fission reactors [tiny one in the middle] to giant fusion tokamaks to next-generation Z-pinch fusion reactors." Also if you look closely, you can find a Kerbal in the picture. Just if you wondered about the scale of these things. There will be also more, smaller generators to fit on spacecraft. Below, geothermal plant and wind turbine. Yay renewable energy! 3.3 Colony fuel factories We know of five types of fuel factories. "From smallest to largest: Methalox Fuel Factory, Monopropellant Fuel Factory, Xenon Fuel Factory, Helium-3 Fuel Factory, and Metallic Hydrogen Fuel Factory. How does it work? LASERS, of course!" 3.4 Procedural wings Quite a big change, eh? But yes, some wings will be procedural, I suppose up to certain point. They will go with control surfaces right in them. No more fiddling with elevons and trying to figure out why they want to attach in wrong axis. And every edit will show how it affects how the vessel flies, how it affects its aerodynamics etc. 3.5 Other known parts Runways/roads! Using a set of straights, corners etc we'll be able to build whole cities to walk or drive around Orbital launch clamps, for releasing your ship for a voyage into space (from space) 3.6 Color-coding and painting We will be able to pain our ships. Not much to say about it, but I think it could be important in multiplayer, and to make your way through 15 ships docked to your station, so you know wchich one goes where. Another quote from Nate: "the color controls in the VAB allow for application of color on a whole-vehicle or a per-part basis. You select your default color scheme when you start a new game, and your vehicles automatically have that color scheme. But I've found that you can make some incredibly cool-looking vehicles by changing the color of individual parts" 4. Kerbals(wip) 4.1 New animations Talking about in-game animations, their reactions for player's actions will be determined by their traits. We will still have courage and stupidity, but that's what we know so far. 4.2 Population growth 5. Multiplayer There will be one and that's so far almost all we know. With one exception. 5.1 Trading resources will be possible. And probably any other interaction with other player's ships, colonies etc. Credits: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195263-show-and-tell/ https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/dev-diaries/developer-insights-4-ksp2-engineering/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187315-kerbal-space-program-2-master-post/https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197951-finally-peeled-that-gold-foil-off-the-windows/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197513-xenon-and-on/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195206-pc-gamer-article-is-now-online/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187421-ksp2-flight-ui-from-developer-story-trailer/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187802-pax-west-pre-show-info-dump-thanks-to-nomrbond-for-bringing-this-to-our-attention-all-credit-goes-to-them/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/205123-nate-simpson/content/&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187318-hopes-and-wishes-for-ksp-2 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200104-show-and-tell-new-power-generation-modules-for-colonies/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/187606-some-more-ksp2-footage/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/200486-show-and-tell-colony-fuel-factories/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/201765-show-and-tell-pol-terrain-work/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202101-show-and-tell-mun-terrain-work/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202735-show-and-tell-the-kerbal-space-center/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/202990-show-and-tell-creating-new-parts/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203719-show-and-tell-gurdamma/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/203310-show-and-tell-new-lantr-engine/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/204240-show-and-tell-terrain-progress/
  2. Kopernicus Continued Planetary System Modifier is a mod that provides for the graceful introduction of new celestial bodies to Kerbal Space Program. This is where we test new things and learn how break the universe with gusto. Disclaimer This is R-T-B's "Bleeding Edge" branch of Kopernicus, intended to support the latest features, KSP editions, and also the latest bugs. Please keep in mind this branch may be more buggy than Prestja's stable Kopernicus branch, but it also supports more KSP versions and has more features implemented for testing reasons. Many features that make it into mainline Kopernicus are born, tested, and trialed by fire here. These features do get tested, briefly, and they generally work, but still, bugs can be slip by and be real, so it is important to BACK UP YOUR SAVEGAMES! It should be noted I am a member of the current Kopernicus Maintainence effort and this is an official Kopernicus-Continued subproject. Features: Presently, over the base Prestja Kopernicus-Continued branch, this branch also features. 1.) A common source code base for both 1.8.1-1.11, enabling easy retrocompatability when we fully move to 1.10.x. Yes, this means we can support old releases well into the future if this works. 2.) Cool stuff you have no idea... (do I even?) 3.) bugs??? FAQ: 1.) When will this leave development? A.) It won't. The whole idea is this is the eternal testing ground. It stays here forever and ever and ever... 2.) What does this mod do? A.) On it's own, nothing. It's generally a dependency or modders tool. 3.) Can I has a CKAN version? A.) Sure, just opt in to our private beta CKAN repo. This will grant you auto updates from the beta tree and get you all this stuff straight from CKAN! Do the following technique to start this: From your main CKAN window, go to "Settings." "CKAN Settings." Click "New" under "Metadata Repositories" Add our CKAN repo in the resulting text box. It's the one called "Kopernicus_BE" No more FAQ for now, ask me something frequently and I may add it to stop you... Downloads Kopernicus "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (the base mod) KittopiaTech "Bleeding Edge" Unified Downloads (this is basically a GUI for Kopernicus pack developers, hit CTRL-P in mapview, most don't need it) Please ensure you grab the right version for your KSP version! 1.9.1 needs a zip with _1.91_ in the filename, 1.10.1 needs _1.10.1_, 1.11.0 is _1.110_, etc. Credit. Credit must be given to other current Kopernicus Maintainers @prestja, as well as previous authors @Thomas P. , @Sigma88 and many others for their incredible work in building an elegant solution for bringing new worlds to KSP. Source Code Source code can be found on the GitHub repository. License Kopernicus is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
  3. Basically, I have a lot of multi-role machines in orbit or on the ground. I've gone pretty far with this "multirole" stuff to be honest. Even as far as to build an amphibious scientific research vehicle (no lab, I didn't think to incorporate one) with vehicle recovery ability (robot arm with Klaw). After finishing my amphibious science machine, I started to wonder if I was feature creeping my designs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feature_creep (Yeah, Wikipedia. It's just for a simple definition.) I mean, less can definitely be more, but Swiss Army Knives sell well for a good reason too. Minimalism isn't an excuse to be lazy; it's a reason to be efficient, sure. But in a game like KSP, can you really feature creep with scientific modules so small and portable? Are you really that bad off trying to cover all the bases? Especially when one of the important parts of progressing in this game is scientific research. Honestly, so far, I haven't experienced much trouble with this beyond price tags. That's even manageable if you can inadvertently create something that can do many of your contracts with little modification. Do you ever get the sense you may be trying to mash too much into a design? When do you realize you've gone too far? Asteroid harvesters on space stations? ISRU on rovers?
  4. Hi all, since 1.1 pre-release I am playing a new career game and I have (unluckily...) sent a bunch of tourists out to a Mun/Minmus sightseeing trip w/o any chute to re enter Kerbin atmosphere. My fault of course, then I suddenly realized I could not bring them home safely if not by strapping some chutes to the craft - an auxiliary chuted&clawed skycrane seems like the only feasible option in stock. If tourists could be allowed to go EVA just for switching vessel or to man a command chair that could bring at hand a few more "quality playtime" opportunities. They obviously should not be allowed to collect samples or reports and to gather and move samples from pod A to pod B. Just sayin'.
  5. Here are my tips on how to keep the core spirit of KSP intact while giving it some more features that enhance the immersion and wow factor of the game: Give the player an avatar Kerbal. This avatar is the director of the KSP and you can name him whatever you want. The campaign should start off with a car pulling up to the center with your kerbal inside, and you are given a tour of the center with Von Kerman. The previous director had an "accident" with one of the rockets and you were recruited to replace them ASAP. As a result, new safety features need to be put into place to prevent any more "accidents" from happening and to improve and inspire the rest of the kerbal race for space exploration. Your first job is to allocate budge for R & D and launches. Gathering science should NO LONGER be the only way to unlock new parts, but it can be used for a boost to funding and engineers. Parts require 2 things, money and engineers. And as oppsed to being able to unlock and use a part as soon as you can afford them, the parts should be researched that requires TIME. The more advanced the part, the more time it requires to research (and thus more funds). Science gathered from missions can be used to attract and hire newer engineering teams that can make the process go by faster and cheaper. SCIENCE SHOULD NOT BE A CURRENCY TO UNLOCK PARTS. I thought this was a silly idea since it was implemented. For example: Lets say you gather science from Mun on an EVA and return it to Kerbin. The science you gather is complied into your space programs science reputation pool, which in turn unlocks better engineers who want to work for you. At the beginning of the game only the craziest and dumbest engineers are part of your program staff but as you get more scientifically reputable smarter engineers start applying to work for your program. ANY engineering team can start research on a part in ANY part of the tech tree BUT it would take more or less time depending on the skill of the team doing the research. YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE a limited number of teams, each with specific skill and knowledge level that impact how quick it takes to research and develop new tech. ONCE the part is built, you need to TEST IT at least a couple of times to certify it is usable for rocket craft. We as the player DON'T have to actually test the part BUT we can watch the test if we wanted to in the testing facility. Each part that we test has a chance to fail depending on the engineering teams safety record. If the part was a rocket engine, it needs to survive ignition, burn for x amount of time, gimbals in all axis (if it has gimbal ability) and survive shut down. IF a parts fails, it costs money and requires re-testing. In order to test a part we need a new testing facility. We should also be able to upgrade this facility, further improving the safety stats for each part we test. Once the parts passes testing, it is green lit for use on our rockets in the VAB. Engineering teams should have the following characteristics: - stupidity - safety - efficiency/speed - SALARY (per unit time) Our space program should have finite engineering teams with their own salaries, and finite slots to research parts. Engineering slots depends on our level of science facility. Tech tree needs to be overhauled. No more progression. It should be cut up into Engines, Structural, Tanks, Utilities etc. You can research ANY part you want at ANY time. The problem is that the more advanced the part, the longer it will take. Your program becomes a BALANCING ACT of funds spent on R & D, salaries for engineers and launches. If you start your program with crappy teams and start research on the KS-25 engine, all you're gonna do is spend a lot of money and TIME on one engine part. Your goal should be to develop simpler parts that allow rocket launches to gather MORE science to attract BETTER teams to research better parts FASTER, SAFER and THUS CHEAPER. Continued....
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