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Found 5 results

  1. I have a large ship made of small segments held together by docking ports, maybe 100 tons. I need to perform aerobraking maneuvers with it for its planned mission profile, so at the front end there is an inflatable heat shield. However, even with SAS and RCS set to surface prograde, the ship will flip when too deep into the atmosphere and its center of drag is likely in front of the center of mass. Flipping is a major issue with precision, but it will be even worse if the ship attempts to aerocapture at Eve and melts. How can I keep my ship stable during aerobraking manuvers? Oh,, and as a side question, how much is aerobraking actually saving me? My planned mission is to start in low munar orbit, burn straight to an Eve encounter, capture into an elliptical orbit, transfer to gilly, capture in low orbit, drop of crew at a base, directly burn to kerbin encounter, aerocapture at kerbin and brake until I can get a mun encounter, and finally capture in low orbit at the mun. If I did not aerocaptrue at kerbin, I would use the engines to capture instead.
  2. Hello im relatively new to ksp and have just recently been able to land on the moon but no other planets. I was launching a probe that would flyby duna so i could plan a landing. As i built the rocket and launched it i had several problems but was able to fix most of them. But one still bothers me. Its 1st stage is a 2.5 meter orange tank with a mainsail engine. Then it has 6 boosters they have 2 of the extened out to the sides decouplers. They consist of to fl-800 tanks with a nose cone and vector engines. Once i get to about 5000 meters the rocket begins to flip uncontrollably. But once it get back under 4000 it stops and if i can recover it i can still make it to orbit but not to duna. Why does this only happen at 5000 meters when im going a certain speed. Is this i bugh or is this supposed to happen? Any help appreciated.
  3. "If this end starts pointing toward space you are having a bad problem and you will not go to space today." Your challenge: build a multi-stage rocket that flips upside down between every stage, for reasons that presumably made sense to the mission planners at the time. To qualify, your rocket: * Must be made from stock parts and flown manually. No MechJeb. * Must activate at least 4 stages before reaching orbit. * Your stage 1 engines must be pointing down, your stage 2 engines must be pointing up, and so on. Your rocket must flip once between every stage in order to qualify. Rockets will be scored on a "payload-mass-divided-by-cost" basis, but feel free to do the challenge without numbers. These are... unlikely to be the most cost-effective rockets anybody has ever launched. I have verified that this challenge is achievable by launching a mobile lab and mk3 capsule into orbit in the center of a 4-stage rocket stack. (twinboar, mainsail, mainsail, poodle). Had to briefly fire the first mainsail downwards to help me flip in the atmosphere, but otherwise an uneventful launch. Will provide screenshots later.
  4. Hello Guys, I´ve got a problem with my rockets. No clue why, but the tend to flip over after rolling a little bit. btw. I´m a beginner A time ago I didn´t have this problem, but with the time my rockets kept getting bigger and the problems started. That´s my rocket at the moment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnuockbi32q4nxs/Q%26AKSP.png?dl=0 Could you please help me prevent this or improve my rockets? Thank you IRobot
  5. In the title lads. I have an SSTO I've built to land on Kerbin and/or Laythe. It works and performs brilliantly (reasonable rate of turn, good lift and enough fuel for take off into orbit, as tested on Kerbin). I have one problem though. No matter what I do (or where I put the landing gear), on landing the aircraft flips forward. It's particularly odd, given that I don't have brakes on, the lift is generated just behind the centre of mass and the weight is concentrated in the centre to rear of the craft (not the front). I've prepared a small video demonstrating the issue (trying to land again and again on Laythe, bouncing almost every single time). If you're wondering about the terrain it's immaterial - the bouncing problem is apparent on the KSC Runway too. Any ideas on how to solve this? =/ PS - The video is below, just click on the spoiler link!
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