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Found 5 results

  1. https://youtu.be/ADniojiWMJ8 Beautiful example of how NOT to fly a shuttle.
  2. I'm designing an Eve launcher but I'm having problems while testing it on Kerbin. I'm using asparagus staging, with 3 booster groups. 2 with aerospikes and the last one with "LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine". But when the half of the first tank gets consumed, the rocket always flips. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, since the COM is always below de middle. Here are some pics that hopefully will help you to understand the problem, as you can see I have tried with diferend pods to make sure it was not a drag problem: http://imgur.com/a/opUs4 Thank you very much, I need to rescue some Kerbals!
  3. I'm devoloping an Eve launcher from sea level, and while testing it on a Kerbin reentry, it always flips at 15,000 m aprox, and gets destroyed. It has 5 heat shields (1 big, 4 medium) and 4 AV-T1 Winglets. Also has 4 Advanced Inline Stabilizers. And it's perfectly symmetric. What I'm doing wrong? Here are two pics, one before the flip and other after: http://imgur.com/a/r0kJI Thank you very much for your answers!
  4. So i've searched the forums and internet and couldn't really find a solution to this. I've read this post of course, but even when i added wings it still flips over. I don't use full speed when i launch, and try to keep my TWR at about 1,5 - 2. At the start the rocket is pretty stable, but when fuel depletes it starts to go sideways. Is this a 1.1 thing? I really don't know what i can do, i've been trying to fix this for about 2 days now. The rocket is also asparagus staged, if that's any help to solving this mystery. Can someone help me with this?
  5. So I've built this satelite and I've watched like a dozen videos on youtube about rocket design because mine are always either flipping or so stable, that they just go straight upwards which makes creating an efficient orbit impossible. Now I have this contract where I have to builx a satelite and set it at a polar orbit around Kerbin, but around 5,3km my rocket starts to flip without a reason. The center of lift is well below the center of mass just as all those youtube videos said, but it won't do the trick. Any advice? Link to rocket Also, if I build small rockets, I can easily control them, but as they gain mass it becomes almost impossible to steer them in any way. Again, the youtubers seem to do just fine. Even if I place the center of lift very near the center of mass, it's still so cloggy to controll that getting into orbit becomes a real difficulty with a limited amount of fuel. I'd really like to enjoy this game, but apparently there's something about rocket design that I'm missing out on guys.
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