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Found 6 results

  1. This is an unofficial continuation of Ferram Aerospace Research by @ferram4 updated to latest KSP version. The original thread can be found here. New source code repository: https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research All content now licensed under GPL v3. From the original thread: Update to version "Mader" (Note for Kopernicus users: DO NOT overwrite MFI that comes with Kopernicus since it is locked to that particular version) ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT Original Review:
  2. Update to version "Liepmann", now with voxel-model based aerodynamics! ALL USERS: NO LOGS OR REPRODUCTION STEPS = NO SUPPORT CKAN USERS: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Users who put issues on Github are awesome. Please consider being awesome. Original Review: Aerodynamic Failures: Building a spaceplane and talking about editor GUI stuff: Features Shape-Based, Vessel-Ce
  3. Hi there, I'm an aerodynamics student and am looking to do the same kind of medium-fidelity aero modelling that's done with Ferram Aerospace - the calculation of aerodynamic coefficients, stability derivatives, and the like for some arbitrary body, and as functions of Mach number, AoA, etc. Does anyone know if the developers compiled a bibliography/list of references/papers for the algorithms they implemented? If not, is there any information on how their algorithms work, or could anyone recommend some papers I can look at to get started? (I'm familiar with basic flight dynamics theory already
  4. can anyone tell me how to change FAR(ferram aerospace research ) to work one 1.4
  5. So I learned how to fly in stock KSP 1.0.5 and enough of it translated to 1.1.2 that I could limp along, wheel issues aside. To try to build smarter rockets and planes, I'm trying again with FAR installed. Rockets are fine, but I'm having trouble getting a basic plane design that worked in 1.1.2 to behave with FAR. I figured I should learn how to fly planes that work well with FAR first. The Stock Aeris 3A so far is OK, but I need to learn to use flaps and air brakes so I can land, and none of the stock craft have those enabled by default. Rather than mess with the stock craft, i
  6. It's been a while. Been posting solely on Reddit for the past year but I figured it's time to start sharing content on the forums again. Here's my latest creation: the Kossack Super-manoeuvrability Demonstrator (SMD). You can download the craft file here. Action groups: toggles engines on/off toggles afterburners and toggles the gimbal so it's off while they're active increases flap deflection decreases flap deflection toggles the boarding ladder toggles the rudder airbrake Below are a couple of videos showing what can be done with it. I'm flyi
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