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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, after I made this popular thread (You can comment on it too if you want), I have another question for you guys on the Kerbal forums... What was your first KSP Image that you took, and if you still have it, can you show me it in your post? Here is mine, which is an image of the Title Screen for the KSP 0.18.3 Demo that I still have to this day...
  2. I did the flyby mission, then accepted the next one for going into orbit of mun (while my ship was stil on a flyby), I switched back to the vessel, circulised my orbit and... well.. nothing happend: Next try, next fail:
  3. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Currently: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reaso
  4. I made my first scansat satellite! I really like it! It's a temporary orbit because it goes 5 KM below atmosphere. But should survive a fair bit of orbits. I love it!
  5. So what was your first ever screenshot? ill post mine later when I can (sorry if there is a thread like this just cannot be bothered to look)
  6. My first 10-ish hours in Kerbal Space Program have been an absolute blast. Since I'm not the biggest fan of simulators I didn't expect to be drawn in this fast and deeply, but lo and behold if I didn't have last year of vocational school and other social responsibilities, I'd be playing it non-stop. My 10 hours have passed as such: First 2 hours spent flying one engine rockets and or blowing up the faculty buildings (sorry scientists and engineers). Then for 3 hours collecting data and unlocking new parts to toy with, also made my first airplane and took it for a joyride (land
  7. Rules are simple: put your first post ever in the comments, quote it, put a link to the thread, or whatever! Also, follow the forum rules. I'll go first:
  8. Dumdumdumdum... Hello hello kerbonauts! Today i wanted to ask a fun question, who build the worlds first rocket? It must be a developer because 0.1 is not available for the community! ( pics are welcome!) And i mean the first rocket!
  9. After countless fails, anger at aerodynamics and restarts, I present my first SSTO capable of going to anywhere besides orbit. I also show off a very efficient way to get back from Minmus to use very little fuel but alot of time.
  10. When i did my first launch I got to space but then came back and burned up, so Jeb died. What happened to you?
  11. Hello! I am new to these forums, and decided to post a thread to start off my "career" in the KSP Forum. Any tips or advice, either on KSP or on the forums themselves is totally welcome, and would be appreciated. Some questions I do have, though, about the forums are these: 1) How do you get rank (e.g., newbie, etc.)? 2) How do you get the "badges" that people have below their posts? 3) (Inspired from Kerbfleet Odyssey ) How do you get a spaceplane inside a cargo bay?
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