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Found 2 results

  1. Space Tourism is alive and well on Kerbin! Unfortunately for you, lots of us are vying for the green guy’s greenbacks. The bottom line: Take tourists to the surface of celestial bodies as cheaply as possible. Pricing is calculated per ticket and adjusted based on spacecraft recovery and refurbishment. The broad strokes: The market is fiercely competitive so your tickets will be sold “at cost.” KSP does not take refurbishment into consideration, but we will since that is a huge part of space travel. (Formula below) There will be separate leaderboards for each destination that people submit. I expect more people will submit missions to Mun and Minmus than Tylo and Eve. In order to reduce the grindiness of submitting several ticket prices: If your ship can obviously land at other locations which require less dV and have less gravity then you can submit the pricing based on the accomplished mission. For example: If you land on Duna, that ship could have landed on Minmus, so you can note this and count the pricing toward both Minmus and Duna. Obviously, this is not going to be the cheapest way to get to Minmus, but it is an option. dV will be based on a dV map; if you want to get fancy with gravity assists, you'll have to actually accomplish the mission. If you require refueling, your ship must have the appropriate comms/power to refuel at each location you submit. Yes, your tourists have to return home safely. The fine print: Missions need to be run in Career mode and include the starting cost and recovery earnings. Due to the in-game recovery calculation, which is based on distance from KSC, you need to run this in career mode. If you really want to use sandbox mode, I’ll allow it if you land all stages back at KSC and provide adequate documentation to support your calculations. All kerbals must travel inside cabins. No Command Seats. Your spacecraft will be piloted. The pilot is not a paying passenger so subtract 1 from the total number of seats aboard. Your tourists don’t want to fly on a probe. If you are going to refuel or repack parachutes you must take an engineer (2 seats are now filled with crew). Processed resources do not count toward recovery cost. For example, you can't mine and process 100T of Monoprop on Minmus and return it for a profit. If you mine for fuel, you have to use that fuel. Airplanes using jet engines require much less refurbishment than rockets, so you can count the full amount shown at recovery if the craft being recovered has only jet engines or electric motors. If the craft has rocket engines, nukes or ion drives (or RAPIERs in closed cycle mode) then your recovery earning is cut in half (50%) to cover the cost of refurbishing the craft. Do not exploit this by decoupling rocket engines for no reason. I am not making a specific rule about when you can or can't decouple stages because I want you to have freedom to be creative. However, the community will recognize the exploit if you fly a hybrid spacecraft, then stage off your rockets for no real reason. I'll make a rule if this gets to be a problem. No part mods or physics mods allowed. DLC is fine. Part clipping within reason is fine but don't go stacking tanks in tanks in tanks... The cost of your ticket is: The cost of the launched craft (L) minus the recovery earnings (R) divided by the number of tickets sold (T). So (L-R)/T Remember, that R needs to be divided by 2 before calculating ticket price if it uses rockets. If you are recovering stages separately then find the sum of the recovery earnings for all landed stages, then subtract it from L, then divide by T. Missions need to be well documented. At a minimum, we need to see the craft with costs in the VAB/SPH, enroute, landed, at recovery, recovery cost screen. Don't use @vyznev's silly SSTO loophole with a "base" that sits on the runway. For that matter, don't spend your time looking for loopholes, just make an awesome ship. I will make leaderboards as ticket prices are published. Come run me out of business, competition is good! -Single Destination Tickets- Mun: $414 @camacju $770 ralanboyle $3,099 @RoninFrog Minmus: $414 @camacju $770 ralanboyle Duna: $6,661 ralanboyle $7,373 @camacju Ike: $7,373 @camacju Bop: $3,571 @camacju Pol: $3,571 @camacju -Multi-Destination Tickets- (ISRU Not Allowed) Bop-Pol-Minmus: $3,571 @camacju Duna-Ike: $7,373 @camacju
  2. Something that occurred to me whilst looking at a mining rig. And apologies if this has been suggested before. Whilst craft have an energy budget/requirement the KSC has the benefit of Kerbins worst utility suppliers in that there are no running costs. Okay a one off payment upgrades a facility presumably increasing the energy requirement (especially R&D) but it remains a once only expense. How about each facility having an energy requirement that has to be met? Like comnet this would only be turned on if wanted. The requirement would scale up along with the building. Initially this could take the form of a bill that must be paid at a set interval, penalties for non payment could perhaps be reduced capability or some facilities unavailable until payment. On the flip side there could be researchable techs giving sub-upgrades such as solar power, improved building insulation or even a receiver for beamed power. These sub-upgrades would have to be paid for and in the case of beamed power orbital facilities built and deployed. This opens up the possibility of selling excess energy to the non space obsessed citizens of Kerbin (wherever they are).
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