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Found 12 results

  1. Whats the difference of this and the huge "We want fuel hoses" campaign? Cant you place the external fuel duct outside on EVA using 1.11.1 construction mode?
  2. Hello everybody, So I spent a couple of hours yesterday building an asparagus-staged lifter for the Jeb's Junkyard challenge. When I launched it, I discovered to my dismay that all of the engines were able to reach all of the fuel equally and that each of my bundled stacks ran out of fuel at the same moment, no matter how I placed my fuel lines. Turning off crossfeed at the decouplers did not help. I then noted that there were now new right-click options for fuel management, and when I turned on the flow overlay I saw that fuel was flowing every which way, even though AFAICT the adjacent
  3. I've made plenty of stable and meta-stable rockets with stock fuel flow in my time, but while attempting a fully reusable career play-through I decided that this particular mechanic had to go. I'm aware of the workarounds using fuel pumps, tank locking, and even the TankLock mod being maintained by the illustrious linuxgurugamer: However, what I would really like is for rocket engines to just behave like jet engines, having the "resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE" property which causes fuel to drain evenly from all of the tanks in the current stage. To that end I made a Modu
  4. Hi, I'm trying to understand the fuel delivery overlay, and what the different number are telling me. I assume that the orange 'cubes' resent fuel tanks, green cubes engines, and the green wavy line represents the direction of fuel flow, but I don't understand what the effect is of changing the flow priority on different tanks, as changing them up or down does not seem to make much difference. Is there any documentation explaining what tweaking these settings is supposed to achieve? Thanks Paul
  5. Fuel flow seems to work differently in KSP 1.2 from prior releases - specifically, in prior releases if a rocket included two or more stacked fuel tanks, the fuel flow caused the tanks to drain from the top tank first to the bottom tank last. In 1.2 all tanks appear to drain at a rate that causes them to empty at the same time. Further, in prior releases, radially mounted fuel tanks that fed a central tank would drain to empty first, followed by the central tank. In 1.2, the central tank drains first, followed by the radially mounted tanks. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this an inten
  6. This is stupid. Rocket is mostly empty tanks so I thought I could use the tanks as part of first stage. Central tank, radial tanks for second stage engines, top drop stage and first stage, small SRB for twr at launch. My plan was simple let first stage use the upper drop stage, central tank and the 2.5 and 3.75m first stage tanks, second stage uses the 2.5 meter radial tanks who is not topped to finish gravity turn and circulate, then dock with fuel depot for more fuel for going to Minmus. Purpose of craft is to transport gold from an Minmus mining base to Kerbin, its heavy so I ne
  7. Edit: Problem is solved. Hello all , I am not that new to KSP, but the last time I played was with version 0.90 (no mining resources, no new aerodynamics etc.) and I also still consider myself a noob with only ~170 flight hours, so I guess I could use some help and/or an explanaion of what is going on and what I am doing wrong, as it seems I don't understand the new fuel flow display/system somehow. I can't get the screenshots to be linked via the system here (probably because it's my first post and needs moderation), so I just put the links to them right into the text.
  8. Couple of Questions about KSP 1.2 Fuel Flow & Satellite Designs I’m just wondering where do we access the new fuel flow in KSP 1.2, I tried to launch a rocket using the old standard Asparagus Booster Setup & the Rocket stalled short off launch. I know that I had plenty of fuel but it just stopped flowing. I’m not sure why except for the new fuel flow system is my only guess. Also I just need to know how antennas many per satellite in KSP do we need make a good communication system similar to NASA TDRS System (Tracking and Data Relay Satellites)? Plus is there a way to figur
  9. So I have downloaded 1.2... maybe I read something wrong somewhere so if I have please ignore my first question: 1, Fuel Flow display / overlay. I read on 'DevNote Tuesday' (and saw a dev picture) a few weeks back, maybe a month or more, that there would be a new fuel flow overlay in the build screens to show the direction & priority of fuel flow. I cannot find this option or see anything that looks like the screenshot I saw. Did this make it into v1.2 or have I misunderstood how this functionality works? 2, Low Res Textures (even when 'Fantastic' mode is set) My PC is good enough
  10. Forgive me sires if i still play in 1.1.3 but i want to reach Sarnus, Neidon and its friends (OPM) and 1.2 has not many mods updated, so im asking for 1.1.3. I have this "SSTO wannabe: But i got surprised when i noticed the Jets are taking part of it fuel from the center tanks. How can that be? How can i solve that without struts. Anyway, any advices of how to improve the craft?
  11. Alright, so before I make a support ticket outta this, does anyone know if the devs ever laid out clearly just how mono and xenon fuel flow is actually intended to work? I've recently learned a couple of recent of designs of mine don't work as intended, as it turns out the [STAGE_PRIORITY] fuel flow rule does not, as I thought, attempt to respect staging in order, working up the stage list as tanks empty or are ditched, but instead counts decouplers out from the root part and draws from every tank with the highest decoupler count, working down as tanks are dumped or empty out. Needless
  12. So having done a bunch of work on a couple of puller-type ion craft designs featuring too many drop tanks, I've been reminded that neither major dv-calculating mod quite has a grip on dealing with drop tanks in STAGE_PRIORITY flow (xenon and mono) and will woefully underestimate a craft's delta-v, as seen here: Older screenshots, but I've confirmed it's not been fixed yet. I dug around the KER thread last week but couldn't find anything new regarding it since during the open beta, when I helped @Padishar isolate the issue -- so I must inquire: where precisely should I look or a
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