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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm playing KSP 1.9.1, heavly modded. Recently, the game started to freeze in the loading screen, at prelaunch, just after editing the vessel at VAB. Sometimes this happens, others it doesn't , only if I remove any mod, and load again the game, it doesn't freeze, but after I close it and open the game again, the problem happens. So I do the same, I remove another mod, restore the previous one, and it works again. What could it be? Thank you.
  2. Basically what it says on the tin. Every time I load KSP, it reaches 'Expansion Loading Complete!', then freezes, and if you do anything, it stops responding and closes.Tried verifying files multiple times, no luck. PC: Toshiba satellite R830, Intel i5 core, 6GB RAM. Windows 7 home premium 64bit . KSP install: 1.9.1 Steam I've also had a look and there are no logs in the folder wherethe logs normally are.
  3. I was landing slowly and after being still I released my rover. The screen froze but I knew the game was still running because I could hear the RCS thrusters firing and pressing Esc muted the audio. I closed the game and reopened and the problem continued. I tried starting the game from steam and CKAN, landing on another planet, waiting a while before releasing the rover, letting the craft fall over before releasing the rover, and releasing the rover before landing. The problem continued and waiting ten minutes did not cause it to unfreeze. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Everytime I boot the game the loading screen gets stuck at "loading asset bundle definition", the only thing I did was put an updated version of planet shine into my game. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. So, everytime I start KSP (1.6.1, relatively heavily modded, about 12200 patches) it for one makes my PC run very slow (other programs take very long to respond) after the loading bar filled and secondly it glitches the audio coming from my PC. And it also freezes Windows in most cases between it finishing to fill the loading bar and arriving at the KSC (after loading a savefile). All of my mods were installed with CKAN, and if not, manually installed with the right version. Pictures of my GameData Folder can be found here. My PC specs are as follow: - CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core
  6. Hello. I am looking for a mod that allows me to freeze a ship in orbit. I want to make a movie and use the ships as anchor points for the cameras. But if the ships are in orbit, they drift away from each other. The mod Airpark allows this, but it doesn't work outside the atmosphere. Is there a mod similar to it that will work for ships in orbit? Thanks.
  7. edit: THE SOLUTION As suggested elsewhere on this board, I had attempted starting the game in OpenGL mode by adding -force-opengl to the target field in the shortcut I use for starting the game. I had also tried the same with -force-glcore, which is the command that the warning from Textures Unlimited suggests during startup. Neither had made the warning go away, the game kept crashing, and I found a surprising affluence of "d3d" related errors in the log. THE FIX: not using the shortcut. I used the command prompt to start the game, all manual like. Been playing for over an hour now, no
  8. So my game has been "crashing" a lot lately, it happens when i either enter the VAB, engage the parachutes, touch down at a surface, adjust the camera position. From the freeze there's three possible outcomes: the game runs normally in the background, i can click and stage normally (I know it by sounds), but there's no output to the screen. the game just shutdown, but there's no crash log. the screen goes all black, and after 30 seconds the computer restarts itself. My Pc is low end, but i don't think it's a performance issue, because the game runs at 30-35fps at ult
  9. Hi guys. This is my first post, as I made my account specifically to ask about a big issue I'm having with this mod. (Note that this is technically my 2nd post, since I already posted this without the Log on this page) First of all, I'm playing KSP 64bit on OSX and recently managed to install CKAN using Mono. Procedural Parts is really what got me hyped up for KSP again. Its my dream mod. I've successfully installed many mods using CKAN and also tried to install this mod on KSP Version 1.3. However, my game freezes in the loading screen every time I try to use procedural parts (It happens
  10. Having and issue with Kerbal Enhanced Edition for Xbox One Playing Career Mode, Custom Difficulty. When I try to save I get a pop up saying "Too Many Saves" in red bold letters followed by "You reached the maximum amount of saves. Delete some other saves to be able to make new ones." This issue occurred in original KSP, however it would ask at that point if you want to overwrite. This error happens every time, and occasionally causes the game to freeze. I have Revert Flights turned off and to keep myself from cheating I turned off quickloading as well. When I try to
  11. Hi, I'm having a KSP freeze/crash when performing a science experiment where the Science report GUI doesn't even get to appear. The KSP screen freezes and I get the windows 'processing/waiting' circular mouse icon. The experiment has been both a stock and moded item, so I don't think the part is the issue. I've checked both the log files and had the console open when replicating the issue to try and get information, but the game freezes before anything is written to those possible data sources so I'm left with no direction to track the issue. I've tried to leave KSP overnight in that
  12. This all started when I upgraded to Windows 10. Playing KSP at Windows 8 is butter-smooth. But now, I have to wait for like 30 seconds to wait until the start menu is responsive again. Same thing happens when I quit to main menu. Already did: Compatibility Mode (Windows 8, Windows 7) Running the program as an administrator Running the launcher as an administrator Running in 32-Bit and 64-Bit modes No, I'm not lacking at RAM.
  13. I was playing ksp and then suddenly there was a glitchy thing all over the monitor and my computer froze. I have tried deleting my 2 mods but that did nothing.
  14. Hi guys, Im trying to get realism overhaul to work but not having much luck. I'm on a windows 10 64 bit PC and running the 64 bit KSP. I've got around 40 mods (all the RO essentials and recommendeds). The game freezes upon trying to load random parts on startup. If I delete the offending part it simply freezes on a different one. Even after deleting every non-stock part from mods, the game froze when loading squad parts. The loading bar on the bottom of the screen always jumps to full as this happens. Vanilla KSP from a different install directory works just fine. The modded install
  15. Hi guys, So I downloaded the demo of KSP from Steam. It downloaded fine and ran ok the first time I opened it. It opened in windowed mode so I pressed ALT+Enter and it entered fullscreen mode fine. I think the default resolution is 1280x720 and my laptop is 1920x1080 so before getting into the game I opened the settings and graphics options and changed the resolution to the maximum setting which I think is 1920x7 The screen went black and froze and all I could do is move the cursor. I tried pressing the windows button and ALT+TAB to get out and even tried ALT+CONTROL+DEL and CTRL+SHI
  16. Hello all, KSP has just started crashing inexplicably as soon as I double-click it to start. It had been crashing frequently before, and after one crash I tried starting it again and it gave the "the game crashed" message almost instantly. I tried again, same thing. Happens when I launch from Steam and directly from the Kerbal Space Program folder. I thought it might be my mods, so I removed them. Still, the game crashed on startup. It doesn't even get to the loading screen, it just crashes. I just tried it in 32-bit, no mods, and it loaded fine so it seems to be a problem with 64-bit.
  17. Hi, since im playing 1.1, the game has a constant stuttering with small microfreezings every 2-3 secs, no matter if in in EVA or flying or anywhere. It doesnt avoid playing but makes it very annoying. I have x64, 12GB RAM, AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.20GHz and AMD radeon HD 7800. It doesn't happen with 1.05 which i also have installed. Anybody having the same issue? Anybody knows how to solve it. Also it crashes sometimes when recovering vessel...
  18. Hi all, i'm currently having trouble running my ksp game, and i can't find any information on the internet.. my ksp game, updated to 1.0.5, freezes when performing orbital manouvers. Not every time, but most of them: if i'm entering time warp game blocks with the "cannot warp faster than x" message, so it maybe has something todo with entering time warp If i'm exiting SOI, entering SOI game blocks right before it. The game completely freezes, I can't do anything, but the task manager shows that cpu is being used as normal. ksp.log seems to be clean, no traces of errors
  19. This one isn't high urgency -- it's not locking up the computer or anything -- but I'm paranoid and wondering what's going on. When I start KSP, a few seconds after the Main Menu appears, the game seems to hang for a second or two--except that the music keeps playing just fine and the mouse cursor still works (though if you mouse over any menu items or click on them, they don't respond). Once the game gets past the hang, everything works perfectly, and the hang doesn't occur again unless you exit KSP and restart it. The hang also doesn't recur if you return to the main menu from inside th
  20. If I play the game completely unmodded, the game runs completely smooth, no sudden drop in framerate or freezes whatsoever. If I install just one contract pack, stuttering happens. The more contract pack, the worse the stutter, sometimes reaching half a second freeze every 3-5 seconds. This happens when controlling the vessel outside VAB/SPH. Any idea why and how to fix it?
  21. Hello, I just am asking for some help. I experience a 1 to 2 second lag every 1-5 seconds. The scenery setting is already set for low. I also have some mods, including dynamic texture loader. I used to have Active texture management, but I hated that all of the icons and flags on the contract got pixilated. I don't know if it is my computer (I know that it is not the best one) or if it's the settings or the numbers of mods that I have. All advice is appreciated. Here is my mod list. Thanks .
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