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Found 3 results

  1. Problem: 4 radially symmetric tanks somehow drain at different fuel priorities Description: have main fuel tank > pick up decoupler, switch on radial symmetry, set to 4 times attach decoupler to main tank enable decoupler crossfeed pick up smaller fuel tank, symmetry still set as radial 4 times attach small tank to decoupler, 1 becomes 4 enable fuel delivery overlay = despite the fuel tanks being identical due to 4 times radial symmetry, their fuel priority is different: > the ones on VAB East and South (2 on the left in the attached ima
  2. Hello Space fans. I have a problem I can't find the FUEL PRIORITY FLOW OVERLAY any where for all engines, it seems that its removed from the game or some thing. Can you help me and tell me what's wrong any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I got KSP when the 1.2.2 update began. I expected to be able to use auto strut so I didn't need to make a big mess of my craft but it never gave me the option to. I looked at the files but it said 'AUTOSTRUT:' and something after it. I don't know how to fix it.
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