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Found 6 results

  1. hi, i've tried every solution i've found on forums and posts everywhere i looked, but all of them seem to not work. i tried even to uninstall ksp (latest version, 1.3.1 64 bits) and reinstalling it, i tried to uninstall most of the mods, but the issue stays, it freezes for less time but still freezes, sometimes even every 2 seconds or so, in every part of the game (KSC, VAB, space, thrusting, not thrusting, reentry etc.). memory usage doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem, because with alt+F12 i can see that there are 1700 MB occupied while i have 16 GB RAM. i tried to modify the graphic
  2. Hey, so i have this issue, where my KSP keeps freezing while i try to load it (via steam) in KSP_x64 or 64bit model of the game. The 32 bit does not do this. I have gotten the 64bit version to load, and its much smoother, this is because i run a heavily modded version of the game (NO its IS NOT one of the mods causing it) Here is the part it is loading when freezing Obviously the "Rebuilding VAB..." is just a thing that KSP just says while loading for 'fun' -Thanks, the KSP community is great Frontline
  3. Hello, Just bought and installed KSP. Tried to run it for the first time and the game loaded until it reached the file "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal" and then freezes permanently. I checked the game files and had Steam verify them and it turned out that one of the files failed to checkout and would be re-acquired. Ran the verification again and the whole thing passed. Clicked play again and got the same problem, stuck on "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal". I deleted local content and re-installed the game and the problem continues to per
  4. Does anyone know how to delete the stock crafts oN PS4? I've read a lot about keeping your file clean by deleting your own builds that aren't being used, and terminating debris in the tracking station, but they also mention deleting/disabling the stock crafts in both assembly buildings.... And I don't see how that's possible. It won't let you delete them straight up in the game; I've selected the file, and deleting it straight up isn't an option. I've tried loading a craft, deleting all of the parts, and saving to overwrite it, but it simply creates a second file next to the stock file. I've b
  5. So the game is freezing like crazy in the ship editor. It seems to happen randomly when placing something on my ship with symmetry on. And when it does freeze I have to close the game and relaunch, It's really getting annoying and needs to be patched soon.
  6. Hi, i recently installed KSP on my laptop and it was working fine for several days until i tried to play today. I had just tried to copy a save file from a different pc and play it on this one when i first encountered the problem. I started KSP and didnt notice the problem yet although i believe it may have already begun, but when i opened the save file it loaded, but started rapidly switching between a being normal and "not responding". I figured this was possibly because i had seperate mods installed on the other version and i quickly matched the mods on my laptop to my desktop pc's installa
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