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Found 2 results

  1. This mod is intended to give your celestial bodies the greeting they deserve each day! Thanks to @blackrack for creating Scatterer, which allowed me the opportunity to give back to this awesome community. Latest version: 1.8.3 LET ME SEE YOUR SCREENSHOTS! v1.8.3 Updated version file for 1.3.1 v1.8.2 Ok, for real, no more stripes! Fixed case sensitivity stuff for Linux and Mac users No more stripes. For real this time Better exposure on all sun flares TO INSTALL: Download and install Scatterer Drop the GSF folder into your
  2. http://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=Iridium#MAP\ This is a website I found where you can track basically all visible satellites. It has a few key features other satellite trackers I've found don't: It shows a map of satellite paths through your sky, which can be set to any time You can use it to predict Iridium flares, when and where to look and how bright I really suggest checking it out and seeing when an especially bright Iridium flare will appear in your sky! It's great for all kinds of tracking and predictions.
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