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Found 1 result

  1. "I once got lost in the ocean , nobody knew about me until 3 weeks later when Gene Kerman checked the Ongoing Missions list" -Jebediah Kerman- Oh My i landed back in the ocean from my trip to Duna , and i don't know how the hell can the KSC recover my ship from every single part in the planet, and in the same time that looks unrealistic to me . so after the KSC Managed to recover me with Magic . i came up with this idea. PRESENTING... THE ULTIMATE IDEA.... .... THE RECOVER DELAY! , CUTSCENE Well you may ask what the hell am i even thinking , this isn't a Adventure game or something but anyways i will explain both: 1- THE RECOVER DELAY You might already know what it means , but i will explain anyways . So for example : You finished your mission and your coming back to kerbin , you success in reentry and you land somewhere . for example you landed at the ocean NEAR KSC and when you press the RECOVER button it. Skips time 1 Hour later . and if you landed somewhere like in the antartic or something it skips 5 hours later or so on. Why i think this idea is smart because in real life during the Apollo Missions. The astronauts inside the capsule had to wait for the boats to recover them . Which takes them a while. Anyways into the Next idea. 2- THE RECOVER CUTSCENE Oh wow if squad ever does this . They are going to need some animators. But anyways , even though this might not get in the game or anyone would do it as a mod. Im going to explain it . So Basically : You finished your mission , you success in reentry , and you successfully land in the ocean . what happens when you press the recover button , Is that it shows a Cutscene where a boat is coming to rescue you , Which only lasts for 5 Seconds or so. And when you land on LAND a cutscene appears which it shows a Plane or a Jeep coming to rescue you , Which also lasts for 5 Seconds too. i figure out this might be a good idea , But if squad is going to do it . they probably need some animators. So this is all i got thanks for reading this please make this true! ... Cough Cough -Taco Kerman- 15 / Oktober / Year 114
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