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Found 8 results

  1. Kerwis Team Presents (work in progress) I'm always interested in futuristic battles in science fiction, which could be really fantastic. Giant warships jump into a battle straight from lightyears away in a glimpse of eye, laser beams and shells fill the screen with death and destruction, and pilots firing all missiles at enemy flagship... That's always romantic. But there's much more behind it. Cargo ships carrying goods and materials across vast space and colonies, through high speed stargate networks; civilian FTL spacecrafts travel into the furthest unknown where nobody has e
  2. As multiplayer will be a thing, a large number of people will be setting up roleplay and PVP-enabled servers, so, that presents them with a very interesting set of challanges. The most important one is transportation. The best option i see is a mod that facilitates FTL travel, or some kind of kraken drive ( to reach ~C ). What do you think the community will prefer? As for weapons, the stock parts can provide good (but limited) weapon capabilities. Some that come to mind are : Mini-missiles Engine plume accelerators Reaction wheel cutters Deorbit claw
  3. Here is a youtube video where i attempt to reach the speed of light. At first i thought it may be easy to get near it but i was very wrong. Final speed (with cheats) 3,742,053 m/s Link
  4. Well, sometimes you just want to cheat. And, I know there's a cheat menu hiding in the Alt F12 menus, but, it's just not as satisfying as a truly ludicrous set of science fantasy drives. So, I'm working on a collection of parts to make truly absurd craft. These won't be exotic ideas from physicists. There's already mods for salt water reactors and project Orion drives and Alcubierre drives. I'm talking Star trek grade technobabble stuff. Engines that run of Handwavium and electricity from Eludium reactors. I've got some other mods to work on, so I'd like to know how much interest
  5. Why is there a "speed limit" in the universe? According to special relativity, nothing can move faster than light, but Newton's first law states that unless an external force affects it, an object's speed will always stay the same. So, if we find a large space of perfect vacuum, with no force affecting any part of it, and if we had enough fuel and thrust, we could technically go at the speed of light and faster since there would be no external force affecting us, there would be nothing to slow us down.
  6. Before starting this discussion, I'd like to make a couple things clear. Please read and comprehend these points prior to participation, as they're important to the purpose of the discussion. 1. This is a science fiction discussion. A certain "softness" of the science is expected. 2. "Plausible" is here used to mean "close enough to reality that someone who payed attention in high school physics wouldn't scoff at it." 3. FTL implies either matter transport or information transport. Some forms of plausible FTL allow both, others are exclusive to one. Both inclusive and exclusive
  7. Hello, this time I thought a idea for a mod of advanced hypothetical methodes of propulsion, but I can not make this. This is the clasification and short description of each one: Esencial for the mod: - Diametric drive: a type of propulsion that would make use of regulated non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl, ie, a similar thing like "gravitational field with two poles", obtaining a zero energy acceleration. - Disjunction drive: similar to diametric drive, but would make use of permanent non-conservative gravitational field with non-zero curl, controlling the
  8. This is the Tenebris Unum, aka, The Dark One. Officially coded as DA-SR2, it is a military stealth frigate built for stealth recon. It contains a cloaking device, radar jammers, and an electronic warfare suite, which unfortunately shorts out every few seconds. In need of forward fixed lasers. Infinite fuel, infinite electricity, and infinite RCS required for operation. http://imgur.com/a/9uhI4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BznEolcLuLIlaXVPcldwSGZEcTg/view?usp=sharing Mods required: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/137092-1-0-5-Cloaking-Device-%28v0-05-11-22-20
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