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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have a modded career and just got started with Kerbalism and other mods. I'm early on and wanting to launch a ScanSat satellite that operates all the time without running out of charge (e.g. Not running out of charge while being on the dark side of the Mun). I'm planning to do this via a fuel cell. Some quick reading up online uncovered that (in stock at least) that fuel cells will only operate when the (presumably combined total?) battery charge is less than 95%. So my queries are as follows, in Kerbalism: 1) Does it work the same way with the 95% threshold? 2) if you start the fuel cell when you have more than 95% charge then put the satellite on rails by doing other launches/active vessels or space centre timewarp, will the fuel cell kick in correctly when inevitably the charge drops below 95%? Or do you need the fuel cell to be actively generating (battery charge <95%) before putting the satellite on rails? 3) Say the satellite had solar panels for perpetual charge. The satellite emerges from the darkside of the Mun with the fuel cell generating, but this is still on rails (not the active vessel). While on rails would the solar panels charge and the fuel cell stop generating as it would if it were the active vessel? Any help or additional info you think would be topical is greatly appreciated :)
  2. Download on Curseforge or Github or SpaceDock. Also available on CKAN. KGEx Brings you: Universal Storage Stock Resource Fuel Cell (QBUS) Module Manager Script for converting the Universal Storage Fuel Cell to use Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer instead of other resources. Available on CKAN as UniversalStorageStockResourceFuelCell. Supports Fuel Cells in Universal Storage. (CKAN: UniversalStorage) Adopted by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @QuickBASIC Cabin notes WIP - work in progress Am open to adding more features, great project for someone! I have not personally tested the patches Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub. How to support this and many other mods by @zer0Kerbal Discussions See Discussions or [KSP Forums][MOD:threads] for discussions and news on this mod Installation Directions Use CKAN Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues See Known Issues for full details of feature requests, and known issues Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Module Manager Universal Storage Recommends Kerbal Change Log Suggests SimpleConstructon! (SCON!) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG!) Not So SimpleConstructon! (NSSC) Keridian Dynamics Vessel Assembly (KDVA) The Gold Standard! (GOLD) Stork Delivery System (SDS) Komplexity (KPLX) KaboOom! (BOOM) another way to not go to space today Solar Science (SOLS) Stock Inline Lights (SIL) Mini Sample Return Capsule (MSRC) Pteron (MSRV) Solar Science (SOLS) Jack-O-Lantern (JACK) MoarKerbals(MOAR) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC)) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) PicoPort Shielded (PPS) Transparent Command Pods) (TCP) More Hitchhikers) (MHH) Biomatic (BIO) B9 Stock Switches (B9S Oh Scrap!: ScrapYard: DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) DaMichel's CargoBays (DCB) DaMichel's Fuselage (DMF) DaMichel's Spherical Tanks (DST) Simple Cargo Solutions (SCS) KerGuise Experimental Engineering (KGEx) Kerbal Changelog Community Resource Pack TweakScale Supports Kerbal Change Log Conflicts none known Replaces none Tags config, resources *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Credits Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License) Current Forum: Thread Source: GitHub License: Original Thread Download Source: GitHub License: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date v1.0.0.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 0K updated: 06 Sep 2021 zed'K
  3. Original Thread (A new thread for one of my previous mods, for two reasons. First, I'm splitting the parts and the plugin itself into two separate items in CKAN. Secondly, it has been so long that I forgot the password to my original account, and I think I used a temporary email to register it.) ODFC is a plugin to simulate fuel cells in KSP, and do a better job of it than stock's use of a resource converter. The main difference is it only generates electricity when it's really needed (batteries almost empty), and otherwise lets electricity of a craft float up and down, as it might in a solar powered vehicle when the sun is eclipsed by another celestial body. It also allows fuel cells to generate byproducts, aimed at supporting life support mods like TACLS. It also includes a wealth of documentation in order to ease use of the plugin by anyone potentially interested in creating parts that use the plugin, as well as the source code. For some example parts that demonstrate the plugin, see Okram Industries Fuel Cells (thread, SpaceDock). Please keep discussion here related to the plugin. Download on SpaceDock here or DropBox here. Also available on CKAN. Change Log: v1.1 - Release split into two pieces; plugin is now distributed separately from the OI parts, to ease CKAN support - Updated to support KSP v1.1 (KSP 1.0 was not and will not be supported) - UI will now hide certain elements if they are not used (mode switching and fuel used is hidden for those with only a single mode; Byproducts is hidden unless there are at least 2 modes, at least one of which has a byproduct) - Info screen will now report units in an easier to read and interpret manner (e.g. 0.36/h instead of 0.0001/s) - Fixed a bug where floats were truncated to integers when reading the MaxEC value - Changed code to use public KSP/Unity functions where applicable - Very small code optimizations and organization v1.0 - Initial release (for KSP v0.90) License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0
  4. Hello, I have KSP 1.8, with kerbalism and CTT. Trying to get fuel cells to work, but they dont. The fuel cell says running, but there is no electricity generated. Also, the small pressurized containers seem to hold nothing. Any idea how i can fix this? Solar panels are 90 science, I can't get that without working fuel cells.
  5. Hey! Recently, I've been messing around with using Ion engines powered by fuel cells. As it happens, the combined ISP of ion engines powered exclusively by fuel cells is a pretty respectable 1293 seconds. One large fuel cell can power two ion engines, so I built an all-purpose crew vehicle that uses 16 large fuel cells and 32 ion engines, allowing all 32 of them to be run at full throttle for as long as one's heart desires, and at any distance or occlusion to the Sun. It also comes with RCS thrusters and a forward mounted docking port. The command module has the standard decoupler, heatshield, and parachutes for return. When placed in LKO using its launch vehicle, it has 4,100+ m/s of delta-v (vac) and an initial Kerbin TWR of 0.25. When flying, keep in mind that the delta-v value that KSP will display on your staging diagram will be less than your true delta-v, because the game does not factor the consumption of lf/ox into the calculation. The ratio of rate of xenon to liquid fuel consumption is roughly 50.08, so the orbiter has 22,800 xenon to 450 lf (ratio of 50.66). This means that all three fuel levels stay roughly equal as a percentage of their initial value throughout the duration of the mission. Because the Ion + fuel cell combined specific impulse is 1293 s, you can estimate your remaining delta-v in m/s at any point using this formula: Delta-v = 9.81 * 1293 * ln ( m / 18.851 ) where "m" is your current mass in t. The launch vehicle comes with the standard launch escape system (LES), with action groups: ABORT: activate LES, separate command pod AG1: activate LES, separate LES (use prior to orbital insertion, or shortly after abort) AG2: toggle fuel cells AG3: deploy parachutes Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Jamie_Logan/Ranger-FCI-13 Gallery: Hope you liked it! Check this out:
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I use 1.7.3 and I think I have a bug with fuel cells (I don't know if it appeared with the update or not, i just noticed it) : no matter which fuel cell (the single one or the 6-pack), when I press the button to start it, it doesn't create any power and doesnt consume fuel. I put the fuel cell directly on the fuel tank and there is no other power generator on the craft. I had mods before but I removed them long time ago, I don't really remember but I think I made a new installation after removing them so there is little chance that it is a mod related issue. I searched on forums but it seems i'm the only one to have this issue. did I do something wrong ? Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my approximate english
  7. A disastrous disco-themed Take Your Kids to Work Day has resulted in the destruction of all the solar panels stored at Kerbal Space Center! With a high-profile launch coming up too quickly to make new ones, and the entire ground crew boogieing down with the sudden plethora of disco balls, it's up to one unwilling Kerbal to drive out to the stockpile kept at the second Space Center at Baikerbanur, over 2,000 kilometers away! The challenge is, on the surface, simple: Build a car or other wheeled vehicle and drive from KSC to Baikerbanur (also called "KSC 2," "Inland Space Center," or "Inland KSC"), which is located at 20° 39′ 26″ N, 146° 25′ 14″ W. (Don't worry, I've included a map in this post, second picture in my demonstration run - it's at the end of the red line). (ADDENDUM: Thanks to help from @James Kerman, I now have a straight-line distance estimate of 763,962 m, though that is mostly over water. I'll try to work out the great-circle distance over the next couple days). However, it wouldn't be a challenge without some rules. Your vehicle must: Use fuel cells (and thus liquid oxidizer/liquid fuel) as a power source. Use said fuel cells as a power source for the majority of the trip. Remain on land for the majority of the trip (limited water crossing is allowed). Drive the complete distance from KSC to Baikerbanur. Have at least one Kerbal on board. Your vehicle may: Use another source of propulsion for crossing bodies of water (i.e., jet engines). Use batteries to store electric charge. Use a command chair or a command pod of your choice (command chairs are encouraged!) Use mod parts (though nothing horribly unrealistic, like a fuel cell that converts 0.00001 units of fuel and oxidizer into 10000 units of electric charge), though see below. Refuel, though see below. Drop parts off along the way, like spent propellant tanks or unneeded pontoons. Your vehicle may not: Use RTGs, solar panels, or related parts as a power source. Collect parts along the way (i.e., pick up a pontoon set that was "left behind" at the shoreline). Use another vehicle as assistance (i.e., dropped from a plane or sailed on a boat). Transfer your Kerbal to another vehicle (i.e., tag-teaming halfway there). Reloading (F5/F9) is, of course, totally acceptable, but you get major props if you manage to do this all in one shot. Required proof is limited to a nice and friendly Imgur album. The start/finish line is considered to be the launch pad at both KSC and Baikerbanur, though leaving from the runway at KSC is fine as well. There are two main categories to be judged: Stock and Modded. Vehicles built entirely out of stock parts, though in a save that features mods that don't otherwise alter the behavior of stock parts (i.e., Trajectories, SVE, texture replacements, the like) are considered to be Stock. There are, likewise, two ways to win in this challenge: Time Trial and Starting Mass. Time Trial is exactly what it says on the tin - have the fastest possible drive time from KSC to Baikerbanur. The current record is 1 day (6 hours) 34 minutes 25 seconds. Refueling is not allowed for Time Trial contestants. Starting Mass hopefuls simply have to have the lowest mass car, as given in the VAB/SPH readout. The current record is 6.026 tons. Refueling is allowed for Starting Mass contestants, whether by actually going to a "gas station" landed beforehand or using an ore refinery. Savefile edits for refueling are not allowed. Rule Tweak: I'm really, really impressed with the mass of the cars so far, so I'm bending the rules a bit (for now) and judging all entrants against one another by starting mass in addition to how fast they make the run. Extraplanetary Kerbball Runs (driving 2,000 km or more across another planet) are welcome, and will be judged as their own category. Below is my demonstration run, to show that this is possible - albeit just barely! https://imgur.com/a/eRk8d Below is the leaderboard, which I'll try to update as soon as I can: Time Trial (Stock) Urus28: 3 hr 59 m 27 s Marschig: 5 hr 6 m 39 s DoctorDavinci: 6 h 34 m 25 s Azimech: 6 h 35 m 17 s - - Starting Mass (Stock) Marschig: 3.150 t Azimech: 4.270 t DoctorDavinci: 5.866 t Urus28: 13.897 t - - Time Trial (Modded) - - - - - - - - - - Starting Mass (Modded) - - - - - - - - - - Safe Driving!
  8. I think maybe a tweak got un-twuck. I have RO installed, and the fuel cells show that they require Liquid Hydrogen, Liquid Oxygen, LiquidFuel, and Oxidizer. I attach one to the side of a tank that contains LH2 and LOX, and it says "Fuel Cell: Missing LiquidFuel." The same is true for both the fuel cell and the fuel cell array. I was considering editing the parts manually, but then I thought I'd consult the collective wisdom of the Internet to see if there was a better approach. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed. EDIT: I did eventually find the source parts and removed the LiquidFuel and Oxidizer inputs. Some MM patch adds in LH2 and LOX, so now it's working fine, but I imagine some upgrade or patch will break it one day.
  9. This is an update to my original thread as I no longer have access to that account, and I've split the parts and the plugin into different parts. Included is a collection of two types of fuel cells--radial and stackable--each available in three different sizes. Originally these parts were created alongside a plugin I wrote to demonstrate its capabilities, but they ended up shaping its development and are more polished than a simple cube or cylinder. The plugin behind them will let the electric charge of your craft float up and down, and, by default, only generate power (and thus consume fuel) when your craft is very low on power and there is additional demand for it. You won't have to constantly turn the fuel cell on/off to conserve fuel on hybrid-power vehicles when they're in the shadow of a celestial body. It also gives you different modes to generate power, and you can switch between them at will. There's also much more eye candy than the stock parts have, though as of the 1.1 update there are a few graphical glitches I'm still trying to iron out. However, the plugin working the magic has been extensively tested, and I'm unaware of any bugs in the current version. Plugin source code, discussion, and additional resources for modders using it can be found in its respective thread. Download at SpaceDock here, or at DropBox here. Also available on CKAN. FAQ: Q: Why is it not generating power? A: Check to see what the "Status" says in the tweakable (right-click) menu. "Nominal" means it is generating power. If it says "No Demand", see the next question. The other states are fairly self-explanatory. Q: Why does it the "Status" say "No Demand" when my ElectricCharge is less than 100% full? A: The fuel cells are meant to only provide power when it is needed, i.e. "on demand." As vessels often have several means of generating power, such as solar panels, RTGs, or engines with alternators, it is best to let the ElectricCharge (EC) stored in batteries (or any other part of the vessel) "float" up and down with supply and demand. Only when there is still demand for power, without additional supply to compensate, will the fuel cell burn precious fuel to produce the required EC. The "Threshold" tweakable can be used to decide at what point the fuel cell should generate power, in percent of total vessel EC. Q: Should I ever raise the "Threshold" setting? A: In most cases, no, and this is why the default value is the minimum. It's best to leave this setting as low as possible to make the best use of a vessel's limited resources. There are, however, a couple cases where it may be beneficial to raise this value, permanently or temporarily. The first case is when you have several fuel cells on a single vessel, operating in different modes (if they are in the same mode you want identical threshold settings). You may want one fuel type used over another, e.g. (with the included parts) LiquidFuel + Oxidizer to be preferred over MonoPropellant. The simplest way to do this is just to raise the threshold of the fuel cell burning the preferred fuel by one increment above the other. Then, only if the power demands rise above what the higher threshold fuel cell can provide, and sink below what the secondary fuel cell's threshold is, will it start burning the more precious or desirable fuel to make up for the difference. The second case is if you are separating a single vessel into multiple vessels, via a decoupler, separator, or docking port, and one of the parts will be limited in its ability to produce ElectricCharge. For example, imagine a battery-powered Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) separating from a Command/Service Module (CSM) that holds the fuel cell(s) but only a fraction of the total EC. You would want the LEM to be fully charged before separating, so you can get the maximum charge out of its batteries for landing on the Mun. Here you would want to temporarily set the threshold to 100%, just before you plan to separate the LEM. As soon as things are fully charged, set the threshold back down and separate the LEM, and continue your Mun landing with full power. Q: I've set the "Threshold" to 100%, and despite having enough power from other sources, it keeps burning fuel! Why? A: I'll avoid a full technical description of why this happens, but suffice it to say it's due to a limitation within the Unity engine. For this reason I strongly recommend never leaving any fuel cell "Threshold" at 100% for anything more than a brief instant, or you may be wasting fuel. It's also theoretically possible, though less likely, for this to occur at even lower percentages, in cases where you have large power draws (e.g. several ion thrusters), large alternative sources of power (e.g. big solar panels in full sun near Kerbol), and very little maximum ElectricCharge for a craft (no batteries). The only case where setting the "Threshold" tweakable to 100% will not waste fuel is when there are no alternative sources of power (remember, some engines generate power) for this stage or any later stage containing the fuel cell, and there will be no docking with the vessel ever. Q: I really like your plugin. Can I use it with parts I make, and is there any documentation? A: Yes, you can use it with your own parts as long as you follow the plugin's license. The documentation pertaining to the plugin are HTML files that are included in the plugin-only release, along with its source code. See the "On Demand Fuel Cells" mod to obtain these. Known Issues: Known issues with v1.1 - At certain angles, the particles from an emitter can disappear - When highlighted, the particles from an emitter can disappear, and you can occasionally see through areas of the parts - Components of the fuel cells may disappear when viewed from certain angles Change Log: v1.1 - Release split into two pieces; plugin is now distributed separately from the OI parts, to ease CKAN support - Parts rebalanced, to be closer to the stock KSP fuel cells released in KSP 1.0 (compared to the previous release, the OI fuel cells are now ~5x more efficient but provide 50% of their previous maximum power) - Recreated parts in Unity 5.x and using the new PartTools; may look slightly different from the previous release v1.0 - Initial release (for KSP v0.90) License: All files contained within are copyright `Orum on the KSP forums. This license also grants the following rights and restrictions. 1. Definitions: a. Content - Copyrighted materials not licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA-4.0 license or consisting of the CC BY-NC-SA-4.0 license itself. b. Component - Any portion of the content defined above. c. Hosting - Keeping a copy, ephemeral or permanent, of the content on a system with the intent to distribute. d. Non-Commercial Use - Use of the content where every party and every potential party is not required to pay a fee or provide compensation, beyond Internet access fees, in order to access said content at every quality level available to any party other than the party responsible for creating or hosting the content. e. Commercial Use - Use of the content that does not fall under the definition of "non-commercial" above. f. Content Management System - A system intended to facilitate users with the installation (including downloading) of or the management of (including installation and uninstallation) the content or components thereof. g. Repackaging - Combining a component bundled in a manner that precludes separation of the content prior to the downloading, extraction, or installation of the component by anyone other than the end-user of the content; or the download, extraction, or installation of a component where the component does not consist of the entire content by anyone other than the end-user of the content. h. I/me - The owner of the copyright. i. You - The individual or organization exercising the rights granted or restricted by this license. j. Third Party - Any party that is not you or me. k. Party - Any individual or organization. 2. Permission is explicitly granted for the following, but does not imply permission for items similar to the following: a. Hosting and distribution of content by sites to which I have uploaded the content. This is limited to SpaceDock (spacedock.info) and Dropbox (dropbox.com). b. Downloading, installing, uninstalling, or other management of the content via "The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network" (CKAN; https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN), and other non-commercial content management systems, provided they don't violate any other portion of this license. c. Non-commercial use of the content or components (does not include use in dirivitive works). d. Creation, distribution, or use of files created by you or a third party modifying the included *.cfg (config) files via ModuleManager (https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager), provided they don't violate any other portion of this license. e. Creation, distribution, or use of textures created by you or a third party for use with included components, provided they don't violate any other portion of this license. 3. Additionally, explicitly forbidden is the following: a. Repackaging of the content by anyone other than me without explicit permission or authorship from me. b. Asserting or implying that endorsement or sponsorship has been granted to you or anything created, edited, or otherwise modified by you without explicit claims made by me. c. Commercial use of the content or components. d. False claims of ownership of the content or the copyright of the content. 4. This license, or an updated version of it authored by me, must be included in an unmodified state with the content or components thereof.
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