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Found 6 results

  1. So, for example: Person 1: "Hello there" Person 2: "General Kenobi! You are a bold one" OR Person 1: "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum" Person 2: "But I'm all out of gum" You may provide the quote source, or make people guess it. Your choice!
  2. "If there is a limit in the universe, we will continue climbing until reaching it" (Jebediah Kerman) KSP HORIZON is a series about space exploration, based on the Kerbal Space Program. The KSP kerbonauts, under the command of Jebediah Kerman, will seek new horizons while exploring the Kerbol system. SEASON 1 - LEARNING TO FLY KSP Horizon - Episode 1 - Flight test: In the first episode of KSP Horizon, Jebediah and his brother Aaron start up the Kerbal Space Center, and begin the tests with airplanes, as they prepare to go into space. KSP Horizon - Episode
  3. Hey guys! There is already a thread about this movie, but it's old and they recomended to start a new one. (And sorry for my English, haha) The movie is great! It's about Voskhod 2 flight. I'm sure that most people who like KSP will love this movie too. There is a number of reasons: First, excellent technical level; I guess it's the first Russian movie from what I saw, that has effects, music and camera work not worse than in Hollywood movies. Second, all space stuff is shown in details, you see the tumblers, devices and other stuff. Also, the story is great. So it would be interes
  4. This is a video machinima project Here is a link to the script https://leocadle.gitbooks.io/the-icarus-project-the-lords-of-new-kerbin-book-1/content/ Jebediah's sailing ship Temple: Weather experiment Kerbol growth experiment
  5. Heyo, today i want to show you my all cinematics with English subtitles. For now, its only 3 projects since 31 Dec. 2014, but im here again, and i back to the creating a cinematics https://www.youtube.com/user/SkylineKSP This is the newest cinematic. First time i used so many graphic effects, like color correction. The second video is about one single kerbal who flew to the most distant kerbin's moon. And the oldest I am glad that i made that video First really (for me) emotional film, and for all people from Polish Foru
  6. Here is a short clip from the 45 minute film my team and I are making! http://nassault.com/ Sorry for the delay everyone, but as promised the film is coming to Youtube during an August near you. Working away from home for two months. But can't wait to get back and finish this, as well as begin making some more fun films.
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