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Found 2 results

  1. So I recently borrowed a friend's internet to update my KSP from 1.0 to the current version and get all the mods I plan to use, and I'm noticing that some techniques I used before to get things into LKO are not working anymore. So my question is this: I have a large (180 ton) interplanetary science vessel parked in a high orbit around Kerbin and, after returning from a low space flyby of Eeloo, it has just enough DeltaV to deorbit itself, and not much else. It runs on nuclear engines and I need 16,000 units of liquid fuel to top it off, but I am having a DEVIL of a time getting that much fuel into orbit. I guess I was so excited to finally get it into orbit and do some 'splorin that I didn't think about how I would refuel... Any tips? EDIT: I suppose I should clarify what exactly the problem is. I'm trying to do this in as few launches as possible to avoid running out of funds. I guess I could do a bunch of rescue missions and whatnot but I just want to fly around in my capital ship lol
  2. I want to build a refueling station in orbit of Kerbin with five of the big orange tanks. I want to do it in a 'x' shape, but i'm afraid it will be unstable due to the mass it will have. To fix this, i thought about using three Clamp-O-trons lined up. My question is: would this configuration work? Does the game allow for three docking ports to be attached on the same side? Here's an illustration of my idea.
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