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Found 13 results

  1. I just landed my FIRST EVER SHUTTLE (without the help of in-air engines, just a glider) today!!! Jeb is sure happy to be home with Val again
  2. Hi, after I made this popular thread (You can comment on it too if you want), I have another question for you guys on the Kerbal forums... What was your first KSP Image that you took, and if you still have it, can you show me it in your post? Here is mine, which is an image of the Title Screen for the KSP 0.18.3 Demo that I still have to this day...
  3. I did the flyby mission, then accepted the next one for going into orbit of mun (while my ship was stil on a flyby), I switched back to the vessel, circulised my orbit and... well.. nothing happend: Next try, next fail:
  4. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Currently: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reason as I tried to follow typical specs/barrel sizing while modeling. The magazines also hold what I measured to be a to scale amount of ammunition. For sound these use the base BDArmory sounds. This needs BDArmory to work 2 Variants of aesthetically different gun pods. Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. These may eventually become turrets These very roughly follow realistic sizes. They come with ammunition. (If you can guess, I made these before the previous ones.). This needs BDArmory to work 3 Variants of BDArmory Combination Command Boxes. Why: To combine 3/4 frequently needed parts into one To have to closest thing to a laser I can make These have AI flight modules, Weapon Management modules, Flight Command modules, Solar panels, Batteries Lights (lasers?!), Very Small Reaction Wheels Radios and Small RTGs. Still trying to figure out how to orient the bdarmory modules correctly in relationship to the command module. This needs BDArmory to work Edit: 0.01 Update: Added slimmer AI Command box that looks far more stealthy/sleek. 1 Small Single Shaft 1 mode thrust direction changing turbojet fin (Based loosely on the TJ100(Tweakscalable)) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Ive wanted a small drone sized jet engine that does not need anything but itself to produce thrust/steering. (Intake, directional thrust, fin, small fuel tank, engine included). This has about 5 minutes of fuel at sea level, 15 degrees of articulation and has no thrust vectoring but instead acts as a fin. the engine itself occupies a 27cm by 27cm by 64 cm box (like the real life PBSTJ100) (very slightly off angle at the moment, to be fixed ). This needs no other mods to work. Has turbine rotation animation, along with heat animation. Placed in career mode to the same place as the smallest available jet. Edit: 0.00201 Update to the UR100c TurboJet fin. It will function more like a typical fin, and have a far more reasonable aerodynamic effect for its size. The animations were also updated with more orangey red lighting from the engine heating up, and an animation that visibly goes the correct way. Turns out it was never off angle and stock fins also have a similar effect. Nevertheless its improved. It has also been edited to work with Tweakscale (Recommended as outside of the early stages of career mode, these engines are quite weak without scaling (given the real life analogs are made with small planes or rc planes in mind)). Edit: 0.01 Update to UR100c TurboJet fin. It now has a drage cube that better reflects its shape. Ive noticed its more powerful than the real life engine as in ksp itd be pretty near to useless if my calculations are right. Its not too far off though, so tweakscale is still something you'll want to use with this most likely. Im considering making a bigger one. 1 Electric Ducted fan ((Tweakscalable)). Why: I like electric ducted fans, and wanted one I could tweak to feel more realistic and like the look of. This is not based on any particular real world fan and does not have any special tweaks to work in ksp. Its finished mostly. I just need to add sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It relies on community resource pack with intakeatm to work. Balance could use work. Both this and the mono prop engine use KAX sound assets. 1 Atmosphere breathing mono propellant powered 0.625/half size piston engine (Tweakscalable). Why: For low flying flying rovers on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen like eve based on concept from nasa in the 70s This is pretty much done. Modelling is complete, variable pitch propellers work along with reversing thrust. All I need to do like the electric engine is finish sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It works without intake atm for the time being. It still provides no thrust without atmosphere however so that is good. Im considering using firespitter for both this and the ducted fan. Single Piece Landing gear. (scalable) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. This is really nowhere close to being made. It will be using KSP wheel (so that it can support having more than 1 wheel collider) and while the model is done, setup will probably take a while even with a helpful example from the maker of kspwheel (Shadowmage) . Edit: 0.01 Update: Its been made! Its designed differently than the first design, but it works completely. Im actually pretty happy with how its turned out. It uses tank steering and looks a whole lot more rugged than the first iteration. I plan to make another one with a more typical arrangement as well. Thanks to Shadowmage for answering probably too many questions about this. It uses KSPWheel as well as Kerbal Foundry sound assets. One Part y axis balanced dual wheel landing gear. Why: To have a small steerable landing gear piece that has functional wheel colliders for each wheel, meaning a vehicle can be balanced on just 2 of them. Planned: Single Piece Landing gear (No tank steer). Why: To match a more typical landing gear look. Variety Turbo fan jet engines (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Electric lift fan (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Add Fire Spitter to props/fans. Why: Better matching rotations Making the variable pitch propellers on the monoprop piston engine function better. Rotation affected by air speed Landing gear enhancements (Making the small single axle menu have full customizability (difficult now due to having 3 real wheel colliders)). Why: Allowing the same customizability as would be on normal ksp wheels with a single part that balances on 2 wheel collider Add to CKAN Fix shading on parts of the 50 cal machine guns, particularly the outer housing. 0.011 Its fixed. Not perfectly, as I think that would require changing the model, and that would require re doing a whole lot of the setup in unity after fixing it in blender. Ive just made things generally less shiny/rough. Put this on the actual addon release page since thats basically what this is really. I have posted this there now. I'l probably just keep updating this main post and linking to it from that one with small updates, issues etc. Just stuff that I think would clutter up the release page. Link to SpaceDock Download Dependencies, recommended and included mods: Included Included Not Included. Latest Downloads available from the official Github Releases page. Recommended License: Feedback is appreciated. Ive never done this before and am clueless. If anything is off, and you know how to make it better, Im open to advice. Also thanks to Shadowmage and Spannermonkey for their assistance with KSPwheel and BDArmory Continued respectively. They've both been extremely helpful with questions, examples and advice. Also thanks to all others who have been helpful here and there.
  5. I made my first scansat satellite! I really like it! It's a temporary orbit because it goes 5 KM below atmosphere. But should survive a fair bit of orbits. I love it!
  6. So what was your first ever screenshot? ill post mine later when I can (sorry if there is a thread like this just cannot be bothered to look)
  7. images here My first minmus landing was awesome sorry for missing rocket on launchpad screenshot i will add them later
  8. My first 10-ish hours in Kerbal Space Program have been an absolute blast. Since I'm not the biggest fan of simulators I didn't expect to be drawn in this fast and deeply, but lo and behold if I didn't have last year of vocational school and other social responsibilities, I'd be playing it non-stop. My 10 hours have passed as such: First 2 hours spent flying one engine rockets and or blowing up the faculty buildings (sorry scientists and engineers). Then for 3 hours collecting data and unlocking new parts to toy with, also made my first airplane and took it for a joyride (landing is okay except the tail is too long and always breaks on touchdown). Around my 6th or 7th hour I achieved orbit and started setting up a satellite network, gotta get paid yo. With the new dosh I upgraded most of the faculty buildings. Now with second level tracking and administration building I can set maneuvers and I've spent the rest of the time flying towards the Mun, by the Mun and once even into the Mun. Just 15~ mins ago I managed my first Mun landing, it involved a lot of bouncing and non-important parts exploding since I ran out of fuel when it came time to break. Now Jeb is stuck there with the remnants of his rocket and our company flag. Pictures of Jeb on the Mun -> http://imgur.com/a/xKRRF And I already have ideas on what to do next (set up a satellite network on the moon so Jeb can talk to his wife, get a rover somehow on the Mun and if there's time, get him home). Also to those wondering, the amount of dead Kerbans (Kerbals? Kerbins? Kerbonauts??) is: yes
  9. Rules are simple: put your first post ever in the comments, quote it, put a link to the thread, or whatever! Also, follow the forum rules. I'll go first:
  10. Dumdumdumdum... Hello hello kerbonauts! Today i wanted to ask a fun question, who build the worlds first rocket? It must be a developer because 0.1 is not available for the community! ( pics are welcome!) And i mean the first rocket!
  11. After countless fails, anger at aerodynamics and restarts, I present my first SSTO capable of going to anywhere besides orbit. I also show off a very efficient way to get back from Minmus to use very little fuel but alot of time.
  12. When i did my first launch I got to space but then came back and burned up, so Jeb died. What happened to you?
  13. Hello! I am new to these forums, and decided to post a thread to start off my "career" in the KSP Forum. Any tips or advice, either on KSP or on the forums themselves is totally welcome, and would be appreciated. Some questions I do have, though, about the forums are these: 1) How do you get rank (e.g., newbie, etc.)? 2) How do you get the "badges" that people have below their posts? 3) (Inspired from Kerbfleet Odyssey ) How do you get a spaceplane inside a cargo bay?
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