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Found 6 results

  1. I saw a mod to store entire ships inside a single container. This would be really useful with some interplanetary colonies What is this mod? I cant seem to find it
  2. The title should be a clue. They are giving away 5 million copies of Payday on Steam. Giving it away for free without it costing you any money while being a gift! Imagine that! Get yours while it is hot.
  3. snailman


    for liam .g from liam.m
  4. siliwangi


    please update new film
  5. We in the way back machine to point nine ohh.
  6. So, with 1.1 being the biggest update yet, there has to be at least one new easter egg hidden around the Kosmos. I feel like us KSP players, store and Steam alike, should unite to find a great easter egg, something glorious! We will check every file, every planet, every moon! We won't stop until we find nothing! Let's send the brave kerbals to find anything! Even a monolith! Also, devs, don't spoil it! Make it fun for all! Rules: 1. Stock parts and config files. You can make big ships stock! 2. 1.1 only. This is for the new update only. 3. Only info and visual mods! 4. You don't have to find one, but if you wish to partake in this challenge you must try! 5. No Hyperedit or savefile editing. You fly your missions! 6. Have fun! 7. You can toss probes or throw kerbals as long as it follows the rules. 8. Only new easter eggs, please Current Easter Egg Progression Kerbol: None Moho: None Eve: None Kerbin: None Mun: None Minmus: None Duna: None Ike: None Dres: None "Jool": None Jool System: None Eeloo: None Files and/or Coding: None
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