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Found 4 results

  1. ALL HAIL THE VENERABLE FLEA! Very simple: Like a shaggy dog in need of a bath, your aircraft will be covered in fleas. So, using ONLY Flea engines for propulsion, build an aircraft that takes off and lands horizontally on proper wheeled landing gear, fly it to the Island Airfield and land safely. RULES: * Stock only parts. * You must fly. No ballistics. * You must land. No parachutes. * You must takeoff and land horizontally with wheeled landing gear. * You may use as many Flea engines as you like, and may shed them as
  2. When you first got KSP, and started up a career save, you were excited to play the game and go to SPACE! Then you realized you only had a flea booster to work with, so you said "Space will have to wait," and built that same starter rocket everyone builds, didn't you? (You know what I mean) WELL NOT ANYMORE! WHAT IF YOU COULDN'T WAIT TO WORK YOUR WAY UP THE SCIENCE TREE? YOU NEED TO GET TO SPACE! This is the root of this challenge: Get the highest possible altitude with only tier 1 parts, easy right? (Here's a hint: Tier 1 has no decouplers or struts) Parts List:
  3. I've received all green checks when attempting to get the RT-5 Flea test contract, why doesn't it mark it as complete? I've been able to get this several times, but the game won't mark it complete.
  4. I'm curious if anyone has any idea why the Haul Flea RT-5 into orbit mission isn't completing? As far as I can tell I have meet all the requirements. The game makers really need to write the mission requirements better, as they are now they tend to be kind of obtuse and unclear. Well, attaching an image apparently isn't working either, See url: http://imgur.com/Aicy8um Some specs: I am running this on Mint Linux 18, maybe it's a bug with the Linux version?
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