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Found 2 results

  1. B9 Part Switch About B9 Part Switch is a plugin that allows mods to make parts switchable, similar to Firespitter and Interstallar fuel switchers. This mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides a way for other mods to enable switching. Features Parts can switch their resources, models, stack nodes, textures, heat tolerance, surface attach position, crash tolerance, and many other fields Mass and cost can be modified Tanks used to switch resources are defined centrally to allow easy modification and minimal setup Easy to read, easy to write
  2. Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) is meant for players and makers which want to add resource/mesh/texture switching to their tanks but it also applies a script to all stock Fuel tanks allowing you to switch between a few common resources Interstellar Fuel Switch offers improved versions of FSFuelSwitch, FSMeshSwitch and FSTextureSwitch, FSTextureSwitch2 and FSinfoPopup made by Snjo. Features: - Improved persistence in VAB and in Flight - Improved Multiple texture switching - Improved Initialization - Improved scaling with Tweakscale - Improv
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